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OK, so you've moved it.But all I get offered is the NIS or the 360 board, so can't follow

The Norton Forum only offers me to visit the NIS board or the Norton 360 board.

So where am I going to find an answer?

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NIS renewed four days ago but XP desktop says it wasn't.

I have a Win7 / IE11 laptop and an XP / IE8 desktop (soon to be replaced).

I renewed NIS a few days ago - Norton were brilliant - see



Today I've wasted eight or nine hours because my XP desktop froze: then I found it was Microsoft's fault - see



I've been checking the desktop periodically for Microsoft's patch but within the last hour every time I power it up I get a warning message saying I've turned off NIS and another from Norton saying thast my 'trial period has expired'. That relates to 30 or 60 free days that Norton gave me at the start because of problems. So my XP says no NIS. But my Win7 shows it's been renewed OK.


I probably won't use the XP on the internet until the Microsft patch is installed (providing that the XP fault gives me enough CPU to download it!) but do you think the false messages about NIS having been turned off are related to the XP freezing fault?? 

Desktop: XP / IE8 (shortly to be replaced - when I've the time!)
Laptop: Win7 / IE11
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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool - Firewall



if I am using the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, I can boot my PC from the respective DVD. When I do so, a yellow screen is appearing and  can chose to scan the PC.


But, there is a option to update the "virus database" using the LAN-Connection (i.e. internet). My question is: if I connect my PC to the internet to download the newest virus definitions/database is there any rist? At thist time the no firewall is blocking access to my PC.


Best regards and thanks in advance

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Outlook 2010 0x800CCC1A error caused by NIS

I have Outlook 2010 and Norton Internet Security version  I am on Verizon FiOS.


I consistently get a 0x800CCC1A error  " your server does not support the encryption type you have specified" when sending email.


Please note I am on Verizon FiOS email which specifies that SSL must be used on BOTH Ports 995 (POP) and 465 (SMTP) for email.  Also please note that everything is indeed setup correctly in the Outlook email parameters.


Therefore, since SSL is required Norton AntiSpam will not work.  That is specified by Norton in its disclaimers on the software.


You cannot input Ports 995 or 465 for additional protection by NIS because they are already specified elsewhere.


Therefore, you have several Catch-22's.  You can't do this because of that.


Since Norton Antispam does not work with SSL enabled, I have completely disabled it, including by edits in the Windows 7 registry.


I disabled Email send Antivirus scanning.  So Antispam is off and Email send scanning is off.  I still have the 0x800CCC1A error when sending.  I must note that although the 0x800CCC1A error occurs, it always eventually sends the message.  It looks like it was waiting or scanning something before it finally sent the outgoing message. 


That got me thinking again. Then I tried something else. I disabled Email receive scanning.  The problem seems to have gone away.  The reason may be that Verizon FiOS email requires a login to its incoming email server before it will send email outgoing!  Although outgoing scanning is disabled, The NIS email scanner is still looking at the incoming side and perhaps causing the error.


Yes, this is a workaround.   Disable Antispam.  Disable Email outgoing AND incoming email scanning.  It works, but the solution is not acceptable.  It defeats the purpose of having Norton email protection on Outlook.


Norton, please help us finally solve this issue.  Fix the 0x800CCC1A error situation.  I have seen vaiartions of the same theme in other posts here and thoroughout other forums on the Internet but no final solution.


Thank you.











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Accepted Solution
Browser protection NIS2014

Just installed NIS 2014 ( and seem to have the same problem with Browser protection as occurred 12 months ago. i.e. Turning "on" simply reverts to "off"and there is a permanent warning (red X) on the task bar. Using Firefox 26.0 and Explorer 11 makes no difference. OS in WIN 7 64 bit.

Am I missing something or has the issue not been sorted since last year.

Am I actually protected as implied in the posts from Nov 2012




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What is the best safe pocedure for reinstalling Norton Security after reformatting windows and reinstalling?

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Help please.. I am on PC safe mode.. And found out how they hacked local ports
Please help.. my local network is under attack.. they hack my ports... And send spams to many..&lt;br&gt;My google search is fake search.. please help. i do not receiving emails and dont send emails..&lt;br&gt;My ports all controlled... I cant even search &lt;a href target=&quot;_blank&quot;&gt;<a href target="_blank">www.ask.com&amp;lt;http://www.ask.com/&amp;gt;..&lt;/a&gt;</a> Please help i do have safe my evidence on this system hack on many places, i back up it at external usb also..i also do buy domain report..&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;i have contacted so around 10 times email to norton.com &amp;lt;&lt;a href target=&quot;_blank&quot;&gt;<a href target="_blank">http://norton.com&amp;gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;i</a> buy their internet 360 premier.. including internet security, they attacked my local network not outer network.. but cant no respond as my emails cant be sent.. my emails is not enter my inbox.. PLease revaluate my case..&lt;br&gt;I have netstat data on how they controlled my ports and screenshot it all..&lt;br&gt;I also have camera photos around 300 photos on how they hack my local network..&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;This is cybercrime, my search all is a fake search.. i have all photo on camera on how good they attack my local network.. My DNS , ip is a spammer IP..
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Stuck on fix in progress nis 2013 and 2014
[ Edited ]

Hello , NIS 2013 (UPDATED TO 2014 to try to fix problem), Vista 64 bit


Been away for a week. Started up PC and I was met with An exclamation mark. "YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS TO BE SCANNED FOR VIRUSES AND SPYWARE"  message,

CLICKED on "FIX NOW"----"FIX IN PROGRESS APPEARS" but never comp"ERROR DURING SCANletes.....pressing on QUICK SCAN ...results in errror ERROR DURING SCAN "


I updated to 2014 by auto-updating it(UPDATED DEFINITIONS UNTIL NO MORE LEFT TO UPDATE..Live update works by the way). I am reluctant to uninstall and re-install by myself as before it will uninstall but when I went to my account it showed all 3 licences are used( NIS 2013 is on 2 other pc's without problems(running win 7 and win 8)


All machines have free version RUN ON DEMAND ONLY (no automatic updating enabled) MALWAREBYTES and SUPERANTISPYWARE.

Also installed are SPYWAREBLASTER which I believe just interacts with browser.


Spoke to CHAT who suggested I remove Malwarebytes and others...But NIS isn't sufficent on it's own (Malwarebytes catches the occassion PUP that though seem harmless NIS totally misses)


Is there a solution to this...is it that suppport for vista has been dropped?? Qickscans by MALWAREBYTES AND SUPERANTISPYWARE SHOW NO INFECTIONS


Presently NIS 2014 ver 211018 installed





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Accepted Solution
NIS 2014: What's new?

I am currently running NIS 2013 with Windows 7 Pro SP1 32b on 3 systems.  Where can I find "release notes" or "what's new" for NIS 2014?


Thank you.

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Accepted Solution
Norton Revocation List Live Update failing

I have the Norton Revocation List update failing to install.  Server problems I presume.

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Need help removing PUP.Optional.Hao123.A infection


We have a Vista Ultimate desktop with 4GB ram.

We recently noticed a significant system slowdown (particularly when online) and the computer started hanging a lot.

We ran a NIS scan (all clear) we then loaded and ran Spybot (again all clear) when we loaded and ran Malwarebytes we found an infection called PUP.Optional.Hao123.A which malwarebytes removed.  

It appears this is a well known and most unpleasant infection which  "apparently" is hard to remove.  Malwarebytes removed the identified file and with subsequent scans has not detected any infections.


Unfortunately it appears we still have PUP.Optional.Hao123.A active in our system, the system is still slow and still hangs a lot. 

We are guessing that the infection is PUP.Optional.Hao123.A, this is because the problems we are experiencing are in line with the many reports found with a Google search. To date NIS hasn't detected any infections.


Does anyone have suggestions?


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NIS 2014 and Opera 18 (Chromium)



Just installed NIS2014 and have encountered that I don't see Norton's checkmarks in Google search results in Opera 18 (Chromium based browser). So I added manually (drag & drop) "chrome.crx" file into Opera's extension page but it seems that it doesn't work. I was used from another security solution that adding *.crx file into extensions brought this extension to work.


It should work in Opera 18 because this Opera uses Blink engine like Chrome browser and all other Chrome extensions work flawlessly in Opera. Can somebody shed more light?


Moreover if it won't work in Opera Chromium from whatever reasons (I would be really surprised if so), am I still protected by NIS2014 when browsing and downloading from in Opera Chromium?


Thanks & regards!

Sony VAIO SR19VN, Windows Vista Business 32 SP2 fully patched, Intel Core DUO P8400 2,26 GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon with always latest stable release of Opera, Ad Muncher, CCleaner and Norton Internet Security.
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Accepted Solution
Norton is Blocking all links to Publishers Clearing House

I purchased a new license and downloaded the latest version of Norton Internet Security on a new computer. Now my wife can't click on any links to Publishers Clearing house. It comes back and says:


Norton DNS -

Warning! Accessing this web site is NOT allowed.

You attempted to access: link.superprize.pch.com

This is a known "Gambling" web site which is blocked as specified by your web content filtering policy.


I've tryied looking in the options and settings but can't find where it is addressed. Am I missing something obvious?



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I have a virus that you may find interesting and NIS doesn't see it as anything

This exe seems to be created by Java somehow.

Originally it was being put in:


And the file was RAVCl64-86.exe and was eating up half of our processors (machine is Win7-64 with core-i7 and 8GB RAM)


We got rid of it through massive pain in the rear, and now its popping up again in:


Now the exe in question is MSDT.EXE and completely takes over all 4+4 processors.

I have set the affinity to just CPU 0 and set its priority down but that CPU is pegged.


Norton Internet Security (latest app and defs) does not see it as anything bad.

I have attached a screenshot of the files it makes (it is a .jpg file renamed to .txt)


The acieclx.vbs file contains the following code:


Set objSh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objSh.Run "C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\atieclx.exe", 0


The others are .exes and files I can't open with text editor.

If I end the process tree of msdt.exe, within 5 minutes, its back and has all 4+4 processors pegged.

Can anyone help???






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Firefox 26 Support for Norton Toolbar

The Norton Toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 26. We have released a Firefox 26 compatibility patch for Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, and Comcast Norton Security Suite,  which is available via LiveUpdate. Please see the Firefox 26 Compatibility Announcement for version details and troubleshooting any problems with the update.


To receive automatic notifications of Firefox Compatibility Patch updates, please visit the Product Update Announcements section of the community, specifically the Firefox label in the right column. At the top of this page, you will seen an option to "SUBSCRIBE to this label", which will sign you up for email notifications every time we post an update related to Firefox.

Tony Weiss
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Accepted Solution
Norton Antivirus crashes and gives message: igdpmd64.sys page fault in non-paged area

I was using Norton Antivirus and it wouldn't update (LiveUpdate).  After a few days I went to a solutions page which said to uninstall & reinstall. In doing that, it gave me a newer version of the program.

Unfortunately this newer version ( crashes and gives the blue screen ( igdpmd64.sys page fault in non-paged area).  I tried a few things over the past week or so and found:

1. When I open the Norton Antivirus Window, I can perform all the tasks at the top (Settings, Performance, Feedback, Account, Support) without difficulty.

2. If I click on any of the boxes in mid-screen (Secure, Scan, LiveUpdate, Advanced) the PC will crash with the blue screen and error message.

3. If I right click on the Icon on the taskbar, I can use the "Run LiveUpdate" or "Run QuickScan" without difficulty. However, there is no way to run a FullScan, as the PC crashes. 

4. Until the Norton Engineers can fix this problem, could you please have them add "Run FullScan" to to taskbar Icon

Thank you.



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Since NIS update to Outlook anti-spam is disable

I run Windows 7 professional and Office 2010.


Since I updated to the teh NIS version the Northon Anti Spam add-in on Outlook has been disabled.


I am getting a lot of spam through straight to my inbox and I can't guarentee I won't accidentally click on it. I need the anti-spam feature.


NOTE !!!! I have already:


!. Tried to  enable the Norton Oulook Anti Spam plug in in Outlook - under File | Options | Addins | Com addins. I can check it and select OK but it remains as disabled on the addin list.


2. Made sure sure the  NIS Network  |Message Protection | Client Integration is checked.


3. Unchecked the NIS Network  |Message Protection | Client Integration, Rebooted. Checked it again, rebooted, tried to enable the plug in - no success.


4. Repaired the Office 2010  installation.


5. Ran the Norton autofix; no issues were found.


I still cannot get the anti spam plug in to work.



Please help.




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Accepted Solution
Need HELP Uninstalling NIS 19 and Installing NSS360

I Have XP SP3,Do I need to disconnect from Internet or Raise Windows Firewall and should I remove all Norton from ADD/REMOVE Programs or just Norton Security Suite( I have 3 entries involving Norton), Best to transfer Dat or CSV Log-Ins.To Comcasts NSS's Thanks, Gorpy1

Thank God for people that can help!!!
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Accepted Solution
NIs 20.0 incompatible with windows 8.1?

Hi, i recently bought an Asus motherborad and the support CD came with NIS 20.0, i am using Windows 8.1 and when i tried to install NIS it said that it's not compatibel with the OS, i tried running it in comptability mode and with adminitrator rights, but nothing seems to work, is there no way to install it?

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e-mail stopped working

Updated NIS (V but now my outgoing e-mail wont work. (port 587) no matter what I do. Im on Windows 7 Pro.

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Unauthorized access blocked

C:\Program Files\Enigma Software Group\SpyHunter\spyhunter4.exe


It worked fine until I had to uninstall Norton as to allow Casper XP backup program to function.

Now I cannot scan with Spyhunter4.


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Accepted Solution
Request: Links to download NIS 2014 with & or without defs

Hi all: Can someone provide links to download NIS 2014 with and/or without defs (preferably WITH defs)?


I know I can turn on "Automatic DL of new version" but I'd like to save a copy to my backup files drive for safety's sake.




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Can't find an enabled 'new message' button anywhere
[ Edited ]

I have reinstalled 3 times on one machine but I can't complete the last step of the reinstallation which is activation (i get error 8505,100 which suggests another reinstall).    My question: I have a big green box saying 'secure' in the NIS gui, sonar which was red has disappeared (?) and I see subs status is 'active' - can I assume that I am protected and I dont need to enter the activation code?


In account manager it shows the correct number of licences in use.


I also can't see any boards where 'new message' is enabled.   It would be really helpful to have an email address because I seriously not in the mood to 'chat'.  And I dont think much of companies who use customers to help other customers, however, at this point the forum seems the only channel.  (I also dislike forums as I have to login to yet another application for thread).

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new install, then updated last night

and now there are TWO icons in my task tray.


is this normal?


cuz it's bothering me.

a lot.

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NIS 2014 full system scan is not running as scheduled on Windows 8

On NIS 2014 Windows 8 Dell 17r laptop, the full system scan is set to run at 8pm and turn off the computer but isn't running as scheduled. Windows tasks scheduler error reporting and run Norton was modified to run at 8 pm. Am I missing something?

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Where can I find the User/Product Manual for Norton Internet 2014?

Where can I find the User/Product Manual for Norton Internet 2014? When I Google search for it. I find a link https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CDkQFjAA&url=ftp%3A%2F%...


But the resulting download nis_2014_oem_ug.pdf is only a 1 page document stating


Internet Security


User Guide

This is a PDF document for testing purposes only. It will be replaced with the product manual as soon as the file is finalized and available in our server.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.
Norton from Symantec



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How to remove NIS 2014

I intend to remove NIS 2014 from my computer. What's the best way to do it? I just want to make sure that no traces of NIS will be left behind that may cause problems. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Accepted Solution
NIS 2014 disable out mail scanning


in NIS 2014 i disable scanning for outgoing mail, otherwise sometime my messages are not delivered (i receive a timeout from ISP, this has always happened since 2009, and never been solved).

The problem is that now nis has a red exclamation mark over it. In previous version i was able to remove this warnng going to advnced settings hover the mail scanning  click and choose ignore this settings.

I'm not able to find this feature again.. in advanced  screen there is only the switch and if i disable it i completely disable mail scanning (also incoming).

Where i can find "Monitoring product settings" ?



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Help please- win 7 64 bit All of a sudden now I have 2 Norton Internet Security icons in my tray

Don't know when this happend--Everytime I boot up I now get 2 icons.   Has anyone seen this?


Thankyou for any and all help.

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Nation Zoom has infected my computer

I downloaded some free software and Nation Zoom has taken over my browsers. How do I uninstall it?