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Lots of security activity since giving IP address...

Hi, this is my virgin post so, take it easy on me...


Can "despicables" access your Personal computer & try to make firewall rules to allow access... if they have your IP address from a Work computer that operates on the same wifi network as your personal PC ?

Paranoid... or am I ???


Enclosed is the data from my security scan...

Prior to giving my IP as requested by my employer 20/8... maybe, 1-5 notifications a day and then an explosion of activity over the last 48hr's... coincidence or not ?


Here's some curly one's...

***Will my employer see my activities on my personal PC ?

...I have addressed the above question / security / privacy concerns with my employer... no responses forthcoming.

***Can my wifi conection be re-routed through our companies central server ?

***Can the modem data contents be viewed ?


Your insight is appreciated,


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Network Securty Map crashes NIS

Every time I try to creat a network secity map NIS crashes.

Faulting Application Path:    C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\nis.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
Application Name:    NIS.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp:    5355938e
Fault Module Name:    StackHash_63a8
Fault Module Version:    6.3.9600.17114
Fault Module Timestamp:    53648f36
Exception Code:    c0000374
Exception Offset:    PCH_DF_FROM_ntdll+0x0003D2EC
OS Version:    6.3.9600.
Locale ID:    2057
Additional Information 1:    63a8
Additional Information 2:    63a88f151b54d847030708c9c9007516
Additional Information 3:    a41d
Additional Information 4:    a41d0b137d11e8e39d5e9cfff9ff628b

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID:    463dfff1098b2faa797b753dc16b8a8c (73317799170)

I have run support and it says no problems found

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How can I remove TBHoastSupport.dll file?

I keep getting an error message each time I start my laptop.  It advises me that file "TBHostSupport.dll" has been located and should be removed.


I have run the Norton anti-virus program a number of times but keep getting the same error message each time I start my laptop.


Any ideas gow I can get rid of this problem using Norton?





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NIS - subscription day 1761
[ Edited ]

Interested in the question - with the release of Norton Security - Will I be able to upgrade or will continue to use NIS. I subscribe to the day in 1761 NIS.


 Subscription expires on Jun 15, 2019

If I can not move to a new product, will there be support for my NIS before the end of the subscription period?




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Norton 2015 (V22) upgrade

I’m interested to know if anyone else is reading this as I am: http://community.norton.com/t5/Product-Update-Announcements/End-of-Availability-for-NAV-PC-Mac-NIS-P.... Does this mean that those with current subscriptions to NIS will not be upgraded to the new version and be stuck on version 21 until their subscription runs out and/or they then buy a new subscription to Norton Security (V22)? If that is the case, then that is very poor form on the part of Symantec and I hope they are explaining that to people who may still be buying boxed versions of V21 off the shelf.

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Does N360 protect us from any Win7 gadget risks?

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NIS Product Update Patch

Just got a quick patch (1.43 MB) that required an 'apply update' re-launch.  In Live Update history it's only listed as 'NIS Product Update'.  I was already running NIS V21.5.0.19.  Anybody know what this update was for? ... just out of curiosity



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Error 8506 421 - Norton Removal Tool won't let Norton Reinstall after Restart.

Today I got the errorcode 8506 421. Norton scanned and told me there was no auto-fix for this problem. So I followed the link it gave me: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/za/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfile_en_us

I downloaded Norton Removal Tool, activated it, and uninstalled Norton, just like it told me to. After this, I clicked 'Restart' and my computer restarted. But after this restart, there were no "on-screen instructions to reinstall your Norton product."

And now I don't have Norton anymore, and no way to reinstall it. And I would like it back.

Anyone has any Idea how to fix this?


Using Windows 8 Desktop.

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We are unable to proceed with the current task. Please try again later.

Dear ALL. I just installed Norton Internet Security (1 user) and tried activating and got the message in the attachment. I need solution now

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Malware DEMO STUB , the real truth and how to fix.
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NIS in German via live update?



when will German users receive NIS via live update?.


Thanks Michael

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my Norton tool bar is causing me to have two favorite bars /
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Accepted Solution
NIS = 360?

I am starting to wonder is NIS is a twin of 360?


It seems like everything in my Trial of NIS right now just about my trial of 360 had? except for the PC tools and optimazations stuff.



I am wondering if I even need NIS since my router has a hard wired  firewall in it? Prob be cheaper in the long run to renew NAV than NIS or 360?


Like what are some examples people would need NIS or360 for? like what is their purpose, Just curious?


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NIS says "preparing to access internet" for ANYTHING that executes!
[ Edited ]

Looking further into another issue I posted about recently, I have discovered that NIS is creating an info entry in Full History (and Firewall Activities) that says "an instance of <whatever>.exe is preparing to access the internet" for ALL exe's!  Doesn't matter if it's, say the volume increase silder ("an instance of C:\Windows\System32\Soundvol.exe is preparing to access the internet"), Windows Fax & Scan ("an instance of C:\Windows\System32\WFS.exe is preparing to access the internet"), Excel ("an instance of C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe is preparing to access the internet"), or ANY other exe that exists.


The same applies even if it is a silent, behind-the-scenes process, or subroutine of any other program.  A "preparing to access the internet" entry is created as soon as the exe is called, even though in most cases that exe is not actually preparing to access the internet or any other network resources, and indeed may not even have the *ability* to do so.


I even went down the full list of 94 processes listed in Task Manager, and Full History had a "preparing to access the internet" entry for each one from today.


This can't be working properly, can it?  I'm sure the firewall isn't supposed to automatically create such an entry for each and every exe that is called.  I can see perhaps a "<whatever>.exe has STARTED" entry having some utility (though perhaps overkill for something that is called virtually nonstop), but not "preparing to access the internet."


I'm using Windows 7, NIS  I looked at my old XP machine (used sparingly), and it doesn't do anything like this.  There are only the expected "preparing to access" entries, e.g. for frequently-online programs like Firefox and NIS, plus svchost.exe and a few other Windows "behind the scenes" processes.  I have another Windows 7 computer that I won't be able to check for a week.  But, as mentioned in the other thread, I did notice before that that computer WAS giving me odd and frequent "preparing to access the internet" entries for a frequently-called exe (a small subroutine of another program) that I know isn't even capable of accessing the internet or any other network resources.


Again, these "preparing to access the internet" entries for ALL exes that run show up only in Full (NOT "Recent") History and Firewall Activites, and each entry seems to stay there a day or two before disappearing from the history.


Any ideas? And can anyone (especially with Windows 7 and NIS please confirm that the same is (or isn't) happening with your installation of NIS?  At the risk of being repetitive, please be sure NOT to look in "Recent" History instead of "Full."  These notices don't show up in Recent History, regardless of how recently the exe ran.  Check Full History, but don't check any further back than, say 24 hours, since the older entries for "preparing to access" go away.

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nis.exe not running in task manager - virus???

On my Win7 laptop there seems to be no problem with NIS. Appears to download updates, appears to scan. Ran a Power Eraser and all checks OK. But nis.exe is not running in the task manager. The only Symantec or Norton process running is ccsvchst.exe *32 (Symantec Service Framework). When I first noticed this, I uninstalled and reinstalled NIS and for a period I saw nis.exe running but now it is gone.

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Norton 8504,104 error. Help me!

I have read other threads to download the Norton removal tool regarding this 8504,104 error.  However, I cannot connect to internet.  I cannot uninstall Norton in my control panels.  I even did a system restore to a previous date and that didn't do anything.


Someone please help.  Using Win 7 Professional. Service Pack 1

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I recently tried to run a java based web application server and found that NvNetworkService.exe program (using Essential NetTools) product that Nividia's service is listening on TCP/IP port 9990.  Why is Nivida  runing software that listens on a port and how many other programs are listening  rather than initiating connections outside my desktop.


But why didn't or why doesn't Norton Internet security let me know what programs are listening on my ports. I now useEssential NetTools to get this information but I would have thought Norton would include this


I will be checking with Nvidia as well but I am disapointed that Norton Internet Security failed to be aware of the port listening

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product key wont work

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Vault Login is Unpredictable.

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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool - Device Driver MSCD001 Not Found, No Valid Drivers Selected

I had a trojan take down my parents computer. When I tried to start it, it started off good then went to a blue blank screen. I contatced Norton Chat and they said I should download a bootable DVD to fix the computer.


I downloaded the Bootable Rescue Disk program to DVD. Then I updated the startup to read the DVD and it started to work. Then a message of "Device driver not found MSCD001 - No valid CD ROM device drivers selected." I end up with an "A:" drive. I did a DIR command and I see the files. Can I start the process with a command? Or what can I do? I contacted chat for additional help and they said they are not trained with this. Now I am stuck with how to execute the files on the bootable disc.


This is for Windows Vista Home Edition



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Google chrome browser and NIS
My wife needs to use the google chrome browser for her job on our home lap top
I know with IE you can look at add ins and see the norton add ons like intrusion protection
How can I tell that with the chrime browser?
(I'm still using NIS 2012 at this time)
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Delete Norton Identity Safe Vault
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Norton is opening

Hi it was runnig fine untill today I cannot open it I cant scan anything tried NPE it is not finding anything please help

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What do I do when Google Chrome and IE are not responding but my internet connection is fine?

Several search engine results suggest this problem may be something to do with Norton Internet Security and suggested that this was not a problem with Firefox, except that it might perform more slowly. 


How do I find out if there is a fix for any recent conflict with Google Chrome and IE, please?



I am now using Firefox to access the Internet.   It was my previous preferred browser, but I seem to have been pulled into using Google Chrome with my new laptop.  Even using Firefox I've had to make several attempts before links to NIS and the Community Support actually worked. I am new to Norton, so I had hoped to find some help on the Tutorials, but that link has yet to connect. 


Please don't suggest that I try the 'Get Support' link!  Even though I have now reverted to Firefox as my default browser, when I follow the link, it opens Google Chrome, which isn't responding and Windows will carry on to infinity trying to find a solution so to get back to normal I am going to have to restart my computer.  This has been going on for 36 hours now, trust me.


I am also relatively new to Windows 8, having previously used Windows XP and the solutions I mentioned that I found on other sides, have commands that don't match what is available.  Others suggest disabling Norton, which seems a bit risky, though I am not ruling out uninstalling it if that is the only way to get my browser functionality back.


Thank you for your patience.  I hope someone is able to help!


OS Windows 8.1

Norton Internet Security no version number easily visible but I have 353 days until renewal, so it should be pretty recent.





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Accepted Solution
Renewing to all PC

   I may have this wrong, but why do I have to go to each PC to renew my NIS subscription?  I've gone to Norton Management and didn't see a way to renew all of my PC's from there.  After I enter my new key on one PC, and then go to Support>Subscription Status, it shows 366 days as it should.  Why won't it automatically update my other two PC's, when I click on their Subscription Status?  The screen shows the PC is communicating with the server, where my new subscription is located.

  Second question.. where can I download and install the latest version?  I am using  Could this be the latest version?

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Hi! I've seen multiple ads an results on Google many times to this site, "www(dot)symantec-norton(dot)com". Norton Safeweb reports this website is "Safe" but not "Norton Secured". WOT (Web Of Trust) reports (from users) that this site is a scam, phishing and malicious. I just wanted to ask, is this an official Symantec website? (I don't visit this site, but I want to ask).




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Accepted Solution
NIS 21.5 yet available in Dutch?

Despite the announcement says that NIS 21.5 is available for all languages, I still have

Running LiveUpdate manually daily.
Autofix shows no issue.


Did anyone already have the dutch version of NIS 21.5?

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Accepted Solution
How to Install NIS from CD on Windows 8.1

Hi, I just bought a new HP laptop with Windows 8.1 and tried to install NIS (I think its the 2013 version, not sure) but apparently it is not compatible. And Windows is telling me to download this beta version of NIS from the Symantec site. Im not sure if this is the right way install it. I already used this CD many months ago to install NIS on my other laptop and computer.


How do I install this. Thank you.

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Norton Power Eraser

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I think i have a virus :-(


I am new to this as never had this problem, my computer started running very slowly and hanging, the hard drive was constantly running, cpu usage 100% and 123 processes running.

Then norton internet randonly turned itself off and on, the stopped working. I tried to reinstall norton thinking there was a problem, but it will not re install bringing up the red error box. I ran power eraser, but after removing some rubbish it still wont install. So i have spent the evening running the norton recovery boot tool, it scanned everything and didnt find anything.

Norton still wont install, what can i do now ???