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Correct version number in the About dropdown

I am running Windows 7 (current) and NIS 2014.  The NIS About dropdown said that I am running version   A Product Update announced the release of version 21.1.1.    I went to the Norton Update Center, pressed the Update Me Now button, ran the downloaded program (AutoDetect) which told me "Your Norton product version is up-to-date".   Thus the problem: If NIS is up-to-date then why doesn't the About dropdown show the correct version of 21.1.1 or higher?   The documentation,       http://community.norton.com/t5/Product-Update-Announcements/Product-Update-21-1-1-of-Norton-Internet... says "A reboot will not be required for Windows  7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 customers. However, a reboot will be required for Windows XP and Windows Vista customers." so the update does apply to Windows 7, the version of Windows that I am running.   

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YouTube video popup

I got a strange message from a YouTube video popup suggesting that I install an "HD converter".   The message was not an advert served in the usual YouTube format.   I was given the following reference as a possible description of the problem:     http://labs.bromium.com/2014/02/21/the-wild-wild-web-youtube-ads-serving-malware/ .   I do not have Java on my PC.   At the time of the hit, I was using FireFox and NoScript.   I am running Windows 7 (current), NIS 2014 and FireFox 27.0.1.     

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I get a popup message: Please Update Browser.
[ Edited ]

On 2/24/2014 I got a popup message saying Please Update Browser.  According to FireFox browsing history, the related URL is 



According to Google lpcloudsvr302.com is a nasty piece of work. The problem hit on 2/24/2014.  As for installing software,  Flash was installed on 2/20/2014, Trusteer Endpoint Protection was updated on 2/21/2014.     I am running NIS 2014.



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Help!! My Internet Security Will Not Open

My system is Windows Vista 64 bit.  I purchased the 2014 internet security download and it will not open or install properly, after I install it and restart my computer I go to my start menu NIS folder and it is empty. The norton icon shows on the desktop but not in my task bar. In my programs it shows it has been installed.  I also tried the NIS upgrade version download and the Norton Removal Tool and no luck.


Last year I had the 2013 NIS and it installed with no problems.  Can you help me please?

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Accepted Solution
Browser Hijacking

Hi, my browser (Google chrome) has been hijacked by Tuvaro (www.search.net). I was trying to update the Java then I hit the jackpot! Tuvaro..Internet Explorer was hijacked as well. Somehow I managed to get rid of Tuvaro from IE but Google is still redirecting to search.net. I tried to clear the browser history and reset it. Also, I erase the search.net from the Chrome's settings. Unfortunately, it keeps coming back.I  Moreover, after I updated windows 8 to 8.1, this message pops up: "There was a problem starting C:\Progra1\Common-1\Sysem\SyMenudll. The specific module can not be found." I have no idea what does that mean. Do I have some kind of virus, adware etc or this happened because my browser was hijacked? What happened and how do I fix it? Unfortunately I don't have the technical knowledge to fix it. I really need a hand. If you have time to help me, I really appreciate. Thanks.

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Accepted Solution
Full System Scan

We bought a new computer two weeks ago (8.1 64 bit) because of XP support ending soon.  At the same time, had our computer tech install NIS 14 ( on both the 8.1 and XP computers.


When I run a full system scan on the 8.1 computer, it takes about 20 minutes, plus/minus.  Today's scan took 17:55 minutes, 290,728 files.  I checked the history files and the 1st scan took 21:19, 308,434 files.  I norrmally run this scan once a week.


I got concerned because I'm used to full system scans taking over an hour.  The full system scan on m XP takes about 1.5 hours to complete, with about 1,500,000 plus files.


Am I worrying over northing?  I just want to make sure that NIS is fully protecting my new computer.


Thank you.


Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

hard drive:  930 GB, 827 GB free

ram:  8 GB

NIS14 (



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NIS 2014 scans not working on windows 8 laptop URGENT HELP PLEASE

Since mid february, when I click on scan button, it does nothing. I try scanning from desktop, also does nothing. Clicking settings button does nothing, I think something is wrong, I need help within a few days, I think there is a virus with my computer.

I have a windows 8 lenovo laptop

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why we don't have for UDP, the NIS engine ?

I now see TCPV6 engines  as in attached files.  But,  why we cannot or do have the same for UDP  ?




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NIS memory instruction screwed up - wow !!!!

What is going on  ?



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Accepted Solution
My Scan doesn't work

Hello everybody,


I have Norton Antivirus on my pc and it gives me an alert that says I should scan my pc to find viruses or spywares. The fact is that when I press "Correct"  in the alert, it gives me an error ("rapid scan wasn't successful"). So, I try to start the scan manually, but neither the rapid nor the complete will run. It just happens nothing!
I already tried to verify if my Norton was properly updated and it is.
Any clue? Thank in advance.

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windows Firewall ? When your firewall is On ???? This is odd ????

Can somebody tell me what is going on here  ?


Pic  attached.


Why I'm getting Windows Firewall Prompt  ?



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Accepted Solution
NIS No Scans Working, No Settings, Can't Upgrade

I have NIS on Win 8.1 and I currently cannot start any scans or edit any settings. I have followed the the 'Solution' from the following topic (links here) which involves upgrading, but I am unable to as there is "no product available". Is there any other way to get it or am I out of luck.


Side note: It's nice to see you can crash norton by checking the subscription status after startup or restart.

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Blue Screen Error Caused By "symtdi.sys"



After Windows had gone into hibernate mode, I noticed there was a blue screen when I went to turn the computer back on. I was away from the computer for about an hour, so I am unsure how it got to the blue screen from hibernate mode.


I had to hold the power button to shut down the computer, and then restart. Windows started normal with no errors, and there were no errors or warnings in the event viewer.


I don’t know if it will happen again, or why it happened.


My computer is a Dell laptop.

Operating System: Windows XP SP3

Norton Internet Security


What can I do, and is this a bug with NIS?



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Accepted Solution
NIS License Question



I have 2 separate subscriptions covering 3 PCs each, desktops, laptops etc at home ... one just renewed (Feb 2014) and one is due to renew in June 2014. Ideally I'd like to combine them into and add at least one more i.e. 7 PCs. Checking the Norton site I see that there's a 5 user pack and a 10 user pack available. However - the way I'm reading it, financially they don't add up. Also, if I login to MyNorton I can buy a key ... but when I select that option, it prompts me with a key for another 3 PCs, at a higher price than my normal subscription


Am I missing something ?




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Confused About Tracking Cookies

I'm a little confused about tracking cookies; I'm using NIS on a Windows 8.1 PC with IE11.


My main issue is every time a scan removes tracking cookies I have to 'reset' many websites' default preferences.   I have a few questions:


Is there any real security risk ignoring tracking cookies in NIS Settings?  I don't really care if my internet use is tracked or not, so beyond that is there a real privacy risk?


Is the tracking cookies scan different from a quick scan, or is that when it happens?


If I set 'Ignore Tracking Cookies' in the computer scan settings, and set 'Remove' in the full scan setting, it will leave them until the monthly full scan removes them, correct? 


If this is how NIS treats tracking cookies with the above settings, it seems a good compromise to convenience.


Thanks for the input.

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Just updated to NIS 2014 - several questions

OK I took the plunge and auto updated from NIS 2012 to NIS 2014.

So far so good,  but I noticed some of the settings have changed.

I read that the Full or Smart Definitions Option was removed in 2014. Is that correct cause my option is gone..

I also had a setting option to protect Microsoft Office which is also now gone - is this correct? Is MSO automatically protected or no longer protected?

Finally, using IE9. Aside from the Antiphishing green check and the useless to me Social Media arrow, it appears the Norton Toolbar is rather useless. With NIS 2012, clicking on the Norton name would open the program (does nothing now), and right clicking on the Norton name opened a selection menu (not anymore). Is this correct?


Thanks to all replys.

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Looks like rfwipeout.exe, which I think is a valid Roboform program is being blocked.  Anyone know why and how I can let it run?

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Firewall rules dialogue executables not available

After upgrading to in Windows 7 x64 home premium, I noticed several entries in the history logs that were accessing the internet.  I created firewall rules to block a few of them.


However, taskhost.exe and audiodg.exe were not available in the dialogue box.  They exist in the system32 folder, but are not offered as a choice to configure access to the internet.  Are they critical to NIS operations?

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NBRT "Scan failed" error.



Been having some odd issues with my system (Windows Explorer crashing, very slow and/or non-responsive windows, etc), normal NIS full system scan found nothing, so downloaded NBRT, created a USB stick with it, changed my BIOS settings, and booted into NBRT to run a scan.


When I tried running the scan it simply came back with the error "Scan failed" and no other information.


I'm running Win 8.1, on a Lenovo U410.

The HDD drive is visible within NBRT (if I go to the command prompt I can change to and dir both the C: and D: partitions).


What could be causing this problem, and how do I get NBRT to run correctly?

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NIS and SmartScreen in Win 8.1
Just got a new 8.1 machine. Should SmartScreen be turned off or will it play nice w/ Norton 21.x
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Error message - Your product key has not been activated by the retail store where you purchased it

I bought multiple copies of NIS 2013 from Staples Canada last year when it was on sale. I tried to use one to renew my subscription and I got a message "Your product key has not been activated by the retail store where you purchased it". I realized this message is a "Theft Protection" warning. I brought the opened copy back to Staples and show them the previous invoice. A man at the counter credit the item and resale the item while scan the code on the package twice. After I got home, I got the same message when entering the key code. I chat with Norton support, they couldn't help me and asked me to deal with Staples. The staples Staff has done what they can do, who should know this problem in Staples? Can Norton help? 

I can only scan the invoice in JPG format but this forum is not supported. Invoice can be provied by email to Norton's support staff upon request. Thanks.

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Problems persist uninstalling AV9

Hey All,

This is my first post and i'm not exactly computer savvy so i would apologize in advance. I'm trying to uninstall a preloaded trial version of i believe Anti virus 9?? I've read and followed along with alot of other posts but new symptoms just keep materializing. I was hoping someone here might just lend me an ear and a few suggestions.

It's an old dell dimension desktop with xp professional sp 3. It's been sitting unused for a while and after starting it up and running for 30 min it started freezing and crashed. I restarted, checked errors and alot related to symantec and windows installer.  I figured i'd unistall the symantec being it was a trial version.

Through the remove programs i couldn't uninstall symantec end point because windows installer was bad so after a few attempts i got a new version of installer to load. I also downloaded nortons removal tool. 

Through remove programs i uninstalled all symantec programs. Restarted and ran the norton tool. Restarted and a norton ad loaded to reinstall. I clicked out and the computer crashed.

Restarted and used system restore to go back before the initial uninstall.

Symantec products are back in the progarm files but here are some of the new issues.

1. It says local area connection is connected but i can't access the internet. No page will be displyed.

2. Went back to remove the symantec programs again and a window says feature is on a network resourse that's not available. Find an alternate path to symantecAntiVirus.msi

3. Norton removal tool won't let me uninstall until i have removed it from the programs.

4. programs like MS fix it and others won't run. An error states a problem trying to contact the server.

5. Keeps crashing. In eventvwr there are a host of new errors listed. some relating to remote access connection manager. Error code 00000024.


I'm sorry for the long post but if anyone can give some new suggestions I'd appreciate the help. Ask me anything you might need to know and i'll give it hell to get you an answer. Thanks

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Easy question - how to increase Norton log files of all types of info ?

I am looking to increase the logs files of NIS as actually it does not shows logs instances later than beginning of 2014.02.14. It has 39 pages in the full history. I remember being able to go back to several months. Also, why would i have so many pages of full history within 2-3 weeks? Thanks for help.

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Fake emails - subjects: "Pow erful? and "Latest"

Hi - I'm pretty sure that a friend of mine has had her email account compromised. I've received two emails from 'her'.


The first email's Subject is "Latest?"  and the content is "i've sent you a tagged message - VIEW YOUR NOTIFICATION HERE".


The second email's Subject is "Pow erful?" and the content is " i've sent you a confidential message -  read the full message".


This happened to her two weeks ago and now again. She's with hotmail - what's the best way for her to check what's happened & sort it out? I've told her to immediately change her login password & security questions but I'm not an expert (as Yank will confirm! :smileywink:)


I've also googled and have found nothing about these subjects in scam/nasty emails.

Desktop: XP / IE8 (shortly to be replaced - when I've the time!)
Laptop: Win7 / IE11
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ccvschost Downloading



To start off, I'd like to state that I live in an area with extremely poor internet service, and as a result, have a small download limit.


I use a program TCPView to monitor what my computer is downloading. Lately, I have noticed that ccsvchost.exe will just randomly start downloading. I let it go the first time I noticed it, as I thought it might be an update for Norton, and it downloaded around 300 megabytes.


Later on that same day, I noticed ccvschost had popped up again in TCPView, and had downloaded 200 MB! So I disconnected the internet. When I reconnected, it ccvschost did not resume downloading.


Today, I turned on my computer, connected the internet, and there it was! ccvschost.exe was downloading! I stopped it as it reached 4 MB though.


I know this isn't usually a big deal for most, but I have 20 days before my internet refills, and 85% of my internet usage has been used up! Based on what I have experienced, I think it is a possibility the ccvschost has been downloading when I have not noticed it, and has chewed up my download.


Please help me resolve the issue to stop ccvschost downloading! Thank you! :)

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Accepted Solution
Windows 8.1: Norton Internet Security Scan Not Working



I have NIS (Version: Running on Windows 8.1. 

I cannot perform any type of scan at all. When I click on quick scan, full system scan etc., nothing happens! I've tried to run it with Administrative privileges but the issue stays the same


I have had this issue before and ultimately I had to remove NIS and reinstall it which takes some time! Is there another way to resolve this issue?


The antivirus is up-to-date 


Thank you,



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Help, I also cannot open NIS

I have Win 7 64 Bit Sp1 all updates are current and NIS

The problem is that I can not open NIS either when I click on the NIS Icon in the Task Bar or from the programs menu.

NIS  is loading when I start my system as the Icon with the green check appears in the tray, I have my identy safe and can log in to access my log ins, I can right click on the NIS icon in the tray and access those features, scan, update, history, but when I click to open NIS to get to settings I get the message that NIS has stopped working windows is closing the program.

I have followed all removal guide lines and reinstalled NIS twice with the same result.

I have 2 other computes, both win 7 64 bit sp1 and they also have the current version of NIS. I do not have any problems with them opening NIS.

I am to the point where I will try 2 things, restore my last back up of my C drive prior to this happening and or just reloading my os and programs and start from scratch..

Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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Accepted Solution
Change Motherboard

I have a 5 user subscription on my account and all five are allocated to different machines, I have three desktops, one laptop and a small netbook. On one of the desktops I am installing a new motherboard plus putting in a new SSD to replace an old HDD on which my OS (Win 7) is installed, as is my NIS 2014.


Now with the SSD there is software which will migrate the partition (C drive) on the current motherboard to the new SSD, rather like Ghost. I have previously done this successfully before on another machine. Obviously when the software transposes my stuff on to the new SSD to all sense and purposes it will be the same as it was before in indentity.


I will be doing a clean install on the old drive and putting it into another PC for my daughter; she will be buying her own NIS2014 for it when I have done this. Therefore is there any need to for me to go into Norton Manager to do anything, as on the new SSD it will be still be listed as the same name as it was before?


Regards Muffy

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2/25 Update broke WHS backup ability

An update to NIS on or about 2/25/2014 broke Windows Home Server V1 ability to create backups most likely by somehow preventing a snapshot from being created at the beginning of the process. This has happened before going back to at least 2010. I have 5 PCs on the small Network being backed up by WHS - 3 use NIS and 2 use another product. The 3 using NIS will no longer backup and the 2 using another product work just fine as usual. This might also be affecting other automated image backup programs such as True Image.

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Accepted Solution
Soporte2.exe (Backdoor.Agent.DC) Has anyone had this file?

While running a scan for malware with Malwarebytes, this file was found. NIS was unable to find this file. I tried running Norton Power Eraser and the file was not found. I also tried 3 times to remove the file with Malwarebytes with no success. I am not experiencing any problems like errors or a slow running computer but want to make sure this file is not a dangerous file to have on my system. There is not any information online about this exact file. Does anyone know about this file and if so, how to get rid of it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!