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NIS Product Update

Today, I'm loading NIS Update

I loaded the N360 Update, on another computer, yesterday: obviously, after the requisite quota of grief.

Working the Manual Select, V20 route.


Ran LIVEUPDATE until my index-finger went numb.

Ran AUTO-SUPPORT to check the product out. OK !

So, I'm fully up-to-date all around.

I've found the "NORTON" Download Folder in Windows\User\Public Downloads. I'm up and running the new version; I don't want to load NIS on another computer.

Can I delete the downloaded "NORTON" folder ?

Be safe out there ! AK

ps. I still think I'm paying enough money, to have the UPDATE rolled-out on LIVEUPDATE ?

I'm no great aficionado of Cyber Space.
I travel light, embracing the extreme minimum reaches of SOCIAL NETWORKING. What I do possess is a grasp of hands-on chip technology, from 8-bit onwards; dating back before BBC MICRO, COMMODORE-64, ZX-Spectrum, and the birth of the Domestic Internet.
I cast no shadow, and leave no footprint on the firmament of the e-Galaxy.
My "Disk Activity LED" has more use of my PC, than I do.
"ANALOGUE", the new dawn. AK.

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A Badly Needed Change in NIS 2014

I have a situation where a scan with NIS finds what is almost certainly malware on one of our computers, but it is only marked for submission, and is not deleted or quarantined.

NIS needs to be changed to allow the user to force at least a quarantine of a found item, even if NIS wants to just submit it.

If that were an option, it would have already saved me a good number of hours. As it is, I'm still working to remove the malware. (Cf. my other message thread for the gory details if you should be interested.)


I've checked the settings to see if that is already an option, but, if it's there, I've not been able to find it.

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Accepted Solution
Downloading Problem

Yesterday I tried to download Internet Security on a new HP Windows 7 computer and couldn't even get started.  It said I had to log on as a "system adminstrator" and would go no further.  I contacted Norton chat, and it took the representative over an hour to get IS installed, so it was not a simple problem.  She had to take over my computer, boot it to the safe mode, and do a lot of other things to get the download to work. I would have had no chance on my own. In my relief to have things working, I did not ask what the problem was.  I know this is very non-specific, but would anyone have any idea why this download would have been so difficult on a new computer? 


BTW, the lady who helped me was GREAT!  It is very comforting to know I can get help like that with Norton. 









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Accepted Solution
Anti key logger for 64-bit PC running NIS

How do I protect against key loggers? Norton IS keylog protection doesn't work on my 64-bit machine. 


In Norton's Smart Firewall Advanced Settings description, under Key Logger Activity (See: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/norton-core/current/solutions/v19134741_N360_N360OEM_2014_en_us?... it states:


Key Logger Activity

Monitors the malicious keylogger programs that access personal information of a user on a particular computer by monitoring their keystroke activities.

This category is not available if you use 64-bit version of Windows.


So what option do I have? Is there a Norton upgrade that can help me? Are there recommendations for another company's anti-keylogger that is compatible with NIS?  Please help!

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what SONAR detect IDM virus

I recently did an update of IDM that SONAR said virus



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Accepted Solution
does not work update v21.1.1

I've tried the update no change 




cek update for http://updatecenter.norton.com/



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Accepted Solution
LibreOffice Installation Security Risk?

I downloaded LibreOffice_4.2.1_Win_x86.msi and started the installation.

The installation halted.  It wants me to stop 3 processes, 2 of which are Intel. 


I am concerned that doing so may be a security risk.  Is it safe to stop these processes?


I use Windows 7 with an i7 chip.


Thank you.




LibreOffice - Installation Wizard

   Files in Use


The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup.  Close these applications and click Retry to continue.


Hallmark Even Planner (Process Id: 2880)

Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service (Process Id: 1428)

Intel(R) Management and Security Application User Notification Service (Process Id: 3804)

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How do I get my Norton internet download back after a system reset?

Can anyone help me get my norton internet security download back after i preformed a system reset? I paid for a year and i only had it for two months. How do i recover it? I have windows 8 system.

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Accepted Solution
Abuse of NIS instances
[ Edited ]

There is a possible to run unlimited instances of NIS.exe (with "/c /a /s UserSession" arguments) and they can't be killed (access denied).
This method can be used by malicious users to abuse the system, because all processes use computer's resources.





As result we have many of unkillable processes.

Windows 8.1 Pro x64
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Fix not complete for auto protecting Please help!!

I got a message from my Norton Internet Security product saying " your PC is not automatically protected from antivirus etc.." and when i click on fix now it goes through the process then it tells me fix not complete! I have the lastest version of norton internet security! Version! Plz help me

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NIS full scan randomly stoped working



I'm having troubles with my NIS v.21 every time I run full scan.

Scaning randomly stop responding and it's not possible to scan PC again until reboot.

I've tried to reinstall it, to use Norton Removal Tool, not to scan zipped files but it didn't work.

It's happening on 1 year old asus k55v and brand new PC intel i3 4330, Gigabyte GA-B85mD3h, 8GB Adata XPG.


Older version worked fine, just used new key and upgraded to v21.


Any suggestions?







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Norton Internet Security and W8.1 tablet?

I purchased a Dell Venue 8 Pro and have an NIS three platform license with a spare space. I looked in the community posts and I see a lot of "it should work" posts but nothing saying it will or how. I can't find it in the MS store. I checked chat and the person on it claimed that it wouldn't run on W8.1 but sent me to an url that didn't limit it.


Can I load a license on the tablet and, if so, where do I get the appropriate version?

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Accepted Solution
2 icons in Taskbar

why there are two NIS icons in my taskbar ?

I've restarted my PC several times but no help .




Win 8.1 x86



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Problem following Chrome's Update today

Chrome updated itself today to version “33.0.1750.117 m”.  Now every time I open it, I get a message that points to Norton’s icon and says I must “Disable developer mode extensions”.  Chrome is my primary browser, but I won't use it without the Identity Protection.  Firefox uses the same version of Norton's extension, but doesn't have this problem.   


Is this happening to anyone else?


Chrome Problem.JPG


Norton Extension in Chrome.JPG

NIS 21.2.x
Win8.1 (x64), Firefox, Chrome, Malwarebytes (FREE)
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Accepted Solution
What to do about felix2.exe?

When NIS 2014 runs a scan on my wife's computer, it finds and marks for submission 'felix2.exe'. Searching on the Web finds that this file has no information in it as to author or company.

So of course I want to get rid of it. But searching the entire hd, both with Power Desk and Windows Explorer, does not find a file with that name, or indeed with any file matching the pattern *fel*. Nor is the file in the Quarantine.

Since the file must be on the hd (or the scan wouldn't find it), and yet hides itself completely from a normal search, it obviously is malware.

So: How do I get rid of it? I haven't yet run PE on the computer (it's late and I'm flagging a bit), so there is still that to try.

But if PE doesn't find it, what are my other options? Is there a program that will find files on the hd that hide themselves from normal searches? I could try another anti-virus program, but don't want to have to completely strip NIS from her computer. Is there another anti-virus program that 'plays nice' with NIS, at least long enough to run a scan?

Also, I've used Insight to check everything that's loaded in memory, and it's not showing there either.

I'll run PE tomorrow. I'll post the results here, either way.

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Accepted Solution
version DUTCH

So I had the previous build of NIS but wanted to upgrade to Norton Internet Security - version so I did and now the **bleep** monkey is in ENGLISH language?




How to return to DUTCH language with this build ?

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Accepted Solution
Norton NAVDownloader.exe

I recently ran Fix-It stick on my computer (USB based anti-virus) and it picked out NAVDownloader.exe as a trojan.  I told the software to quarantine it, but now I'm not sure if Norton is running right.  Did I make my computer more vulnerable?!  Please help.

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Duel account issue with updating to 21.1.1



I ran the download  and after seeing it wouldn’t need a restart in 7 left the PC. But it must have rebooted as my wife found the account screen, went into her account, had a blue screen and we were well and truly messed up. Checkdisk said run a restore and restore said disk errers from new install run chkdisk. I had to reinstall the lasts image.  

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Accepted Solution
why can't I download version 21.1.1?

I just renewed my subscription of NIS 2014 and want to download the new version 21.1.1 but the update center keeps telling me that I have the newest version. I have version  Why can't I get the newest version?

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Accepted Solution
How to know if pepflasplayer.dll was updated by chrome automaticly or by something else.
[ Edited ]

Hi i where browsing half an hour ago on a news website and then randomly norton file insight message came up and said pepflashplayer.dll

is safe.


 I know pepflashplayer is google chromes flash player and that it updates automaticly but the anoying thing is that i cant see in the file insight description where the file was downloaded from and it only has 5 users.


I am a bit suspicous of the file since the website i visited is a news site and it has been known for exploits before.

Norton safe search said it was ok though so i tought id give it a chance.


So the file (pepflashplayer.dll/version that was downloaded can only be found in its folder when i press the file insights find function with in the file insight program.


But when i try to find it manualy in the explorer like the folder directions shows it after pressing the track/find function,

C:\Users\Carina\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\


it takes stop after C:\User\Carina this means after Carina i cant find any folder called AppData OR Local, manualy wich i find very strange if its the file pathway it has.


I Did how ever find it when i search Local in the Explorer and the map shows up but then again it says Local is under C:\Users\Carina\AppData wich is a pathway that cant be found manualy.


And this got me thinking isn't it supose to be under Program x86 ? so i went C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\PepperFlash 


and there where two pepflashplayer.dll one version and the other one


*But not* the version that just got downloaded and is signed under

 C:\Users\Carina\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash.


So i guess what i am asking is why is the pepflashplayer.dll version that just got downloaded in a new folder on its own and not with the older versions in x86 ?


 it says its downloaded from unkown source in file insight description aswell, wich makes me even more worried not knowing if its from google chrome or not. 


Cheers Krister.

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File Insight strange report of a Norton IS file ??

File insight reported that it found an unknown file, but that file seems to be a norton file.

Is something trying to sneak something into my system? 

Here is the Insight report:


Filename: F09DC254.TMP
Full Path: c:\ProgramData\Norton\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}\SRTSP\SrtETmp\F09DC254.TMP



Stability Unknown,  Unknown Community Usage,  Unknown Age,  Unproven



Downloaded from 



Actions performed: Suspicious actions performed: None




Not Available

Not Available

02/19/2014 at 7:38:17 PM

Last Used 
Not Available

Startup Item 


This program crash history is not known.

It is unknown how many users in the Norton Community have used this file.

This file release is currently not known.

There is not enough information about this file to recommend it.





File Thumbprint - SHA:
File Thumbprint - MD5:
Not available

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Looking for a POS expert I have a few questions.



I have started a business that specializes in POS security.  I was reading on some security blog that certian rootkit viruses can hide on POS terminals.  Is this true and if it is, how does Norton deal with this issue.  


I have learned (and this may be outdated) that rootkits are difficult to eradicate from large retail networks because the software to do it hasn't been fully developed. Is that still true? 


Does Norton have a "Stand Alone" program that just plugs in via USB that can run while the system is up and POS system is running?  It's difficult to sell this service as it is, without having to come in at a time when the owner/GM can reboot the system and boot off of the NBRT and the other programs I run.


Thanks for the help,



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NIS 2014 standatd user

Win\7 Pro / 64 bit system / nis 2014 / standard user and administrative user / problem: NIS will not initialize for the standard user.The nis icon does not show up in the icon tray. Doubling clicking on the NIS icon in the Norton folder does nothing. I have to change the standard user to administrator and then it works??? / We have 30+  other computers with nis 2014 set up in the same fashion ( two users) and they all work? Any sugesstions. By the way the case was elevated on two occassions but both times no one at Norton responded to the transfer. They also stated they would call me today at 15:00 EST. No one called!

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Why the hell can't users download by a download link? (ENG)


That's not a good thing, I need it for another PC.. :(


And what about users of Norton who don't read this Forums, they can't download it anywhere the most users just press LiveUpdate!

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Accepted Solution
Norton Internet Security with Symantec Endpoint Protection?
[ Edited ]

I just renewed my license for my NIS in December, so I have it on my laptop. The problem I'm coming across is that my University has a Bradford Dissolvable Agent that I have to run, and it won't accept my laptop onto the network with my current NIS 2014 consumer version. It wants Symantec Endpoint Protection.


Can I install Symantec Endpoint Protection at the same time as my current NIS, or do I need to go through the entire Norton Removal tool process to remove my product and put on the one the school wants?


Of course I would prefer to keep mine, that I can manage myself with my own license, but if I need to switch, what is the best way to do that without having future installation problems, assuming I want to go back to my software after this semester is over?




Edit: I'm actually having trouble opening my NIS at all, since I ran the dissolvable agent. I have an icon that loads in the taskbar, but the NIS interface won't open anymore.

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NIS 2014 and Outlook 2010 not getting along



Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

NIS 2014 version, all Liveupdates applied

Outlook 2010 32 bit


Outlook will crash or hang with these errors logged in the Application event log.


What's going on here???


Errors are listed in order of appearance.


Log Name:      Application
Source:        Outlook
Date:          2/18/2014 1:11:21 PM
Event ID:      1000
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      N*******
Add-in execution error. Outlook crashed during the 'OnConnection' callback of the 'IDTExtensibility2' interface while calling into the 'Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plugin' add-in.


Log Name:      Application
Source:        Application Error
Date:          2/18/2014 1:11:21 PM
Event ID:      1000
Task Category: Application Crashing Events
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      N*********
Faulting application name: OUTLOOK.EXE, version: 14.0.7113.5000, time stamp: 0x527d636c
Faulting module name: pstprx32.dll, version: 14.0.7107.5000, time stamp: 0x5202a088
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00014624
Faulting process id: 0x297c
Faulting application start time: 0x01cf2cd4d1987ff2
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\pstprx32.dll


Log Name:      Application
Source:        Microsoft Office 14
Date:          2/18/2014 1:35:39 PM
Event ID:      2000
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      N*********
Microsoft Outlook: Accepted Safe Mode action : Outlook experienced a serious problem with the 'norton antispam outlook plugin' add-in. If you have seen this message multiple times, you should disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available. Do you want to disable this add-in?.

Log Name:      Application
Source:        Application Hang
Date:          2/18/2014 1:41:46 PM
Event ID:      1002
Task Category: (101)
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      N******
The program OUTLOOK.EXE version 14.0.7113.5000 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
 Process ID: 3e6c
 Start Time: 01cf2cd82a6abbf9
 Termination Time: 0
 Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE
 Report Id: 405600d7-98cc-11e3-8a56-a41f726f243c


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Installation of Update 21.1.1 – My Experience

Even though it didn’t sound like I needed the update; if there is an update to my Internet Security/AntiVirus software I’ll update. With that said, I updated last night when I saw it was available. While the process was a little different than normal, it was easy to follow, but the aftermath was unexpected.


I updated my main system first and when the installation was complete and it indicated that it was starting NIS I got the dreaded “Blue Screen” and Windows was dumping error reports. This system has never “Blue Screened” before. My system restarted and the Norton screen came up with a button to validate the product or finish. I clicked finish. IE11 was sluggish, so I rebooted and things seemed to be okay and they are working fine today. Clicking on Support and “Get Support” shows that the installation is okay.


Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to see if my laptop would install correctly. No “Blue Screen”, but after the installation, and this time I saw a “Successful Installation” screen, NIS kept trying to activate the product with an error message(8505,129)  that it couldn’t communicate with the Symantec Server. After a couple of minutes of this, I rebooted and that seemed to fix that issue. I never saw it trying to activate the product again.


I should have known better, but despite my previous problems I decided to update my wife’s computer today. I thought things had gone well with hers, Once it started NIS, I got the attempting to activate the product and then the “8505,129” error message; just like on my laptop. I went through two iterations of this and performed a restart, which resulted in the dreaded “Blue Screen – unexpected shutdown”. The computer restarted and as with the laptop it didn’t continue trying to activate the product. Clicking on Support and “Get Support” shows that the installation is okay.


The installation encountered problems when trying to start the new version on 3 out of 3 of my Windows 7 computers; you’re mileage might vary!!!!! Hopefully it will go smoother for others!!!!

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I am getting popups from ar.voicefive.com so far IE 11 is blocking them. How can it be eliminated?

When I Google ar.voicefive.com it seems to be a bad malware.  Norton is not detecting it nor is Super Anti Spyware.  The instructions that I find on-line are very complex and I do not the indicators being identified.  What do I need to do?


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Systweak.com pop-ups

Hello ! I am from Belgium and I have been using NIS for several years now. I need some help concerning pop-ups I am having for about two weeks now.

The pop-ups come from Systweak.com and they invite me (often in German) to have my computer checked or to download programs to clean up my hard disk.

I always closed these pop-ups but they are starting to annoy me big time !

Please,  how can I get rid of them ?

Thank you very much for the attention and hopefully help.



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Product Update - 21.1.1 on installations with Check for new Versions switched off

I understand the reasons for releasing the update the way you did, but...


I guess this will not update a lot of systems where 'Check for new Versions' is switched off. I have a lot of systems running this way to 'protect' against unwanted upgrades, untill they are stable.


Questions for Tony : Is the above true? Is  this update mandatory and what will happen if the Update is not applied?


Regards, Hugo

W8.1 Update 1 / W7-SP1 with IE11 and FF 30, TB 24.6, NIS2013 and N360, Android 4.2 with NMS 3.8