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Accepted Solution
List of Phishing Sites Blocked in Monthly Report

I find that my monthly report gives the number of phishing sites (some thousands) but zero are indicated as blocked. My  settings are ticked to block phishing sites so I find this odd or should I worry?



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Accepted Solution
Norton ConnectSafe changed?

Hello all,


I found that Norton DNS have been changed?


These were the parameters that I knew:


Preferred and Alternate DNS / / /


and these are the current ones:


Preferred and Alternate DNS / / /


Could someone confirm that these are indeed correct please?


Thank you so much for providing a confirmation on this.



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Accepted Solution
NIS 2014 updated over NIS 2013 corrupted
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Two days ago I attempted to do the online update of NIS2013 to NIS2014, well this update caused my whole system to be unstable, and I could not even reboot the computer unless I used Safe Mode.  In safe mode I was able to restore to a day before the upgrade.  I want to now run the Norton Removal/Install tool, and complete a clean install of NIS2014, but I haven't been able to find the location that I can download a complete vesion of NIS2014, not the upgrade.  Can anyone here assist me?


I guess this would be considered updating from Version 20 to 21.1 , and I didn't use the Liveupdate to do this upgrade, which maybe I should try that before a complete new install?  I origianally went to the upgrade page, and upgraded that route?





Windows XP SP3

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What is this file? $R4IVXKB.exe I am not finding it on google, or Microsoft or Symantec

i opened hidden file options and was reviewing the malware doc supplied by symantec also review services and i found this file, $R4IVXKB.exe the symantec doc references looking up unknown files on the internet, but i am getting no findings and now i can not locate the file either. 


I believe my pc's resources may be being used in the background. no activity to my files or personal items, just the resources being use during the night or idle time. I did not know malware, etc could move around and now i suspect that as i run the scanner or other security items, it moves and hides....often find homegroup in control or my user files linked or down within directories i did not link to, also i am the only use and administrator.  Curious as to why "system" would be owner of many processes or files, sometimes disable or check boxes are disabled and i am not able to make changes to give me as administrator sole privilages. 


One last freak out - i was in a windows directly chasing down some "game app" i did not load and the actual path statement of the directory on the top directory bar actually rearranged itself in front of my eyes.  And no, I wasn't high or drinking too much.


I'm starting to feel like when I'm in my pc files, i'm in the twilight zone.   Also, if no one can provide search info returns on $R4IVXKB.exe  - how the heck deal that too then??? YIKES!!


thank you

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Them 2 NIS icons in the system tray just wont go away

I just updated NIS tonight and other updates to other things,Then rebooted them 2 NIS icons show up. so I figure i just hit the check for updates and reboot and maybe that will fix it as usual it works ,but it didnt they came back and rebooted a few times and still came back.I just thought I'd bring that to Nortons attention Thanks

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Accepted Solution
please sort out tracking cookies


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HELP !! I allowed & excluded a possible threat, how can I unexclude it from future scans?
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I allowed & excluded a possible threat, how can I unexclude it from future scans?


Or See a list of items I've excluded so I can UNEXCLUDE IT?



Norton 360 2013

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Accepted Solution
Norton closes but reopens?
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Hello, my fine Norton users.



As of yesterday, Norton seems to have either A, closed itself and reopened the program (Which moved it to the end of my programs list on the task bar) or b, updated and had to restart itself.



I've also had problems with this:


Category: Norton Product Tamper Protection
Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Date,Actor,Actor PID,Target,Action,Reaction
12/20/2013 9:56:06 AM,Medium,Unauthorized access blocked (Set Registry Security Key),Blocked,No Action Required,12/20/2013 9:56:06 AM,C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SVCHOST.EXE,868,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\LEGACY_BHDRVX64\0000\Control\,Set Registry Security Key,Unauthorized access blocked




Malwarebytes (Free), Norton, Eset, Super anti spyware (free) and spybot have found nothing, nor has ADware cleaner.


I also had issues with UAC until I restarted it, even then the shield icon over the icon to start the program is gone.


Should I be worried, or does Norton restart itself after some updates silently? I was only playing a game this morning and it did it, and yesterday I was out on a leisurely stroll through my local neighbor hood walk.



Also, no. Norton has no errors relating to it crashing.

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Accepted Solution
Windows 7 "action center" claims I have no firewall running

I have Win 7 (64-bit) plus NIS.  Windows 'action center' claims that I have NO firewall protection.  I am given a choice of either using Windows FW, Norton FW or another FW of my choice.  I select NIS bit to no avail.  I check my NIS and it indicates that 'Smart Fire Wall" IS running.  I've tried a couple of suggested approaces to correct this but to no avail.  And I'm tired ofWindows Action Center flag waving in my face saying that a critical situation exists that doesn't.  Any help out there?  Thank you.

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Vulnerability Protection, NIS, IE 11 Problem Changed

I am running NIS on Windows 8.1 Pro. Just noticed a wierd problem with Vulnerability Protect in IE11.

I have unchecked EPM and 64bit Processes for EPM. When I first open IE 11 VP is disabled. I can enable it but if I open a new tab it will show disabled. VP add-on is ver dated April 8, 2013.



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NIS 2013 Firewall sometimes being randomly turned off?

Hi, I've been having this problem now for the past few weeks where occasionally upon startup of my desktop computer (Windows XP, Service Pack 3), Norton reports that the firewall has been turned off. Turning it back on fixes it temporarily. But at a later time when I turn on the computer the problem will return.


I first tried simply restarting the computer which only temporarily fixes things. Then I reinstalled NIS 2013 after using Norton Removal Tool to remove all traces of it. The problem still persisted so I became worried about the possiblity of an infection.


So I updated my definitions and ran every scan possible including a full system, but each one turned up nothing. However, for many months I had been seeing in my history things like WS.Trojan.H and Suspicious.Cloud.9 being exonerated, but I read that was nothing to worry about. I also ran a full system scan with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes but those two also turned up nothing.


At my wits end I clicked "Get Support" under the "Support" option on the front page. Autofix reported that it had fixed some Installation issue. But everytime I run autofix, it reports tht the issue has been fixed repeatedly. I'm not sure what to do next, can some one help me?

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Accepted Solution
I had to do a system restore on my PC and now my NIS 2013 won't open and I can't turn it on

I had to do a system restore on my PC and now I am not able to turn it on or open it.  The same was true with Windows Defender, but it finally turned on and I am covered.  Obviously, I prefer to use the NIS 2013 which I have purchased.  Should I uninstall the program and reinstall?  Your help and solution to this issue is greatly appreciated. 

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Not Updating To Major Version

I have Comcast Business version of NIS.


I have "Automatic download of new version" set to ON.


I waited until a week after phased deployment was complete.


This occurs on all six machines.


The prior two major version updates (v20 and v21) did not update through Live Update (automatic or manual); I had to manually download/install the update via Upware Marketplace-->Norton Download Manager-->NIS21.


Is this by design or is something wrong?

\\ZAPHOD: Win7x64pro; 4.2GHz Sandy Bridge; 8GB DDR3-2133; Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4, 2xGTX580 SLI; Crucial m4 128GB SSD (64GB RST cache); WD 2002FAEX; Seagate 2TB LP, 500GB 7200.10; Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250W; APC RS1500; Antec 1200 | Beta box \\BEEBLEBROX: Win7x64ult; 3GHz Conroe; 4GB DDR2-900; Gigabyte P965-DQ6v3.3, GTX260; 5x250GB WD Blue 4xRAID0; Enermax Platimax 600w; APC RS1500; Antec 902
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python.dll and python.lck

Have just foung an e-mail forwarder using these to hide in my system - any other reports?

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Accepted Solution
Norton Internet Security Removal
[ Edited ]

My trial has run out and I want to remove NIS. I downloaded the removal tool but when I double click on the icon I moved from my downloads to the desktop it doesn't work. A box pops up saying the program wants to make changes but when I cick OK nothing happens. The small icon on my taskbar has disappeared but the large icon on teh desktop is still there but won't open. I can't enable Windows Defender because it says that nis is enabled. When I go under remove/chnage programs and click on Norton it just says Norton is Initializing but it never does. How do I get rid of Norton totally?

Also, when Norton tries to initialize the only way to get it to stop is thru Task Manager.

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Full system scan is skipping over 300,000 files each time I run it, I would like it scan every file.

So each time lately that I've ran my Full System Scan in Norton Internet Security version it immediately pops up saying it's scanned over 300,000-375,000 files. I'm assuming that they're all skipped since it happens so fast. I would like none of my files to be skipped and all to be scanned if possible.

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Why does Mozilla say the Firefox file is safe if downloaded by them, But Norton still blocks it.

Why does Mozilla say Firefox is safe if downloaded from the Mozilla site, but Norton blocks it every time and says that it has a problem with WS.Reputation.1 with the download.

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Zoom Downloader

Why can't you prevent Zoom Downloader from infecting my computer if I am subscribing to your Anti Virus Program?


I also have had various Trojans infect my computer in the last few weeks and your program did not stop them.


Why Not?

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Accepted Solution
Skype confliction?

First off I'm running Windows 8 with the latest version of NIS. I've had Skype 6.10, and it hadn't updated to 6.11 yet.


Anyway today Skype was fine, nothing wrong. I left for a few hours and when I came back to log in, Skype lags like CRAZY. Messages take minutes to send, it's eating up resources big time. I thought it was because of it trying to update. I waited, nothing. Manually checked for updates and it said checking was unavailable. I got fed up and uninstalled Skype, rebooted, and reinstalled. This time it put 6.11 on. It's doing the same exact thing, barely usable.


It wasn't like this in the morning! Could it have been a Norton update that's causing a confliction? I got no clue as to why it's doing this. I've contacted some of my friends through Facebook and they're not having any problems with it right now and they also don't run Norton!

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NortonLive virus removal service

I purchased NortonLive spyware and virus removal service to help remove a virus, $100.


But what next? I expected a way to contact a technician...



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Norton Antivirus 2013 and Windows 8.1 Pro

I installed Norton Antivirus 2014 on a system with Windows 8.1 Pro.
One minute after start Noton Antivirus it closes and disappears and the icon to the
right of taskbar.Is'nt a problem with Window 8.1 Pro because with Kaspersky Antivirus I have not
such problems.Please help me.

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So what is it, when NIS is installed, is windows firewall suppose to be disabled or not?

I have NIS and recently noticed that windows firewall is still turned on, can some please clarify this, is windows firewall suppose to be off or on once NIS is installed?


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Norton Vulnerability Protection is disabled

Running Win 8.1 and IE11.How can I enable it?

Here is the info supplied by Windows:


Name:                   Norton Vulnerability Protection
Publisher:              Symantec Corporation
Type:                   Browser Helper Object
Architecture:           32-bit
File date:              ‎Saturday, ‎September ‎28, ‎2013, ‏‎9:46 PM
Date last accessed:     ‎Today, ‎December ‎18, ‎2013, ‏‎2 hours ago
Class ID:               {6D53EC84-6AAE-4787-AEEE-F4628F01010C}
Use count:              865
Block count:            472
File:                   ipsbho.dll
Folder:                 C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\IPS

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NIS 2014 install, unable to proceed with Norton Account



I’m on dialup. Windows 7 Professional.  The new 21. version never did download from Norton and I have Automatic download turned on. I received a couple patches with LU, but not the new version.


I updated NIS 2013 ( by over-installing NIS 2014 ( Sunday 8:00 p.m. into Monday 8:45 p.m. A total of 24 hours installing, updating, and some failed to update, so LU again!!!!


After entering my product key from a retail purchased CD it said it had been successfully activated (366 days). However. When it asked for my email address to complete "registration"(?)/activation, I typed in my email address, I tried  this several times, and it kept saying "We are unable to proceed with Norton Account at this time. Please try again later." This update is not appearing in My Account, it still had the expiration of 12/22/13.


Today it was still 366 days. I tried this activation again today and it showed it had been successfully activated, again, and then changed to 365 days. After entering my email address, it still said unable to proceed. It still is not appearing in My Account and says expiration 12/23/13. The same thing happened last year.


Do I need to do anything further or am I good to go? Does it matter if its in My Account or not? Its says 365 days remaining in my program interface.





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Been trying for 2 weeks straight to download Norton Removal Tool, gets interrupted. Any clues ?

Every time I try to download Norton Removal Tool, it gets interrupted, restarts and never downloads. Been trying for 2 weeks straight now.

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I am running win xp sp3. Recently I noticed two files in task manager marked NAV.exe. The system one runs frequently using 100% of the resources for long periods making my computer unusable. I can't disable it and I'm not sure what to do. I'm pretty sure it's Norton associated. Help appreciated!!

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My norton antivirus shows module 8920 error 210. it can't upgrade.


Norton Antivirus ( can't be upgraded for months. It shows installing update 2 of 2 failed. Module 8920 error 210.


When I try to upgrade using Nav downloader, it shows "windows...." and the option "report" and "don't report". This computer still use windows xp.

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Accepted Solution
NIS 2014 in German
[ Edited ]


I have been using NIS for many years. My subscription for NIS 2013 will end in 33 days, so i bought Norton Intenet Security 2014 from amazon.de. The problem is that the disk is in german language and i do not speak any german.

So i would like to ask : Is there a way i could install the english version of NIS 2014 in my pcs? Or  would i be stuck with the german version.


Thank you in advance.





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Accepted Solution
Incoming email problem with certain mail

I recently tried to create accounts with Microsoft and Apple and in both cases the email needed to verify the accounts never showed up in my email or even my spam folder. However, when I created my Norton account, that confirming email showed up in my mail within moments. I’m running the most recent Internet Security with Windows 7 and Yahoo email service (sbcglobal.net). Is it possible that the other confirming emails were somehow blocked by my firewall? If so, what is the solution? To the best of my knowledge, all other email is coming through fine.

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LiveUpdate Download and Install "Failed to Complete"

I've just had this problem (about 6 PM 12/16/13) with one of my computers (HP laptop running Windows 8). I wasn't able to duplicate it on my  other computers, but I wasn't able to try it  on them for about 30 minutes after the failure on the one I had the problem on (2 different locations) -


Problem computer had NIS Version 20. My other computers have version 21.


When I manually ran live update for the first time (after GeekSquad had set the computer up), Processing succeeded, Download showed "Failed to Complete". Install actually showed progress of some of 7 total updates installing, then showed "Failed to Complete".


After that, when I manually ran Live Update on that machine several times, Processing succeeded, then both Download and Install showed "Failed to Complete".


I tried rebooting the computer. After reboot, Norton did not appear in the notification area, but did appear after I clicked on the Norton desktop icon (after which several seconds of disk activity was indicated before the icon finally appeared in the notification area). Manually running Live Update continued to show the same "Failed to Complete" for Download and Install.


Subsequent reboots showed the same problems.


When I clicked on "Get Support", after going through it's initial process, when I clicked on the "Get Support" link, a  Symantec web page opened  with a message that that particular page could not be found. Thus, since I didn't have the support phone number, I couldn't call Symantec to get any answers.


When I used IE to browse to a support page, I did see a notice to the effect that, if  manual live update was not working, to wait 24 hours and try again.


1. - Are/Were the Symantec support servers having some kind of problems during 12/16 evening?


2. - Has anyone else had this problem?


3. - Could  the problem with NIS not showing  in the notification area have something to do with being unable to contact the Symantec servers during that time??? Is it possible that NIS was actually running but not appearing in the notification area?


FYI - once I clicked on the desktop icon and got NIS to appear in the notification area, the green checkmark continued to appear even though manual Live Update was, apparently, not working.