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Registered: ‎08-26-2012
Accepted Solution
email won't send

Hi ,


when my NIS is active can not send wmail with windows livemail .


when i deactive my NIS ( protection and firewall ) my Email can send .


please help me .

Thank you .


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Trojan.Gen.2 and Trojan.Zeroaccess.C

I get messages constantly saying I need to restart to continue removal of security risks.  Security History says it is blocking Trojan.Gen.2 and Trojan.Zeroaccess.C.  I have seen other threads with instructions to remove but cautions on following instructions for another user.  Can I get custom instructions on removing these viruses?


Thanks in advance,


Peter Hinshaw

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Life of Norton Disc Key

I lost my Norton Internet Security whilst upgrading to Windows 8.1 and not finding my Norton Security disc and not also realizing that I could download a copy from My Account I purchased a NIS 2013 disc from Amazon. My existing cover lasts 146 days so can I use the recently purchased disc from Amazon to renew when this expires or has the key a specific life if not used?

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Norton 360 Multi Device to replace Norton Internet Security 2013

I have Norton Internet Security 2013 on my laptops. Do I have to uninstall Internet Security 2013 if I want to replace it with Norton 360 Multi Device. Will Norton 360 Multi Device work on Nokia Lumia smartphones.


Many thanks.

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Scans find nothing but get "an intrusion attempt by learnspanishsz.com was blocked".

Every 40 seconds NIS says "blocked an attack by: System infected: Virut Request 2".  And I have also got messages that NIS blocked (or quarantined) trojan.zeroaccess.c, .b, gen.2 and fake.av.  I have run Safe Mode Full Scan with updated defs. and Power Eraser and they find nothing.  Also virutkiller and tdsskiller and spybot.  Nothing is found by any. 


Should I not go into my programs that use passwords or access other computers with passwords from this computer or am I safe to do that (since NIS is blocking)?  Also  any help on clearing this up would be Greatly Appreciated.  Thanks very much, Rory.   



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All of the sudden can no longer start Microsoft word, excel, access need help

Hi, no sooner did i just finish working with the qmalwareremoval people than did my machine come up with a problem that Norton is not recognising.

I have had no big problems with my machine, that i can tell by looking through the Norton history logs, until now.

I can no longer open up Microsoft word, excel, access

I also get javaw.exe aborts and HPWAMain.mod aborts after every reboot and restart.


Like i just mentioned, i just finished fixing my wifes machine with the help of the qmalwareremoval group and her system seems to be doing good so far.  She had several problems as well as Backdoor.Pihar and bootkit issues. Yuk!!


I have all lateset Norton live updates and have done full scans all everything.

All Norton comes up with are 54 tracking cookies that it has fixed.

There is definately something else going on though with my machine.

The cpu and memory usage seem to be fine.  No noticeable issues.

As of a couple of days ago i could use these programs just fine.

I have installed No new software.

I did notice in the Norton history logs that i appear to be getting more and more entries for diff things referring to svchost.exe, etc.....  This was similiar to what i saw in my wifes Norton logs files.  Although she also had lots of entries for various trojan stuff...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since i've done all that i know how with Norton. (which really isn't much)

I'm trusting Norton to protect me and it seems there is something else going on.

Can anyone review my log files or offer advice.



HP laptop DV9700 pavillion entertainment ....

Windows Vista 32 SP1

Running Norton Internet Security (don't know how to get the ver number)


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Live Update Failing

It was working fine,  but since last 30 min its failing.


Time now 11:23am

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Had FBI Virus, removed, now no files will open

I have seen lots of posts about the FBI ransom virus. And I have seen lots of posts about cryptolocker. But no one with this same problem as me.


I had the FBI virus on our personal computer. My 4 year old son was watching youtube and it popped up on the screen one night.


Simple removal through creating a new user in command prompt, then ran Norton Power Eraser.

This was my first time using Power Eraser, instead of just running a System Restore from command prompt


So I have lots of experience with this virus, but I have never seen this:  All the files in My Documents, My Music, and My Photos appear to be encrypted. None open, with any program. All jpg, .docx, and .m4p files within those folders. Any new files I add, work fine. When I try to open a .jpg file it says "Photo Gallery can't open this photo or video. The file appears to be damaged or corrupted."


I ran Panda's encryption dector program and it says there aren't any files on the computer that are encrpyted.


I have backups of almost everything, so it will be easy enough to replace my files. But it sure would be easier to find a simple program that can fix this issue


I can submit samples of original and corrupt files somewhere if someone knows where to do so.


Thank you for any help.




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Accepted Solution
Can't Access Windows Update after Upgrading to Norton 21.10.18

Updated Norton last week and now cannot access Windows Update (I choose Manual/Custom, but program never stops searching for updates). Microsoft has a couple of pages related to this issue from 2010 (mostly associated with full clean reinstalls of XP), but some of the procedures are complicated and time consuming. I have completed the easiest and most obvious, scan for viruses with Norton/malwarebites etc. and deleted cookies etc in IE8 with no luck. The next steps involve replacing various .dll files and then venturing into the registry to check and change things if necessary. Hoping to avoid that so I thought I would try here also as the problem occurred shortly after the Norton upgrade.

I'm running XP SP3 on an AMD 2600 with 4GB of Mem.

Thanks Dave 

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Registered: ‎10-28-2008
Accepted Solution
NIS Ignoring Exclusion Instructions

I have a problem with my western digital passprt external HDDs and NIS.

I'm sure that some of you are well aware of the issue, the system.inf file that the western digital drive generates to display the blue WD logo is constantly detected as an orphan inf by NIS and removed to quarantine.   I have entered the system settings and have restored the item from quarantine , ticking the box to exclude the file from future scans but it still insists on scanning and removing it about 3 times every day.

I have also  excluded the entire WD drives in question from both "all scans" and also real time protection :- auto-protect SONAR and download intelligence detection yet still, NIS insists on scanning the excluded drive and removing the file. I don't know what else I can do - is there a fault in the NIS program that is over-riding items and drives you asked not to be scanned or is there another hidden option somewhere that I do not know about ?



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What is covered

Simple question, I hope.  I was reading about crypto locker.  Scary stuff.  Which led me to think, "does norton protect against it"?  Is there a web link where I can check to see if the software I have protects me against a given virus.  Seems like there must be one, but I could not find.  Thanks!

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Norton Error 3035, 6
[ Edited ]


      For some reason when I start up my PC and let it run for a few minutes, my NIS14 disables antivirus and download insight and I can not re-enable them.


I posted a screen shot of the error I am getting and I tried to fix it and the fix will not work. What is wrong?




Now I am getting another message:







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Accepted Solution
Norton Firewall blocking Internet Access

One of the computers on my network has been upgraded to and now the Smart Firewall stops it from connecting to the internet.  When I disable the firewall I can connect.  Other computers on the network which haven't been upgraded have no problem.  I've done autofix but it didn't find anything and reboots don't help.  Any ideas?

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I have two icons for NIS it happened after this last update. Logged as user and system.

I have two icons for NIS. Checking task manager under all processes it shows nis.exe two times. One for the user and another for system. I changed the setting in the notification area icon settings to not show one of the two. However it did not resolve the issue. I am still left with two icons. Norton family is not being used. I did find several posts about this issue with Norton Family but not Norton Internet Security.  Any suggestions?


Win 7 64. Sp1

16gb Ram

Xeon E5 2620

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Delete account

Hello guys! I have stopped using Norton security products a very long time ago. I want my account deleted from this forum and also my subscription account deleted too. I am now using only one antivirus and I am sticking to it.


Thank you.

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Norton Identify Safe extension disappeared in Chrome Version 32.0.1700.14 beta-m Aura

Using NIS Version Everything was OK until sometime on 11/13/13 when Chrome did an update to the version noted in the subject. 


Norton tech support did a "take over my computer" deal and confirmed that this version of NIS is not compatible with the latest Chrome update.


OK, Symantec software gurus, please get busy.

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Accepted Solution
Norton having Insight issues?
[ Edited ]

I have NIS  Today I got a notice that there is a new version of Adobe Flash (I use the setting "notify me of a new version" rather than "automatically install").  After the install file downloaded, the Norton PopUp warned me that it had no community history.  Adbobe Flash??  So I downloaded it directly from Adobe's website just to ensure I hadn't ended up with some rogue version.  Same results.


So I tried doing a manual Insight scan of the file from the context menu, and after a bit got the message "No Internet Connection."  Tried Insight-scanning other files, and as I suspected got the same message, even though my Internet connection was fine (a test manual Live Update ran fine).  I tried Auto Fix and it didn't detect any problems.  So I searched the forums and found a thread from a couple months ago where someone seemed to solve the same problem by re-installing, upon the advice of support (Norton having Insight issues)


But instead of jumping straight to a reinstall, I decided to check my other pc, which has the same version of NIS.  Sure enough, I get exactly the same "No Internet Connection" every time I try an Insight scan (as of the time I post this, anyway).  So clearly there's a more global issue here.  Any thoughts?  Both pc's are Windows XP-SP3.  Thanks.

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Possible issue related to new Norton update or Windows update?

(Sorry for being longwinded, trying to cover everything is all!)


This morning I ran Windows update and got the security patches from this tuesday. Norton updated too, everything was fine. Laptop rebooted, everything still fine. Left to get something to eat and about 30 minutes later, I noticed I could not get any websites to load in Firefox OR IE. And I don't mean usual cannot display errors, it flat-out wouldn't do anything. Just sit there. This ONLY affected my browsers, stuff like Skype worked.


I checked Norton for updates again and this time it just sat there stuck. Telling it to cancel didn't do anything. So I shut down and after that, Windows loaded back up and Norton would not. My browsers still did the same thing too. So I ran system restore and afterwards, it said it failed because of virus protection running in the background. Except this time, Norton loaded back up and nothing was wrong! But this time task manager wouldn't open nor device manager. Everything started hanging. I figured I would have to use Windows 8's refresh feature because obviously one of these updates did something. Gave it one more restart and everything seemed fine this time except the HDD access light was running like crazy and it's like nothing would open up. So I gave it a few minutes and everything finally went back to normal. I'm not sure if it needed time to come back after that failed system restore or what, but task manager opens and nothing is out of the ordinary.


However, Norton popped up with the autofix giving this error:


Norton Internet Security
Error: 8504, 104
Windows 8
Norton Autofix Results: 1 item(s)
Installation :: Success

It says it fixed it and hasn't popped up again. It can't find any updates, scans and finds nothing malicious, and for the most part nothing seems wrong at all. So at this point, should I take any action to rule out any viruses it can't find or something? Nothing like this went on until those updates this morning so I'm inclined to think it had to do with them.

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Accepted Solution
Flashplayer11x32au download gets NIS warning

Turning on my pc this morning found an Adobe Flashplayer announcement for a new download. My current flashplayer keeps crashing but I don't know where to get that version number.   Well, I went through the download process of the 11x32 download, but my NIS showed it not to be trusted.  The entire name for this download is flashplayer11x32au_mssd_aaa_aih. 


I ran an internet search, but found nothing but one reference to it and clicking on that never opened to a web page.  Checking here at the Norton site didn't find any reference concerning this update.  The flashplayer download is sitting in FF's download manager uninstalled.  Can you tell me if the NIS warning is correct?  Where can I get a safe Adobe Flashplayer update??  I'm running Windows 7 Premium, FF25, and current NIS.  Thanks for your help.     

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How can I adjust timing on the download scanning toast icon in NIS 21.x?

Here's the deal,


When I download an .exe, a toast window pops-out from the lower right hand side of my desktop and tells me that the file is safe. Problem is  that it persists for a least 10 seconds before in retracts and goes away. Is there a setting to adjust the timing of this? I don't see any. I always have to click on it to make the notification go away.


Another thing is that when I download a "questionable" file, the toast box says "analyzing." No problem here, I just note that it takes awile for NIS to process and give me the result - is this normal?


All of the above happened in 20.x as well, so there are no surprises here.


One thing that does interest me, is if I download two or more files (parallel) at the same time with one being malware and the other being safe. Is it possible that one of themalware files might escape being checked for download validity and cause harm?


I know that I have many questions, sorry!




Flavio_C :)

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Clarification needed for NIS 21.x Anti-Spam and Email scanning



Thought it would be a good idea to start my own thread on this.


1. What email client software does Norton Anti-Spam support - please list?


2. Whar email client software does Norton email Antivirus Scan support? - please list?


3. If my inbound and outbound ports from my email host are SSL, what is supported? Or none?


Think that this will help me, especially with Windows 8.1


Thanks so much,


Flavio :)


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Accepted Solution
I had to re-install NIS when i had 70 or so days left of subscription and now i have 30 day trial

So an hour ago I had to un-install and re-install Norton Internet Security. I had 70 something days left of subscription and now I'm stuck with a 30 day trial. I've already tried opening my Norton and clicked subscription status under the support tab and it's saying I'm stuck with 30 days left.


Any and all help would be appreciated, I'm sure it's an easy fix but not easy enough for me haha. Thanks for help in advance!

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Dear Norton,


I recently have the problem about GUI Main Menu Norton Internet Security 2014 ( almost black, with user interface abnormal, the operating system I'm using is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Please advice me how to solve the problem. I attached the screen shot below:


Tks & B/regards,


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how can I export my logins from the latest 360?

With the 2012 version I could export logins with no problem. In the latest 2013 update there is no way to export. Anyone know a way to do this? I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

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I have this version however, the AntiSpam Norton add in for Outlook 2013 is causing problems

My auto-send and receive fail due to this add-in...when I disable or remove email works fine, but Norton keeps reinstalling causing havoc with email in Outlook??

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Shortcut virus in my removable drive?
[ Edited ]

The shortcut viruses have been removed by my school computer's antivirus software but that doesn't restore my files, my files are still hidden. 


What have I tried after that?

1. Performed on-demand scan on the removable drive in an attempt to remove an auto run file that's not suppose to be in my removable drive, no threats found even after live updates.


2. I decied to go on with Power Eraser. Although the unknown auto-run file has been successfully remove from my removable drive, yet power eraser informed me the result to be failed, You can find the log file after this.


What you guys suggest in order to restore my files and why Norton failed to remediate the problem?


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Live Update: Norton Virus Definitions X64 Failed to Complete

New live update failed to complete after   MS November updates.

Norton Internet Security Windows 7 64bit

Error: 8920, 223

Windows 7 Home Premium


Norton Autofix Results: 0 item(s)

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Accepted Solution
[ Edited ]

I suddenly got a Norton message that rundll32.exe was taking up a lot of read and write space - why did it suddenly appear and why did I never get this kind of notice before - I've been on this computer with Windows 7 for 2 years.  New e mail, probably - 


[edit: Please do not post personal email addresses per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]

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A different huge virus def download question
NIS 2012
Vista home premium. 32 bit

There have been a few questions on this topic. But I don't want to cloud up someone else's thread with my question

I have my NIS updates set to automatic
So how would I know if my virus def updates are constantly having to re-establish themselves by giving me super large updates?
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Accepted Solution
Anti Virus History

Most days I get at least one and sometimes a long list of  'Medium - Unauthorized

Access Blocked (Open File), No Action Required'


Can someone please tell me what this signifies and how important is it?