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Accepted Solution
NIS 2013 -> NIS 2014

I am currently running NIS 2013.  What is the link for the NIS 2014 installaer?



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loss of sound from internal speakers when playing games or videos

after about 10 -15 min playing online games or videos I lose sound from internal speakers.If I go in speaker settings and disable speakers and then inable speakers I have sound again but only lasts 10-15min.again and them no sound .I have to keep doing this over and over to get sound that only lasts for 10-15min. I have a toshiba laptop,Windows 7  I nternet explorer 9

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After Internet Explorer 11 update today can not access websites with 360 firwall on.
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Anyone heard of Norton and Doffin Tech?
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I recently opted for a Norton Subscription through the above company.  They have been very helpful in setting up a 'bug free' computer.  Has anyone else heard of their group?

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Bootable recovery tool - can't install to USB

My father has a CIDOX infection that NIS can detect but can't remove.  I've tried Power Eraser... no difference.  So I downloaded Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to install on a new USB key. 


When I run NBRT Wizard and select USB key, it says please insert a key, when one is already installed and accessible via WIndows Explorer. 


Any ideas?  I'm trying to help remotely over TeamViewer, and can't get to his house for a few days.



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w32.mezit!inf virus

Has anybody found a solution on how to remove this **bleep** w32.mezit!inf virus??????????????

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Help With Anit-Spam not Working



Having issues with the anitspam features not working...I have to manually mark email as spam (even though they still come back) and does not appear the system catches on its own.  I am using Outlook 2007 and Windows 8.1.  Few notes.


- I have options turned on in Norton for spam

- I verified the outlook plugin is active

-  I see the spam buttons in Outlook and can manually mark spam


Any thoughts?

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Accepted Solution
Today's NIS Patch

A live update I did this morning included a patch.  History refers to it as "MUI, NIS, MUIDIR".  Does anyone know what this is?


NIS Patch 04-19-2014.JPG

NIS 21.2.x
Win8.1 (x64), Firefox, Chrome, Malwarebytes (FREE)
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Accepted Solution
Threat detected: suspicious.cloud.9

When I was trying to download a mp3 from this site as seen on Norton safeweb: 



I was not giving enough attention to notice and uncheck the box  - download a converter with the mp3


The download initiated and a small exe was downloaded, I was not fast enough to cancel it. The file seem to be disappeared after the download and become inaccessible. 


Then, thankfully, NIS checked the exe file and initiate the auto-protect feature. After a few minutes, Norton marked it as "suspicious.cloud.9" and the threat was removed.


My question is is there anything I need to be worried about this threat? I run a quick scan afterward but everything seem fine. My laptop also behaving normally now.



Attch here is the info from NIS 2014.


Filename: converted file.exe
Threat name: Suspicious.Cloud.9
Full Path: c:\users\tan chee ping\downloads\converted file.exe



Unknown Community Usage,  Unknown Age,  Risk High



Downloaded from



Actions performed: Actions performed: 1




On computers as of 
Not Available

Last Used 
4/19/2014 at 3:59:04 PM

Startup Item 



It is unknown how many users in the Norton Community have used this file.

This file release is currently not known.

This file risk is high.

Threat type: Heuristic Virus. Detection of a threat based on malware heuristics.




Downloaded File converted file.exe Threat name: Suspicious.Cloud.9
from stylestylelife.com

Source: External Media



File Actions

File: c:\users\tan chee ping\downloads\ converted file.exe Removed

File Thumbprint - SHA:
File Thumbprint - MD5:
Not available

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Live Update Problems

Win7 64 bit.  Latest version of Norton Internet Security (update page says I have the latest).


Recently I have had problems where Live Update gets an error and fails to install all updates.  It is accompanied by a suggestion that I use the Intelligent Updater to download the latest updates.  Intelligent Updater runs and says it updated everything successfully.


System works okay for a few days, and the Live Update starts failing again and I have to download the large Intelligent Updater file again.  Have gone through this cycle 4 or 5 time by now.




Thank you.

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Looks like Norton is prepping V21.2.1.5

Live Update just applied a NIS resources patch.  So far it only updated my MUI directory, but there's now a directory there.  Anybody else seeing any partial updates to this new version?

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I get a pop-up notice:"16 bit MS-DOS Subsysten: C\..System32\SYMEVENT.SYS

I ran Autofix for my installation of N360 and found no errors.  I used to have Norton SystemWorks Premiere installed.  I removed it when I started getting this error:

  "16 bit MS-DOS Subsysten:

    C:\Program Files\Cisco Aironet\cscodiag.exe

    C\..System32\SYMEVENT.SYS, An installable Virtual Device Driver failed Dll initialization.  Choose close to terminate the application.  [Close] [Ignore]. 


I checked \system32 and SYMEVENT,SYS is gone.  I can't find where it's hiding. My wireless adapter is working fine (since I'm here)






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Did Norton send email today titled Security Alert: Information on Heartbleed

Did anyone else get this and does anyone know if it actually came from Norton.

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w32.mezit!.inf Removal

My automatic virus scan detected w32.mexit!.inf today.  The norton product stated that manual removal was necessary.  I think this is a new virus, and have not been able to find much information on it.  Does anybody know what it is, and does anybody know how to remove it.





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w 8.1 pc -HP envy h8-1420t, 8GB ram freezes up after 15-20 minutes

w 8.1 pc -HP envy h8-1420t, 8GB ram freezes up after 15-20 minutes of usage no matter what program I'm using.

Video card AMD Radeon HD 7670 Ver

Wait & wait sometimes it starts working again other times I need to reboot.  Didn't start when I first upgrades to 360 but has gotten impossible now.  My other (older) 5 PCs are doing good with 360 its only my newest PC. I keep getting message that Norton is doing work in the background.

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NIS patch cleared my Windows desktop
[ Edited ]

I ran LiveUpdate interactively, and it said there was a patch available, which I accepted.  I'm on W7 with all patches and (now) on NIS


When the patch process started running, the entire desktop behind the NIS patch window went blank except for the wallpaper.  At first I thought, "Oh, it's just because the icons are changing and it's rebuilding the desktop". 


However, when the patch was done, and I exited NIS, my desktop was still entirely blank except for the wallpaper:  no icons, no notification area, no taskbar.  There wasn't even a Windows START button!  I clicked around the screen, especially where the Windows START button would be, but no go.


I didn't know if there was a keyboard shortcut for the windows START button, so I finally just powered off my machine, waited 30 seconds, and then started it up again.  Eventually,...... everything came back onto the desktop after the start up.


But, frankly, I didn't need the stress. 


I had already patched two other machines and didn't have this problem.  But the one that did have the problem is the least-used of the 3 by far.  

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Can Norton Antivirus be activated offline?

I want to purchase Norton Antivirus. But my computer cannot access Internet. So I need to know if Norton Antivius can be activated offline?



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My Norton's antivirus has stopped working that comes with Centurylink..Com

was I can't get liveupdates or Scan my pc. and mny power eraser has an error 0x80070005,n44,n66 won't scan for Viruses

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I am having a repeated problem NIS. It works o.k. for 6 weeks or so then refuses to scan.

The NIS window opens O.K. but will not respond to any scan request.

So I uninstall and reinstall, then update all. Restart the PC.

Then it scans and all is well for another 6 weeks or so.

I have done this 4 times now but still the problem returns.

Does anybody have any ideas how I can solve this problem permanently?

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E-mail from Norton about Heartbleed legitimate?

I received an e-mail early this morning, purportedly from Norton, titled "Security Alert: Information on Heartbleed."  Is it legitimate?  The URLs listed in the e-mail are not the same as the URLs that pop up when I move my cursor over them (the latter are all "nortonfromsymantec.com" addresses).  I looked on the Norton website and did not see any mention of this e-mail being sent to Norton users.  Also, the info in the e-mail does not quite line up with info on the website (the e-mail says Norton distributed updates for its impacted products on April 10 to "stop and block Heartbleed"; the website says Norton was "investigating" on April 10 and began issuing advisories to customers on April 11). 

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Big problems since upgrading from XP to Windows 7

Firstly, I need to say that I'm not a techie so, if anyone can help, pleas bear this in mind.


I recently gave my computer to a company for an upgrade from Windows XP to 7.  When it came back, NIS was no longer there!  So, in particular, I lost all my identity safe data (or did I?).


I reinstalled NIS but couldn't find any logons.  There was an old backup file but that was way out of date. 


The guy who did the upgrade for me said he'd made a copy of everything stored on my computer but he clearly knows nothing about NIS. 


I am more than confused by the new version of identity safe and had password problems with this vault thing (which finally worked when I put in an old password !!!!).


So, I have 2 questions .......


1. Can I find the old identity safe data (which worked perfectly under XP with IE and Firefox)?

2. If not, which will mean resetting about 50 passwords, how can I get identity safe to save the new passwords (at the moment, on the few I've tried, it's not picking them up nor is it auto-filling from the few I found in a back-up file despite the fact that they're showing in the product). btw, the appropriate box is ticked in identity safe.


To say I'm confused is putting it mildly but it's all such a mess.  Thanks.


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Internet Explorer Temporary Files

I attempted to move my Internet Temporary Files from my C: Drive (SSD) to my D: Drive (HDD). As soon as I had done this and re-booted, NIS refused to play. The icon in the notification area was totally non-responsive. I tried the Norton Remove and Re-install utility, and this failed as well, just jamming up. Finally, I moved the Files back to the C; Drive, and now all is well again.


Why can't I move the temporary files away from the default location?


I am running NIS on Windows 8.1 Pro x64. Both NIS and windows are fully up-to-date.

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Accepted Solution
Patch update requiring reboot
[ Edited ]



Just received via LU, an update named NIS Resources requiring a reboot.

I was already on NIS

Did other users received it and any ideas on things it may fix??




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Still waiting for an answer after 2.5 years to my query on "Disk marked "dirty" after scan."
[ Edited ]

I posted the question and additonal infomation 2.5 years ago. Still no answer. New SSD since then. Switched from the Marvell to the Intel controller, updated NIS to current version. Still the same behaviour. I just set NIS to full-scan only once a week and to turn off after the scan. Then when I turn the computer on it runs checkdisk, finds nothing wrong and clears the bit. Then my back-up program works. But, I should not have to do that.


original message link:





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Is Trojan scanned by Norton 360?
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Norton heart bleed check website
I checked a few sites using the norton heartbleed check website.
Am I missing something? Is that check just giving the current status rather than the initial vulnerability status? I'm wanting to know if I need to change my password. I know the capital one website was not effected by the heartbleed, as stated on their website
But I know yahoo email was effected and passwords needed to be changed. However the norton check site shows yahoo as ok
So if folks use that to check they will not know to change their password
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Accepted Solution
NIS Error 8920, 223

Fired up my computer. Eventually, checked "Recent History"; Norton Web Protection Definitions & Norton Whitelist FAILED. Support reveals ERROR 8920, 223.
Intelligent Updater applied to bring my computer up to current.
Support indicates, check in a couple of hours, and / or wait 24 hours.
Hanging on in there.
Be safe out there !
The Silver Surfer.

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Outlook express error

I am using NIS 2013 and receive 2 error messages when accessing my outlook express. One says " POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds" and the other says " Your server has unexpectantly terminated the connection #0x800cccof ".

Am using POP3, Port 110, Secure (SSL). I have contacted the server forum and they indicate a Norton problem.

I have increased the Outlook timeout to 5 minutes with no help. What do I do next?





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Whats the purpose of these Registry keys?
Regpath Name Type Data HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\NortonAntiVirus.MediaStatusSink (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\NortonAntiVirus.MediaStatusSink.1 (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)

Using Samsung NP550P5C-S02IN - NIS - Win 7 - Nvidia Geforce 650M - i7 3670QM - 8Gb RAM - Blu Ray - Chrome with Adblocker - Https everywhere - DiskCryptor - Win XP Pro, Vista, 7 UL, 8, 8.1 Pro in virtual environments.
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CNET Spybot Search and Destroy Download?



After some spurious activity, someone downloaded Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy to double check Norton's (NIS 2013) results (that being - nothing).


Malwarebytes was downloaded from their own site, and only run on the free mode, not the trial of Pro.


Spybot however was downloaded from CNET. (Specifically: http://download.cnet.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/3000-8022_4-10122137.html  / http://download.cnet.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/3001-8022_4-10122137.html?spi=712ea8a46ff17b52bfb7b59... ).


My concern is that, given CNET isn't the 'official' download source for Spybot, is that download actually safe?


Thank you for your assistance