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Norton Autofix

When I run "get support," Norton autofix is "repairing" something everytime I reboot the PC.  The support says "no problem" for the duration of the session but rebooting it forces it to "repair" something if I run "get support."  It says "installation repair."

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Which Version Recommended For Windows 8.1?

Which version of Norton Internet Security is best for Windows 8.1?




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Accepted Solution
Help if Possible NIS 2013

i havetotally remove from computer as issue like BSOD and other issues, however Norton has not removed completely in the regedit and Norton chat and tel support cannot assist because of and HP and Norton install legancy device which can assist with.


Hopefully someone can assist me


So I have found the issue I believe hklm/software/wow6432node/norton (926-22aad-05e8-4459-b256-765c1e-929fb

has everything in this folder plus 17 sub folders


I want to know if I can delete which will stop the error on start up of boot device driver ccset_nst not loading


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Why does NIS keep alerting me about a threat it already resolved?
[ Edited ]

I have NIS on Windows XP-SP3.  About 4 hours ago it was doing an idle full scan and flagged a six-month old program-install file as infected with Suspicious.Cloud.9.  It quarantined the file.  I looked at the details, and it says "Recommeded Action: Resolved, No Action Required."


What I don't understand is why the warning keeps popping up if it's quarantined and resolved.  It's alerted me to this detection 3 more times in the last 4 hours.  Each time, I review the details and it's just that same original detection, not a new one.  Same timestamp, and still only the 1 item in quarantine.


I suppose I could just remove the file from quarantine (which it says will "remove all logs and backup information related to resolved security risks.")  But first I'm wondering if anyone knows why I'm getting these repeated alerts about something that's been resolved?



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Hello all, I have been trying to figure out what the free nortan antivirus name is??

ok I just signed up so bare with me. I am looking for the basic free antivirus that is for free? I have done alot of the trial ones for free like nortan 360 ETC. but when it runs out, can't seem to figure out which one to go back to that is just free... Please help, I keep downloading other virus protections but basicly I hate them all. Thanks in advance.:cattongue:

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NIS 2011 + IDM Virus Scanner & Command Line Parameters

Is there a command line for Norton File Insight?  Page 150 of the NIS User Guide gives the command line and options for scanning a file or files, but I can find nothing about how to determine the File Insight results from a command line.  Searching through the Forums has not turned up anything.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Crash after installing latest version of NIS on clean install of Windows 8

Today I reinstalled Windows 8 on a new SSD and this morning the system crashed directly after installing the latest vewsion of NIS available from the Norton web site.  This was after installing all of the myriad of Windows updates.  Windows repair could not repair the system to make it boot into Win 8, so I got to re-reinstall Win 8.  This time I was smarter and backed up the system before installing NIS.  Sure enough, as soon as I installed NIS, the system crashed and was unbootable/repairable.  I restored the backup and am running, but I'm not going to repeat this! 


The crash message is System Thread Exception Not Handled


I don't know what version of NIS is on your try-it section of the web site, but it's got problems.  I'm running Win 8 Pro on core i7 with 9 GB and tons of disk.


-- Geoff

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Accepted Solution
Install information as shown in my account info

When I log in to my Norton account, it shows that I have  three installs, and that one install is available. I know of only two of my computers on which NIS is installed. How can I obtain indentifying information for the three computers included in Norton's records? 

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Norton v21.1 Problem

Why Norton v21.1.0.18 is not supported the Total Commander v8.01 doesn't work context menu in this program.

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Accepted Solution
Update Help Needed

My laptop is running windows 8 and internet explorer 10. Recently I updated my NIS via the check for new version. I went from version to version  everything seemed to update fine but now there is a norton installed files icon on my desktop and when I check my browsers manage add-ons, the Vulnerability Protection add-on says it is enabled but the "Name" and "Publisher" says not available and there is no version#. Is this normal or did the update not fully install?


Things I've Tried

Autofix = nothing

Live update = no updates

Product update = norton product version is up to date

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Norton I.S. 21 - Apply Patch?

Ever since I upgraded to NIS 21 -

When I do a Live Update, sometimes it says there is a patch, and if I don't apply it now, it will be applied later - does that mean like 30 minutes later? Or a few days later? It never asked that before.

Does it ask this very often? It annoyingly redraws the desktop and system tray icons when I do apply it.

It's happened twice out of the three days since I upgraded it.
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Norton Antvirus block PES 2013 patch

Hi. I download pes patch from Pesedit.com and Norton find this file like a virus. Its clean file. I can not report the file like FP because the file is 1 GB. Can you do something?

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Accepted Solution
Advice needed about moving subscription to a different PC please

Hi everyone,


We've got 3 PCs - 2 laptops running Windows 7 and a desktop running XP SP3. The latter is getting old and we're replacing it with a newer PC. Currently, we've got a 3-user version of NIS 2012, all in use. What I want to do is to transfer the sub from the old XP PC to the new one.  The old PC has been cloned, but Norton cetainly won't accept it as the same PC!


What's the best way to get rid of the sub on the old PC and put it on the new one please? The old PC will no longer be available, so should I uninstall NIS from it, then register the new one on my Norton account? Your advice would be very welcome! Thank you.


Madeline :cathappy:






2 x Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - 64bit, 1 x Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - 32bit, NIS 2014 v21.4.0.13
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Re-install Help

I tried to re-install after using System Recovery. I found the key but it is not clear to me how to do the re-install. Some direction would be helpful. I have read a previous similar request but do not understand it. Thank you.

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Accepted Solution

NISS  /win. xp



Just received the above version on last update & had to do a 'reboot' once installed ....once restarted,  I  got ''error code'' 3048-3 -Norton tried to 'fix' but couldn't - now what ?!    thanks so much

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Having issues with liveupdate.

I have 118.57 MB that needs to be downloaded, I tried it last night, but not all of the updates were successful. This happened all of a sudden, my liveupdate was working fine before this. But I have encounter this issue in the past a couple of times, it would usually resolve itself or I would have to keep trying the liveupdate. Any tips on what I should do? Do I need to update manually?

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Accepted Solution
Full Sysyem Scan Detected Trojan

   I just finished a full system scan and it detected and quarantined a trojan. It is cvp(4).js (Trojan Malscript) Even though it says it was fully resolved and it was a temporary internet file--actually two were removed as one is marked cvp(4) and the other cvp (5), I am still worried as I have never had anything in quarantine before. Does anyone have any reassuring comments for me about this? I'm wondering if the js stands for java. I do have the latest version of java as I've heard there can be problems with java. I also have java disabled as I had heard that if you don't need it to disable it.



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Why doesn't Norton stop the FBI Moneypak virus from infecting my computer in the first place?

This is the fourth time I have gotten this virus and this time I am having a hard time removing it.  I can't seem to get to Safe Mode, as soon as it gets there, it logs off and restarts.  I even tried running my Norton bootable recovery disc, but it didn't find the virus.  I have the Power Eraser on my computer already, but I can't get to it.  I think once, I was able to use System Restore, but I don't remember how I got there.  I've been trying for 1 1/2 days to fix this, but no dice.  Please help me out here. 

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Accepted Solution
NIS systray icon



It looks that there have been some changes in the way that the latest build of NIS loads.

When the system boots, W7 x64, the systray icon is no longer present at startup, and it only appears when the nis.exe*32 user, loads, one minute after the system boots.

Sometimes it shows a red X for a fraction of a second then turn to green, and sometimes it becomes green directly.

Is this by design or not??




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Hidden NIS Rootkit after uninstall

Just removed NIS and installed the latest Avast 2014, and Avast find there are Hidden Rootkit from NIS and the boot log show hidden files too.....Is Norton/Symantec doing NSA things??

Screenshot:  http://i.imgur.com/CgFgIdi.png



Avast boot log excerpt: 


 avast! Antirootkit, version 1.0
 Scan started: October 16, 2013 19:42:40

 File: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\ccSetx64.sys SignCode: 123 0 0
 Service ccSet_NIS [C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\ccSetx64.sys] **HIDDEN**


 File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\NortonData\\Definitions\IPSDefs\20130805.011\IDSVia64.sys SignCode: 123 0 0
 Service IDSVia64 [C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\NortonData\\Definitions\IPSDefs\20130805.011\IDSVia64.sys] **HIDDEN**


 File: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\SRTSPX64.SYS SignCode: 123 0 0
 Service SRTSPX [C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\SRTSPX64.SYS] **HIDDEN**


 File: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\SYMDS64.SYS SignCode: 123 0 0
 Service SymDS [C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\SYMDS64.SYS] **HIDDEN**


 File: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\SYMEFA64.SYS SignCode: 123 0 0
 Service SymEFA [C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NISx64\1500020.001\SYMEFA64.SYS] **HIDDEN**


 Scan finished: October 16, 2013 19:43:04
 Hidden files found: 0
 Hidden registry items found: 0
 Hidden processes found: 0
 Hidden services found: 5
 Hidden boot sectors found: 0


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Accepted Solution
I have the same problem with the NIS icon on 70% of boot ups. My renewal has 124 days

Aprox 70% of boot ups results in the NIS Icon in the system tray displaying a red cross. Right clicking and selecting update sometimes results in updates but does not change the icon. Clicking on the icon opens the 'Fix' box and clicking fix instantly corrects the condition. My subscription has 124 days to run. The problem is not life threatening but is mildly irritating and am sure there must be a solution. 

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Behavior of Safe Search with Google Chrome

Using the latest version of Norton Internet Security and Google Chrome.  Whenever I type a search phrase into Chrome's Omnibar, the search text is duplicated in the Norton Safe Search window.  Is this supposed to be normal behavior on Norton's part?

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can't view some videos
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NIS Disconnects From Internet


NIS 21 (2014) version keeps disconnecting from the internet after a couple of minutes, "BUT ONLY" when playing multiplayer online games such as bf3, bf4 beta, cod etc... and then I have to reboot.  Surfing the web is fine, watching videos, downloading files no problem.  But when I fire up a game I get maybe 5 minutes play before I`m disconnected from the internet then need to reboot to get back online.  


I have allowed all game .exe and anticheat .exe through the firewall programme rules (i.e Allow Direction In/Out, Protocol All)

I have tried excluding all game and related .exe and drivers from SONAR and scanning.

I have tried with the firewall, SONAR and Intrusion prevention turned off.

I have used Norton Insight to trust all files on this computer which is clean.

Turned off automatic live update.


Currently I have reverted back to NIS 20 (2013) version and have no problems.  I have tried the 3 builds of NIS 21 (2014) and have encountered the same problem.  I have used norton av/nis since 2008 as my primary security software and have never encountered any problems of note certainly nothing like this.


I would appreciate any suggestions or advise thats offered.


Regards; colwood








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Hi. My office has been decimated by a CryptoLocker attack. Many colleagues who didn't back up important docs have lost them forever. I'm terrified to log onto my work email from home and open any word docs. The office uses Kaspersky AV which obviously was useless in preventing the CryptoLocker attack. Here at home I use NIS 2013 - am I protected against CryptoLocker ?

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Accepted Solution
Do I need to install a second time?

I had NIS installed as trial on my new computer. I just had corrupted file fixed by Norton and NIS is running fine. Consequently I just renewed for 2 years and all that shows up in my account. I was a little confused however by the recent Norton E-Mail thanking me for my purchase and having a "let's get started" link.  It makes it seem as if i have to reinstall because I made the purchase. Can I assume I need to do nothing since my account shows the renewal 2 years out and NIS is running fine?

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tsr takes long time to load am I protected while it's not

Norton Security 2013 takes ages to load it's TSR at least 2-3 minutes after everything else has loaded. Does this mean I am not protected whilst waiting for this. Win7 o/s

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Full System Scan 50% CPU
[ Edited ]

Ever since I installed NIS 21.x the full system scan time duration has imrpoved dramatically. It went from 15 minutes with (20.x) to 5 minutes with (21.x).


I have an 8 core processor. Is it 50% of 1 core or 50% of the entire cpu? Anyway to tell?

Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit / Norton Internet Security 2014
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BSOD with


I've experienced a lot of BSOD's when NIS get update After lot of attempts with NRT I'm currently on because is impossible to work with latest update (BSOD) I've able to go only in Safe Mode


BSOD occurs after login screen with this:



Technical Information:
*** STOP: 0x0000000a (0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001, 0xfffff800032cb86f)
*** ntoskrnl.exe - Address 0xfffff800032c2540 base at 0xfffff8000324e000 DateStamp 0x521ea08b



I'm able to reproduce this. Luckily I have older system image and I can revert back to older point but it is interesting that before reverting my sistem Norton was without problem. After restoring my system and after restart (after Norton update) this happens.


Windows 7 64-bit SP1

i5 4670K, 8GB RAM @1600, Asus Sabertooth Z87

RAM and disks checked (RAm with Memtest86+)


In all this years this is my first big issue with Norton. 


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Nis 2013 renewal

Not sure if this is in the right area but here goes....


I have just received my renewal notice for £44.99 for NiS 2013. So I go onto chat and ask if it could be price matched as in my lunch hour I can walk into PC World and buy it for £21.98. The answer was no but we can do it for £29.99. Why would I agree to that? Silly really as I have been with Norton for many years and it was even price matched last year.


I would have payed, and would still pay, direct the £21.98 for ease of use but hey I suppose no money and bad rep is better than some money and good rep in the eyes of Norton, go figure. Now I'll use McAfee as its free with my isp.