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Accepted Solution
NIS locking up Firefox

This morning I've run into a most annoying problem. I'm running Firefox 25.0.1 and suddenly I've found that anytime I right-click a link and open it in a new tab, Firefox completely locks up and must be killed from Task Manager. NIS.exe is the culprit, and NIS becomes unresponsive at the same time as the Firefox lock-up. The two NIS processes are still running and the tray icon is still visible, but the UI cannot be opened. Firefox cannot be reopened, though firefox.exe will appear in Task Manager if I attempt to restart it.


I've restarted my computer 3 times already this morning because of this issue. I'm about to restart yet again to get both Firefox and NIS working. I'm posting from Pale Moon at this time.


Here is the problem signature from Windows:


  A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    AppHangXProcB1
  Application Name:    firefox.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:    5282f204
  Hang Signature:    87d5
  Hang Type:    128
  Waiting on Application Name:    NIS.exe
  Waiting on Application Version:
  OS Version:    6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:    1033
  Additional Hang Signature 1:    87d5e54a1815c4a9521ed152a70ec742
  Additional Hang Signature 2:    268d
  Additional Hang Signature 3:    268d31e935a17ed791dfb72252240165
  Additional Hang Signature 4:    87d5
  Additional Hang Signature 5:    87d5e54a1815c4a9521ed152a70ec742
  Additional Hang Signature 6:    268d
  Additional Hang Signature 7:    268d31e935a17ed791dfb72252240165


Exact same signature every time. Anyone else seeing this same issue? Anyone have any suggestions? I dread disabling all my extensions and trying to find a conflict one by one... don't have that kind of time today.




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Windows 7 SP1 32bit
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Dear Norton,


I have phenomenon duplicated icons Norton Internet Security 2014 ( on sytem tray after updated several update using live update...please see attached. Please advice how to solve this problem.


Tks & B/regards,


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Accepted Solution
LiveUpdate Failed to Complete

I've attached a jpg showing the error, I'm not sure if it shows up right away.

The past few days off & on when I click on update, I get the same error. Usually it works, this morning again it says "Norton Reputation Revocation List Failed to complete."


This is the only file that seems to have a problem ocassionally updating, I think there were 8 in total updates this morning & all the rest completed without a hitch.


I was having this same problem with the same "Reputation Revocation List Failed to complete" earlier this year for awhile but it stopped.


I've tried waiting a few minutes & even downloaded the a few minutes ago the "Intelligent Updater" & installed.


Is there a problem with this particular download others are noticing the past few days off & on?



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Accepted Solution

NIS  Win. xp-home


Hello All - i've been reading that NIS could be corrupt when very large 'manual' updates occur and knowing nothing about computers  the possibility occurred to me it could be with my version also because of large downloads i get each morning when i do a manual update immediately after booting up (before i do anything on the computer)

                I turn off my computer about 10pm until about 6am next day ...and each update i do after booting-up each morning  is at least 2+MG's  .    Thanks for any opinions.   Edythe

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NIS 2013 ugrade now can't connect to internet

I had a whirring noise and high CPU messages on my pc.  Contacted your support team yesterday who took over remotely and installed free upgrade to NIS 2013 now I can't get into the internet.  When I try to launch the explorer the page takes ages to load and then appears for a second and closes down

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Dead Computer from 2 Years Ago

I noticed from my "installs remaining" that Norton is still counting an Internet Security installation on a computer that fried itself about 2 years ago (fried motherboard, fried HDD, fried BluRay recorder, fried fried). Is there any way to get this install removed from my account?





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Automatic Antivirus Protection Unexpectedly Turned OFF

I have the dreaded yellow triangle telling me that "The Auto File Scan feature is temporarily not working.  Try running live update?.  When I try and configure the auto-protect to "scan everywhere" it lets me choose "on" and when I hit OK I get two error messages:  1) Norton AntiVirus Error Auto Protect could not load the scan engine.  Please run liveupdate to get the latest version and  2) could not load real-time scanning.  Make sure that it is properly installed.  


I have run live update and it does not fix the problem.  


FYI, I recently had to uninstall and reinstall Norton.  


Appreciate any help to get this problem fixed.


Thank you,


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Just wondering if anyone has ever had this happen in there 360 NAV.  When my computer is idle NAV performs background checks of my computer.  NAV informs me this has occurred by pop-up menus. I'm getting duplicates pop-up menus why is this?

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Updated to new Norton version and now have a driver issue/mass storage controller



I updated, when prompted, my 2012 Norton to the newest version. Once that was done I have found the following problem. On my device manager it says that my mass storage controller - 'the drivers for this device are not installed  code 28'. The only thing I changed on my laptop (windows 7, sony vaoi pcg 8z3m) was the norton...................help please as just trying to update doesn't work.............has anyone else experienced this issue when updating versions? Thanks



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Remove pop up surveys from explorer and google chrome

Very often I get pop up surveys when I click on a text field on a web site to enter information. It happens alot in Amazon.com. I just recveived a survey saying "Visitor Survey" in the tab. The link is http://surveyfreebies.com/amazon/?sub=amazon&src=ovam&query=amazon&net=p.nzzjzjfiztcztmnd. The survey itself says as follows:


Dear Visitor, 

You've been selected to take part in this anonymous survey, Tell us what you think of Amazon in this 30 second questionnaire, and to say "thank you", we'll offer you a few special offers.... 

Question 1 of 3: Where do you do the majority of your Internet viewing from? 

From home 
From work 


I also get pop up ads - twice today when I was on the Norton site. Any idea how I can prevent this? I have run Norton scan several times without any luck. 

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Some settings that are in Nis 2012 and not in Nis 21
Hi everyone,

Seems that some settings present in Nis 2012 are not present in Nis 21:

1) in "Real Time Protection" panel, antispyware settings there was a "configure" panel with a list of spyware types like "dialer", "joke". Is no more present because they are all blocked by default?

2) "caching" feature in auto protect is no more present: throwed away or activated by default?

3) smart definitions: removed?

Thanks in advance for replies.
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Reviews for Norton Version:

Yesterday I installed Norton Version and so far everything is working fine. I upgraded from Norton Version I like the information and layout of this new version. I have Windows Vista Home Premium and IE 9.

Our other older computer has Windows XP and IE8. This computer still has Norton Version Has anyone on this forum with Windows XP and IE8 installed the Norton Version and had success with it?  We are a little concerned that the new version of Norton might not be compatible with Windows XP and IE8. I might also say that the Windows XP computer also has the latest versons of Firefox and Google Chrome installed.

We would appreciate any comments.




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Need link to latest NIS 2013 offline download file (with definitions)
[ Edited ]

Need the latest NIS 2013 offline download link.



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NIS 2014 - At this low price, I wonder...

I have been a loyal Norton user since the days of Peter Norton and never looked back. There were instances, many years ago, when I tried 2 different brands of other antivirus programs (both still very well known in the market) and I am not saying they were bad. What I am saying is, however good or bad they were, I ended up sticking with Norton. In one of these 2 instances, I used that antivirus for about a week and said to myself - enough!


So, I used this little introduction to give some sense and context to what I'm about to say:  I just ordered my copy of NIS 2014, 1 user / 3 licenses, from Amazon and I got it at this ultra-bargain price of $22.99 & free shipping on orders of 25 dollars or more (just add a little box of paper clips and your done... :smileyhappy: ). Now, at this low price, I wonder, who on earth might still consider purchasing any antivirus program of the same or similar quality from any other brand?




Lin Yu




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Accepted Solution
NIS blocking iTunes update (open process token ccsvchst.exe)



NIS reports that ...\APPLE SOFTWARE UPDATE\SOFTWAREUPDATE.EXE tried to open the process token of ccsvchst.exe and was blocked.

See attached screenshot (in French (DON'T ASK!)).


Should apple updater attempt to mess with a NIS file?

If the attempt is legit: how to allow it?


Thanks for any suggestions. Chris



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Popup: Norton Security Scan

Message: "This product has expired and can no longer be used."

I have NIS.  My subscription is current. What is this message about?  

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I have two big problems that I need to fix.  The first is that when I type some keys act like 'hot keys'. For example when I type The g my favorites menu opens.  It is REALLY annoying.  The other problem is that when I'm surfing The web and I scroll, my computer freezes. It will freeze For about 45sec.

Have anyone heard of these and what can I do.  I have a 4 years old gateway is a AMD athion, 500gb, running win 7.


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Accepted Solution
Remove File From Exclusion???

Hi.I'v added a file to auto protect Exclucion . Now I want to remove it.I can not find the section related.Can somebody help me to find it?

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NIS v20 vs NIS v21


My box is still on NIS v20

Manually running LU does not pull NIS v21

Should l leave well enough alone ?

 Product Update Announcements  NIS21.5 VistaSP2 FF31 IE9 Compaq A931NR

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Accepted Solution
Cannot register NIS

I upgraded to the latest version of NIS. It asks to register. When I click on the button, it comes back with "We are unable to proceed with Norton Account at this time. Please try again later". It's been doing this for weeks now. I get the same result if I open NIS and click on Account. I have no problem logging into my account through the web site.



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Accepted Solution
Subscription Renewal

hi there 

i was looking to renew my norton internet security. i looked at doing it via the norton website and it was priced at £39.99 then i looked at the same product on the products and services tab on the same website and it was priced at £29.99 and do you get upgraded to norton 2014 




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Managing Cookies

Everytime that Norton does a scan I have to reestablish all the cookies that were deleted for the financial organization I work with. What is the procedure to save and prevent key cookies from being deleted?

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Accepted Solution
Double process for NIS and NortonZone

I made a screen shot of current processes on my computer.  I see two entries for both NIS and NortonZone.  Is this normal, or should I do something about this?



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It didnt even ask me before updating !
[ Edited ]


I didnt really want to update to the "New" version of NIS  after having problems with the 2014 version in the past few months.

Today though it did it anyway without my approval  !   if i do a restore is there any way to stop it installing again ?

Its version


I'm almost afraid to reboot in case i see those dreaded  memory could not be read  error messages again !   :smileysad:

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Accepted Solution
NIS Installation Files Missing after Update and Renewal
Hi , I am exhausted after 6 hours of trying to fix this issue. Please help out. I am not sure if this may be a corrupt install. All else works well except for the Insight files. After I shut down my HP PC laptop today , I powered on several hours later. Norton Forced me to update my NIS product. After doing so I found that : 1] The installation files were gone! This showed up under the Norton Program File in my Start menu and a desktop Shortcut installed after the update. 2] Also, the Insight page cannot read files. This may be a Norton temp. problem or due to the lack of the missing files above?? In order to restore my Installation files I decided to manually purchase a new 1 year NIS for 3 PC's, as before.It was about 30 days to the due date. Had hoped that this would cause the installation files to be entered, but there are none. I have done a full Custom search and have only found the non working short cut to the files. It is odd as this short cut was placed on my desktop by Norton after the update. Thank you, in advance, for helping with this very frustrating problem.
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Accepted Solution
email won't send

Hi ,


when my NIS is active can not send wmail with windows livemail .


when i deactive my NIS ( protection and firewall ) my Email can send .


please help me .

Thank you .


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Trojan.Gen.2 and Trojan.Zeroaccess.C

I get messages constantly saying I need to restart to continue removal of security risks.  Security History says it is blocking Trojan.Gen.2 and Trojan.Zeroaccess.C.  I have seen other threads with instructions to remove but cautions on following instructions for another user.  Can I get custom instructions on removing these viruses?


Thanks in advance,


Peter Hinshaw

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Life of Norton Disc Key

I lost my Norton Internet Security whilst upgrading to Windows 8.1 and not finding my Norton Security disc and not also realizing that I could download a copy from My Account I purchased a NIS 2013 disc from Amazon. My existing cover lasts 146 days so can I use the recently purchased disc from Amazon to renew when this expires or has the key a specific life if not used?

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Norton 360 Multi Device to replace Norton Internet Security 2013

I have Norton Internet Security 2013 on my laptops. Do I have to uninstall Internet Security 2013 if I want to replace it with Norton 360 Multi Device. Will Norton 360 Multi Device work on Nokia Lumia smartphones.


Many thanks.

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Scans find nothing but get "an intrusion attempt by learnspanishsz.com was blocked".

Every 40 seconds NIS says "blocked an attack by: System infected: Virut Request 2".  And I have also got messages that NIS blocked (or quarantined) trojan.zeroaccess.c, .b, gen.2 and fake.av.  I have run Safe Mode Full Scan with updated defs. and Power Eraser and they find nothing.  Also virutkiller and tdsskiller and spybot.  Nothing is found by any. 


Should I not go into my programs that use passwords or access other computers with passwords from this computer or am I safe to do that (since NIS is blocking)?  Also  any help on clearing this up would be Greatly Appreciated.  Thanks very much, Rory.