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Accepted Solution
Deactivating a copy of NIS

I have NIS 2012 currently installed on a desktop and laptop. I'm taking possession of a new desktop unit this week and want to use my third license to install NIS on it. Once the data changeover is complete, then want to deactivate NIS on the older desktop unit as it will only be used offline..


What is the easiest way to deactivate the license on that PC so I'll still have a third license to utilize if necessary.




(Just as an aside: I'm installing the 2012 version on my new PC so I can still have access to the ID Safe local vault.)

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Problems with auto-renewal of
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To whom it may concern,


I contacted Symantec in early April 2013 (case no <removed>) and I had (I thought) cancelled my auto-renewal of Norton, since I now use a different anti-virus product and no longer use Norton.  However, I was checking my bank account details this morning and I note that I have again been charged €74.99 for another year's renewal.  I did log into the Symantec website to turn off the auto-renewal but te website says that I have no auto-renewals set up for any Norton product.  I'm confused.  I suspect the problem stems from the fact that I originally set up my Norton account with an old e-mail address (which I no longer use, and cant remember) but I'm at my wits end trying to cancel whatever auto-renewal subscription I obviously still have.


Can anyone help?








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BSOD - Windows 8.1?!?!

System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled {SYMEFA64.SYS} After searching the community I was unable to find anything pertaining to Windows 8.1. So, here it is. Turned on my laptop after a friend attempted to clone my HDD to new WD one. The clone did not work.  He used a program called DriveImage XML - which he insisted he used in the past. When I turned my laptop on the error message came up. I ended up doing a reset on it, and am now back to the manufacturers settings (as I bought the laptop) I reinstalled NIS 14 via their site turned on machine, and same problem. So I started over. New fresh Windows 8 (did not "upgrade" to win 8.1) I want to reinstall again, but am afraid I will run into the problem again. By the way. The laptop came with NIS installed so when I did reset it was still there, so I uninstalled using NIS uninstaller and my system is okay...so far.

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Norton disappeared
I'm running norton on a new win 8 hp laptop. all was fine last night. this morn I turned on pc and Norton not in taskbar. in desktop view I left click folder icon on task at and the screen goes purplish with a task at on the bottom for a few seconds and returns to desktop view. double click norton icon on desktop and nothing happens. if I right click the desktop icon the same purplish screen appears for a few seconds and goes back to desktop. any idea what's happening?<br><br>I ran something called windows defender. a quick virus scan and nothing came up.<br><br>do I have a virus? how do I get norton working again?<br><br>aaaarrrrrgh!?!?0@@!$7
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Have installed NIS on second computer. How do I link to my second license?
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I have a 3-computer license for NIS.  I've only used 1 license and will keep using it on that computer.   I am adding a second computer, and have already installed the latest NIS, but I have not yet gone online and activated it with the product key, etc.


I realize this is kind of a backdoor approach as opposed to using the Norton Manager to download and install the activated version.  I have installed it first.


So after I enter the product key, how do I link it to my Norton Account and use the second license?   Will it ask me to sign into my Norton Account or Norton Manager?   Or when it verifies my product key will it automatically assign the second license to it?


Thanks for any info.





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windows xp to 7

i, of course, need to upgrade to windows 7 from xp. Being a idiot I have a few questions. I have to save all my folders and programs before I make the change... so I have to save Norton Internet Security too? Can it transfer to the new windows? How much protection will NIS do until I make the change? Don't trust NIS for a second once XP support ends? And.... If I buy the cd for windows 7 can I put it on my 3 puters for that one price of 100 some bucks? I just heard about xp ending a few days ago and it is NOT good!!!!

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Norton live chat blocked!!

In trying to fix the Yahoo, Yahoo mail and Facebook malicious site blocked.....Norton has blocked thier own live chat!!  What is going on Norton????


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Yahoo Mail is still being blocked randomly and FB as well.
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Yahoo mail is still being noted as a malicious site...but only randomly.  Sometimes it works, mostly not. :(  This is also happening for FB as well.  Any thoughts on how to fix?



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AV-Comparatives firewall test March 2014, with Norton participating



Kinda dissapointing. Nortons firewall provides less protection that the Windows firewall and fails in several important areas. It wasn't alone in doing that, at least. Comodo and G Data were also in the test, but apparently pulled out when they failed miserable, as this article written before that fact shows:



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Accepted Solution
Does Remove and Reinstall Tool keep the local vault?

I've seen a lot written about the R&R tool here, but haven't seen this question definitely answered. I don't have any immediate reason to use the R&R install tool, just want to understand this issue before I need it.


Normally, the procedure, if one wants to keep their local vault, is to:


  • Backup local vault using .csv format
  • Uninstall via the Norton Removal Tool
  • Reinstall NIS 2012 or earlier
  • Merge backed up vault
  • Do an over-the-top upgrade to current version

Since the R&R tool installs only the latest version, without the intermediate steps, I would think that using the tool would result in the loss of your local vault. Can anyone confirm this?


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How Do I Whitelist a Program/App/Game?

Hey guys, I just started playing The Elder Scrolls Online and have been constantly booted from the game. I built this system last summer:


:-:Cooler Master Storm Scout II Advanced w/6 Notcua NF-F12s :-:ASUS ROG Maximus
VI Hero :-:Intel i7 4770k @4.5 on Corsair H80i :-:ASUS 780 GTX Direct
CUII :-:Corsair Vengeance CMZ 16G @1600 C9 :-:Corsair AX860 :-:Samsung 840Pro
256GB :-: WD Velociraptor 500GB :-:Win 7 64 Home Premium


It has been running smooth without issue on several other games. I spoke to TESO cs and they said I should be crushing this game with my specs; and I do, when I am able to stay logged in.


I am not crashing, Im getting booted from the server. I forwared the ports to their server on my router and Im still getting booted.


After a recent boot I noticed that my Norton IS had run an update, then noticed it happen again. I tried sleeping norton but Im still getting booted from the game and back into the lobby.


How do I get Norton to be buddies with TESO?


Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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NIS Red X in System Tray

Version  Red X in System Tray for past 3 or 4 days.  Clicking on it brings up status screen showing everything green and normal.  Last update typically only minutes before. Recent history shows nothing unusual.  Product is up to date .  But still the red 'X'.

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Accepted Solution

Has Norton Internet Security missed HKCR\Access.Shortcut3 asa virus or Trojan or is it benign. I have tried to remove it from scans with CC Cleaners registry scan but it keeps coming back.

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Which version

Should I buy a Norton 360 Gold Edition or Norton Internet Security please.

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Rule rejected UDP(17) with Port 58022

Someone on my network mistakenly clicked an email link that I am sure was a hack.  The site came up as blocked, so I think we were protected.  There was a lot of warnings that went off at that time, and from another computer on the network I have included a log report.  Is there anything contained in this that I should be worried about?

Thank you for your help.

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Norton Safe Connect blocks safe sites such as Live Mail

Norton Safe Connect blocks Live Mail and other safe sites.  When I try to go to Live.Mail.com,  Norton Safe Connect blocks it and says it is unsafe.  When I click on "I want to visit the site anyway." it still blocks its.  When I click on the detailed report for Live Mail it says, of course, that it is a safe site. 


Norton Safe connect also blocked Facebook.  I was able to fix that by clearing cookies, but clearing cookies didn't help with Live Mail or some of the online games that my daughter plays on her computer. 


I started a chat with tech support.  The tech wanted to remote into my computer.  I let the tech do that, which didn't help at all.  I had to stop the remote session when the tech attempted to install Windows essential 2011 because I didn't want it and I don't think that it would work on Windows 8.1.


I have this problem on Firefox 28 and IE 11.  I am running the latest version of NIS.  I was looking for a way to disable Norton Safe Connect or delete it but couldn't find it.  Doing research I see that this isn't the first time That this problem as occurred.  I hope Norton Can fix it pronto.


Anyone else have this problem and was able to fix it.  When I first started a chat session with a Norton tech, I was 61 in the cue, makes me think that I'm not the only one with this problem.

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Accepted Solution
I can't see this computer on the home network.

Windows Network Diagnostics reports:

Settings that might be blocking the connection:
Provider description: Norton Internet Security
Filter name: Norton Internet Security FILTER FIREWALL ACCEPT_V4

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Poor help fron Norton
[ Edited ]

I regularly run Spybot and today it showed the presence of Win32.Downloader.gen. Spybot was unable to remove this virus so I contacted online support. The contact, JOHN  listened to me then suggested taking control of my pc with a view to removing this virus which I agreed to

JOHN ran some diagnostics and suggested using a deep removal tool. This was done and JOHN declared my pc clean and working fine. He said that my Norton anti virus included anti Spyware and he advised in being careful where any downloads come from. When I suggested that Spybot might be interested in hearing a Norton advisor say that running Spybot was a waste of time he stated that this was the case! He assured me that my pc was fine and returned control of my pc to me.

I immediately ran Spybot again and, sure enough, there was Win32.Downloader.gen. I am disappointed in the software and disappointed with the online help. It was useless. I am still left with an infected pc. Any suggestions please.


[edit:Please do not post personal information per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]



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Accepted Solution
IEContextMenu Class causes crash

So i was having a problem with my lapatop were i couldnt right click on anything or open file explorer without my laptop closing it and taking me straight back to the desktop screen. Also norton internet security wouldnt open at all and i was forced to use windows defender for the time being. I downloaded ShellExView and disabled IEContextMenu through process of elimination and the problem stopped except for the fact that norton still wont open.

I am using windows 8.1 and i have already used norton backdoor removal tool with no result.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Accepted Solution
Download link for 3 licence version of NIS please

Had norton NIS for years, entering the new licence key never works, so I always download the latest version fresh and enter the key during install.


can some one post me a link to the 3 licence download link for NIS please. I have the disc but its about 6 months old and no longer latest version so rather download latest version from the start to save time.

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Smart Firewall Program Rules gone!

NIS on Windows 7 64 bits.


Today at reboot, all my FW personal program rules were gone!

Anyone else had this problem?





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help with a virus

hi there 

i had something on my computer called websteroid i used the information on the malwaretips.com/blogs/websteroids-removal

used every step evan ran torton power eraser today it says there where no threats but got a small window at the bottom right hand side of the screen saying norton autosafe picked up something called bloodhound.maipe 





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Accepted Solution
Quick Scan no longer running automatically?

Because NIS runs so smoothly in the bakcground, I seldom ever even open the icon in the taskbar, but this morning I decided to just open it to see if everything looks cool. Well, lo and behold it showed that Quick Scan hadn't run since 23 March. Huh? So I ran a manual Quick Scan and it found nothing as usual, but I'm just curious now if it no longer runs automatically about once a day or so when nothing else is running? I keep my system up always but it's idle when I'm sleeping so it certainly should be able to find those periods just fine. Anyone else notice Quick Scan no longer running automatically? I'd hate to have to do these manually when NIS should be able to it on its own. I'm using NIS Thanks.

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New bug or enhanced cosmetic error?
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Hi all,

Just got updated to latest version via manual update.:)


Then, since it was a update which had added some patch (atleast changed the version number) I just performed a cold booting. Now whenever I try to change the settings:

NIS GUI -> Settings ->General -> Product Security -> Non-Admins Access to Settings to any state (on or off) and click apply, that action causes the settings window to close and return to NIS GUI automatically.



Next time I access the settings, the change is made. I have an administrator account(From which I do the modification) and guest account in my Win7 HP system.

Also after a few minutes after the problem occured, the nuber of NIS icons in tray just increments. I tried to do cold boot, restart etc, but still the problem is there, reappearing after each attempt to change that particular settings.


Also note that there is no problem with other settings, and that Non-admin access to settings restriction is successfully applied or revoked as per what i have done in settings to guest account.


Please see the below pic:(it may take some time to up load

How is this?


Again, I tried to move the icons one by one but only the icons move as a  batch of 7 (which started to appear after changing settings) and the one icon which was at the time of log-in of administrator user was alone.


Changing the settings through right clicking the icons do have same effect.


I know that Norton is aware of the the duplicate icon problem. But that usually happens during system start up or user login. This happens after a settings change, which must be a new bug.


Anyone with same problem in Win7 HP with latest ver, fully updated?

(Edited to change alingment, format)


Looking for replies....


Using Samsung NP550P5C-S02IN - NIS - Win 7 - Nvidia Geforce 650M - i7 3670QM - 8Gb RAM - Blu Ray - Chrome with Adblocker - Https everywhere - DiskCryptor - Win XP Pro, Vista, 7 UL, 8, 8.1 Pro in virtual environments.
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Possible fraud by a Norton technician via RescueMe

Thank you, Tony, for the welcome.


I am desperate. I dealt with a Norton technician over an hour ago that re-routed me to RescueMe and then proceeded to open a file on my hard drive that contained over 100 of my passwords while in the process of updating my software. Some of the passwords are of a financial nature. I have been on hold now for over 1.5 hours after the incident and cannot find anyone at the US level in charge of fraud that I can reach. I keep getting re-routed to what appears to be members of a group from India for both customer service and virus issues for a resolution. The same group from which the technician appeared to be a member of. They seem to be having a problem even understanding my basic issue. I've literally been on hold with that group for most of the duration of the call!!!!!


I'm very frustrated and scared at this point. Accessing someone in charge customer security seems to be a maze that I am not able to negotiate. I want to know if there is any way to see what he did on my computer before he has access to all my accounts. Is there a way to escalate this issue to someone that can check his work and what he did?


Can you please help me by escalating this message to the appropriate Fraud Division upper-managers?


Thank you... 

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Accepted Solution
transfering my anti virus



                                                                                                   THANKS FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE

Posts: 39
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Running win8.1 64bit.


I've tried repeatedly to install Firefox 28, but the latest NIS makes it almost unusable:


Tabs freeze, right-click stops functioning, OS becomes unresponsive. There is no significant increase in CPU or memory use. I've tried running FF28 in safe mode, but that doesn't make any difference.


Running FF 27.0.1 runs without any problem at all.


Any advice?


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Firewall virus

I recently discovered a virus the consequences of which were that NIS appeared to run perfectly but in fact was far from it.

The result was that the firewall was inoperative. One could even change the setting to "Block all network traffic" and no traffic was being blocked whatsoever.


I can only suggest that if there is a hint of infection you might just test "Block all network traffic" and ensure that you cannot still get to say google.com.


Not too helpful, some might say, but it is only an advice.


Clive Goldman

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Accepted Solution
Two Tray Icons - Multiple Tray Icons - Double Tray Icons

I searched and could not find this posted before. Apologies if I am wrong in that regard.


If you have two identical tray icons for NIS (and I have this from time to time on numerous machines running XP, WIn7 32, Win7 64,) and the change io aggressive for the "Enable boot time protection" did not work for you, then here is an apparent fix.


You need to copy and paste the following into a cmd prompt run with Administration rights and if your operating system permits then run the command prompt "Run as administrator".


taskkill /im explorer.exe /f


reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify" /v IconStreams /f


reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify" /v PastIconsStream /f


start "Shell Restarter" /d "%systemroot%" /i /normal explorer.exe



Clive Goldman


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Live Update error: Norton Web Protection Definitions + Norton Web Protection Definitions (Hub)

I've got problem with updating:

Norton Web Protection Definitions + Norton Web Protection Definitions (Hub)

I used intelligent updater and problem wasn't solved. I restarted my windows hundreed times, using newest NIS (when I try to update program there is sign that there is no new program update).


Also I can see that my definitions is up to date, but alsways when I'm trying to do a live update there is an error:

Cant uopdate: Norton Web Protection Definitions + Norton Web Protection Definitions (Hub)