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Product Update - 21.4 of Norton Internet Security & Norton AntiVirus
[ Edited ]

[Updated on July 10 2014: Version has released for ALL Languages via LiveUpdate]

[Updated on July 11 2014: Version available via Norton Update Center (English Only)]



We have completed testing our latest update of Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security, and have released the update. This update is available in all languagesTo download it, simply run LiveUpdate. As with our previous updates, this version is being released in a phased manner


The version number is


Please see our announcement for more information.



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NIS version on the way?

Just ran live upate and noticed a pair of NIS resource updates that dropped a folder in my MUI directory.  Signs of an upcoming update?

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Low system security rating by Belarc Advisor - Need help
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Accepted Solution
Scanning inquiry - download & opening

Does Norton AV scan a program when it opens?

Does Norton AV scan files while it is being downloaded and saved?

Does Norton AV scan saved email attachments? (Thunderbird email client)


If it does not which product does?


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NIS is blocking me from installing HP printer software and Google Chrome Browser

The only thing I could think to do was uninstall NIS, which I've done for the moment.  I still have over 200 days left on my subscription and would like to use it!  NIS was also having issues with live update.   I'm on Windows 8.1.   Is there something I can do in control panel or Norton Settings to fix this?  Thanks

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PC Mighty Max reports Norton Internet Security errors

PC Mighty Max (registry cleaner) finds six "Missing or Invalid File or Component" errors involving Norton Internet Security (See attached screen shot.)


I'd like to repair these, but don't know how to safely go about it. Can anyone tell me how to handle this? II'm running NIS on Win XP Pro, SP3.


NIS itself, seems to be working OK, regardless....


Many Thanks!

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I am reinstalling norton antivirus on the same lap top computer after windows 7 upgrade

I have upgraded the windows 7 on my laptop computer. I have tried several times to reinstall the norton antivirus but to no avail. Please help

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chrome blocked

i have always had various issues with google chrome itself as a program and for over two years i have been frustrated with all ht e problems. however, for the past few weeks google chrome has begun to work fine after i spent ages fixing it which is great.


although i fixed google chrome, norton keeps blocking it through the firewall and i have tried everything. it won't let me remove it from the list and i have tried blocking/allowing again and again with no result. i've reinstalled several times with nothing but the same message 'unable to access network'.


i've searched the internet for other solutions and the only option (which i am really not hoping to do) is to completely uninstall norton. i don't want to do this for obvious reasons with viruses etc.


i have also tried using google chrome portable and google chrome canary but both seem to have issues with the program and not norton.


thanks for any advice

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Security History > Firewall Activities
[ Edited ]

Hello Community

Since upgrade to NIS  or that's when I first noticed odd system behavior.

Firewall Activities filling up 20 pages in less than one day with the same few exe's

Never seen this behavior before... so, comming to Community for advice.

Other odd issue is System wakes from "Sleep" in one minute.

Please see attachments


Scans w NIS, MBAM free, ESET Onlne Scanner, NPE all come up clean.

Comments Welcome re odd system behavior.

 Product Update Announcements  NIS21.5 VistaSP2 FF31 IE9 Compaq A931NR

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dose this process for deleting norton 360 quarantine also work for comcast version ?
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Accepted Solution
Lots of errors that started when NIS disappeared one day. Help!

Here's what happened.  I turned off my computer and everything was running fine, but when I turned it on the next morning my Desktop NIS shortcut was missing, as was the little icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen.  I went through 'all programs' from the start menu to try to pull it up, but it came up with 'Norton Trial Version.'  It wasn't right.  For one, I've never really used a trial version of Norton - when I bought my computer I bought a subscription with it. 


First thing I tried was restoring my computer to an earlier time - two days before I noticed the problem.  When I did, my NIS shortcuts were all back, but I couldn't open from Desktop, tray icon or from programs.  The Norton Remove and Reinstall tool was coming back with an error message saying it wasn't able to verify which version of Norton I had or any subscription information.  So I used the Norton Removal tool to try and manually reinstall it.  It removed Norton just fine, however the Norton installation tool failed, and then the error report failed to send.  I've tried several different restore points going back as far as 20 days, but with the same problems opening norton and failure with RnR.  I've tried removing Norton through the control panel and reinstalling it from the installation file I downloaded when I first bought my current subscription.  Nothing has worked.  I have no idea what else to try at this point. 


Further, I've gotten the 'Solve PC issues' message every single time flagging me for not having virus protection.  Through the problem center there's the option to turn Norton back on, but every time I click it I get asked for permission to run Norton, whether I trust it and I click 'yes.'  It won't turn on that way either, the message doesn't go away and I keep getting prompted to say 'yes' to allowing Norton to run.  But it doesn't run.


Any help would be greatly appreciated because this is incredibly frustrating.  Am I missing something?  Is there another problem happening altogether?  I've had problems with Norton not opening before, but I was always able to get it fixed.  It's almost like something is blocking anything Norton.

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When system does complete scan I lose log-in information for some websites (particularly Chase)?

After Norton Internet Security (from Comcast) does a complete automatic scan, I am unable log into chase.com to view my accounts without re-verifying the computer with Chase.  Is there a way to prevent the scan from removing specific cookies?

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Accepted Solution

   I have had Windows Defender disabled forever. I used to run Bitdefender and they just don't work well with any security programs. Different story.......... I still have WD disabled now that I have NIS 2013-2014 installed. I keep getting updates for Windows Defender from windows updates. Should I install them even though Defender is disabled? Should I enable WD and exclude? What is the basic setting for this. I am running win 7 x64 on a Acer 8943g laptop.

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Accepted Solution
Norton Intelligence Updater

I have the 2014 version of Norton Internet Security, and I keep getting notified by the software about fixing the software with over 200 MB of updates through the Live Updates feature.  I called Norton three times and chatted with them on the Norton website once, and was told to download a file from the Norton Intelligence Updater page, that there would be an icon showing up once installed.  But I was notified that the files downloaded were corrupt, and to do the download over. Therefore, no icon showed up on my computer desktop.  Also, I was told that the IU was to be used for downloading anti-virus updates, that, once installed, I don't have to download 200 MB of updates any more on a dial-up connection.  I mentioned that my Windows XP computer is a 32-bit machine, that 94 MB out of 331 MB were downloaded for the IU.  Now, on the day that I'm typing this, I was told that I can take a blank CD-Rom disk and take it to a library to download the IU file to the disk and transfer it to my computer.  I think this sounds good, and will try this very soon.  What do you think?  Do you agree with my information, or what experiences did you have with Intelligence Updater?  I would like to hear from you.  Thank you very much for reading my message.

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Latest NIS 2014 and error with Windows 8.1 Update 1

Second or 3rd time I have run into this when signing out. It does not happen consistently and only some times. The first part of the error is ccSvcHst prevented you from signing out. Then followed up by this nis.exe app error. Picture attached. What could be the problem? I ran "get support" and everything is green.





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Activation bug
[ Edited ]

Found activation bug wich makes computer vulnerable because antivirus and firewall does not want start working after new license activation. So activation license does not make your computer secure as expected.

Steps to reproduce:


1. License/subscription for Norton Internet Security should expire

2. Activate new license with using license key

3. Run Quick Scan or any scan 


As result window with scan results holds and does not reposn on mouse click. Kill process from Task Manager and run scan again does not help.

Also found that firewall does not work after license activation.

Confirmed on two computers with Win 8.1 and different hardware configuration.

After computer restart Norton Internet Security start work properly. 

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Outlook 2010 not rec email. using port 110.

I can't receive email in Outlook 2010.   My ISP tells me they are using port 110.    I turned off my Norton 360 firewall and it works.   I don't want to leave my firewall off.    How can I unblock port 110?

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Missing Quickbooks Updates

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NIS 2013 revert to trial version and other issues



I turned on my laptop today and after a few minutes I received a message from the action center saying that my Norton Antivirus was turned off. So I open the control panel for Norton and it says that my trial subscription ran out but I am under subscription for another 100+ days. Then automatically Norton goes through some activation event and it's appears to be working again but I get a message from Norton saying that my Smart Firewall is turned off when it isn't.


So I'm not really sure if everything is working as it should. Was this just some random buggyness or is something messing with my Norton. Thanks for any input.

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Windows IE-10 crashes because of Norton Vulnerability Protection add-in

My system is running Windows 7 x64, Internet Explorer 10, along with NIS 2014.    IE-10, or IE-11, as both versions experience the same problem crashes randomly and will not run again, even after deleting all IE tasks.  I must reboot my system, whereas IE will operate for several minutes to several hours before crashing again.  I have narrowed  the problem to the  IE add-in named "Norton Vulnerability protection" and the 2 each  coIEPlugin's.    When these add-ins are disabled Internet Explorer runs perfectly and remains stable.   Why are there 2 coIEPlugin's ?   The crashing of IE is relatively new, as the system had run faithfully after NIS 2014 was unstalled last year.  Any ideas out there, short of removing and reinstalling NIS ????







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Comcast Norton Security Suite email protection

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Accepted Solution
Failure to restore file from Quarantine

I did a fresh installation of NIS 2014 and allowed it to update to the latest version/definitions (version 21.3).  I put in some folders for exclusions in both scan and SONAR and then performed a full system scan.


After the scan (left it running overnight, it was taking ages) I saw that some files had been quanatined.  I attempted to restore the files and got an error message on each attempt stating that the restoration had failed.  One of the files had even been quarantined from a folder that I had set an exclusion on, so this shouldn't have even been scanned.


Looking at the internet this was a problem a few years ago, but there appear to be no fixes that I can see.  Certainly the ones marked "solved" people just downloaded the files again, but I can't do that.


Are there any suggestions I can try?


Thanks for reading.

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false message = NIS 2014 prevented download from reputable website

attempted to download PokerTracker 4 from their download website.

This is areputable business.

NIS 2014 prevented download which I overrode.


Why does this happen?


here is a link to photo of desktop error message I received (at photobucket, I dont know how to post the photo)




please let me know.  didnt find another solution in searches.  Thanks in advance.



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Norton Family allows blocked site to load before blocking it on Android Browser
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How to find an elusive file

My Norton product keeps giving me a message that I have two Trojans on my system that can't be removed automatically.  I had a problem with Norton and my Windows Live Mail client where Norton was preventing me from downloading the emails and the only way to get them was to switch off the virus protection. Not a good idea, clearly, as the program got viruses and crashed.


The two trojans are supposedly in a recovered file. The path is c:\users\my name\appdata\local\microsoft\windows live mail\storage folders (2)\recovered items (1)\05-26-2014 2f\my ISP\file number 


It has taken a while for me to find a way to naviigate to this file, but having eventually got into the folder, the files are not there. 


The virus file names are : disp_7546434787914325.doc.exe


Can someone please tell me how to locate them, how to get rid of them, or if they are a false positive, how to get rid of the pesky message? many thanks

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I cannot run a Norton scan, each time I try my pc crashes. tried restoring and reinstalling

I cannot run a norton scan as it causes my pc to crash, Tried restoring and reinstalling but problem persists. went on line to get help and was given 6 digit code to enter for remote access but as soon as I enterd the pc crashed - can anyone help or provide a contact number for norton

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Accepted Solution
HAVE Version:, need URL for next version.

HAVE Version:, need URL for "next" version please.I was told I have 2013 vs, but want the 2014 version.

20 is slow to start and won't update. Keeps saying definitions and antivirus shut off.


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Can't configure Smart Firewall

I've been configuring my smart firewall to allow my online games without a problem, but suddenly when I go settings > network > smart firewall > configure it does absolutely nothing. Clicking on anything else in the network section freezes the whole program and I have to restart to get rid of it.


I'm extremely annoyed that a previously functioning program has decided to stop working. Last system scan brought up nothing but some tracking cookies. The only thing that changed recently is I updated to Windows 8.1. Please help me out, I'd really like to be able to play my new online games!

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Accepted Solution
What is WiseEnhance.BrowerAdapter.exe

I believe it's causing issues on my computer. I have run full scans, NPE and Norton is telling me everything is ok. But it's not

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Accepted Solution
.js (Adware.Crossid) infection?

   I ran a full System Scan with NIS on my Windows 7 x64 Acer laptop and I found this one infection that I have never heard of. I had run Adware cleaner a few days ago, (maybe I hadn't caught it yet) and it it obviously wasn't there at that time. It comes up as a low risk but yet it had 1,156 entries of sort or Actions as Symantec calls them. I was wondering how common is this? I googled it and it says that it spreads junk advertising, but I have yet to be bothered, maybe because I run Adblock Plus in my Chrome browser which by the way is where it seemes the infections were residing. Did I do the right thing in Quarantining this?