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Problem with NIS 20 & 21 and Windows 8.1
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I installed Windows 8.1 on my Sony Ultrabook. I had been using NIS 2013 on it previously (with Windows 8) and everything worked great but now NIS versions 2013 and 2014 are slowing down my computer so much that it is unusable and also I get an error when trying to shut down that says something to the effect of nis.exe is stopping this computer from shutting down. It also takes NIS forever to load and I cannot connect to the internet through my wireless when NIS is installed. When I use the Norton Removal tool to remove NIS, all the problems clear up. Has anyone else been having these problems with NIS and the final release of Windows 8.1? Thanks in advance for any insights/help you can provide ... I just bought a 5 user license for NIS 2013.

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Blocking spam email help....

Running latest version of NIS. Email client is Mozilla Thunderbird. I get spam message from different emails and norton even marks them as [Norton AntiSpam] How do I stop them though getting to my box? I want them to go straight to a trash folder or something? Some times I do get legit emails with Norton marking them as spam. Its rare though.

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I am about to get a 1 user / 3 PCs license. Does that mean only 1 NIS account?

I am about to get a 1 user /  3 PCs license key.  Does that mean only 1 account?  We have 2 NIS accounts in order to have separate Identify Safe vaults (with different, personal passwords).  Do I need to log out of one of them and have all 3 of our systems using the same NIS account when I apply the new product key?  Right now, only the initial NIS account reflects any subscriptions, if I go to the 'Account' link.  

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Little problems with Norton Internet Security

When I try to open The vault even if I use the correct password it keeps telling me that the vault is closed and then it asks for the password again, while Norton tool bar states that the vault is open. I´m using Win8 and IE 11. By the way Microsoft Outlook keeps telling me that Norton antispam utility is causing problems and then asks if I want to disable it. I´m using office 2010. Ups I almost forget Win 8.1 states that some of the Norton internet security services are not compatible, should I be concerned about it?.

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NIS v. 21 Vault Dropdown Menu

THANK YOU to whomever restored the dropdown menu to the Identity Safe Vault in NIS!  Just realized it was there (I figured it would take much longer to restore, if ever).  THANK YOU X3, Norton.  Works fantastic!  (Sorry, this isn't a complaint about something NOT working...it's just a compliment for something that IS.  lol)  :smileywink:

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"Shortcut Problem" & "Hidden File or Folder" problem in removable drive

Hello dear!!


I'm using NIS 2012 for 2 years smoothly. But recently I'm facing a problem regarding Removable Drive. The problem can be named as "Shortcut Problem". Whatever I send to Pendrive, a shortcut is also created in pendrive in the same name. Moreover, the main file or folder becomes hidden. I've formatted pendrive several times in several ways, but didn't get rid of it .


I can't even imagine that I would face such problem even after using such a renowned & active Internet Security. Please help me out.


My machine is Dell, Core-i-5, windows 7 ultimate.


Thanks in advance if you can !!




--Warm Regards

Md. Mesbahul Hossen

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Reinstalling of Internet Security

Due to upgrading to Windows 8.1 I have lost my virus software, I cannot download it again because my account tells me that I have used all my 3 installs (although  I can only see 2 mentioned, how do I remove the ghost installation?) also I would like to upgrade to 360 as I think it is better, can anybody help as I am having to use AVG at present

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Norton appears to be affecting the performance of my computer in an adverse way.

Having trouble staring computer. When it finally starts, Norton is saying updates are out of date and sonar will not stay on.

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Windows 8.1 with IE11 browser Norton Vulnerability Protection not compatible....

Not sure if that has been reported or not. Also running latest version of NIS 2014.



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svchost.exe showing very high usage

Yesterday, Norton notified me that svchost.exe is using about 248MB of RAM and sometimes '74% of at least one CPU' I know svchost.exe is a very legitimate process and File Insight gives it a Reliable rating, but still is 248MB of RAM and 74% of CPU usage normal? A full scan found nothing though and even today I am being notified of high usage by svchost.exe... 

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any recent info regarding symantec network security miniport disabled

It seems most of the posts on this subject relate back to around 2008/9 ... any more recent info anyone?


I have a current issue where several times I've restarted my XP machine and discovered I had no IP stack.

I can fix it by running:

  • netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
  • netsh winsock reset catalog

This logs the following errors:

reset   Linkage\UpperBind for PCI\VEN_1969&DEV_1026&SUBSYS_82261043&REV_B0\4&20515DB1&0&00E5.  bad value was: REG_MULTI_SZ = SymIM
reset   Linkage\UpperBind for ROOT\MS_NDISWANIP\0000.  bad value was: REG_MULTI_SZ = SymIM


But today while in Device Manager (for another reason) I noticed two disabled entries in Network Adaptors ...

Atheros .... Ethrnet Controller - Symantec Network Security Miniport

WAN Miniport (IP) - Symantec Network Security Miniport

Details for both show:



Both have the warning:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)


Anyone have any recent comments on the best (easiest) way to re-enable these as I'm guessing they are part of the NIS network protection which probably isn't doing its full job without them.


System Details:

Win XP SP3 fully patched



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NIS supposedly up-to-date at but ver chk shows v21 upgrade avialable ...?

I'm confused

NIS Live-update says everything is up-todate.

I cannot recall any offer being made to update.

My annual sub has just auto-renewed for 3 of my 9 pc's

... yet if I do a ver check it says a product update is available but gives no indication if this is a rev change or a whole new version nor if any upgrade cost is involved.

I also notice on the forums there are refs to ver 21.0 and I'm only at 20.4 ...


This is poor product marketing and communication and quite confusing.


The version check should say what ver you are at, what other revs / vers are available and if an upgrade cost is involved with each option


Current Version:

Latest Release: 21.0.?.?? - no charge with annual subscription (link to update process)

Version Upgrade: ??.?.?.?? (NIS 2014) - Upgrade cost involved (link to Upgrade page)

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False Positive Suspected - TaskbarLoader64.dll

I woke up this morning to an alert from NAV on my computer. A file in the program files for a program I just updated last night was showing as a high-risk intrusion. Specifically it was called SONAR.module!GEN3 .


So I first scanned the file (actually all files in that directory) with Malwarebytes Pro - it showed as clean. BTW in the meantime I also started a full system scan with Malwarebytes Pro; one had already been run with NAV.


Next stop was to upload the file to VirusTotal, where the file was scanned with 42 individual Anti Virus programs. Of those 42 scans, 41 showed as clean and only Symantec showed it as not clean. Symantec on VirusTotal said the file was WS.Reputation.1.


So I feel safe leaving this file as is and submitting this as a false positive. Do I need to do anything else to report it?


Thank you.



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NIS 2014 Questions

Hi Everyone,


I am currently using NIS 2013 version and I have a couple of questions about NIS 2014 and 2014 Norton ID safe: 


1. Are there any major problems with NIS 2014 or 2014 Norton ID safe? 


The reason why I am wondering is because last year when NIS 2013 became available, there were lots of issues initially.  I delayed upgrading to NIS 2013 until most of the problems seemed to be worked out.


So I am wondering... are there any major problems with NIS 2014 or 2014 Norton ID Safe or do they seem to be pretty glitch free for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Home Premium systems?  BTW I use Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 24 are there any issues with the 2014 Norton Toolbar?


2. All my Norton ID safe stuff is NOT stored on the cloud... is there any issues when I go to upgrade to NIS 2014 and upgrade to 2014 Norton ID safe?   Will I be forced to store my password info on the cloud??


Any information any of you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thanks.





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Accepted Solution
Norton internet insight scan
[ Edited ]


I have just updated my product from NIS 2012 to version

When i go to performance then Norton insight the scan begins then stops and displays the message "Norton insight has encounted an unknown error. Please try again later". tried to run it a few times but just get same message. I have run the "get support" options and it says everything ok. any ideas



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Is there a good alternative to Malware Bytes?

After trying many times to resolve conflicts between NIS and MWB (paid version),


I've given up. I just don't have the time to endlessly tweek setting.


So, that being said, is there a decent alternative to Malware Bytes anyone can recommend?



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Norton Internet Security

Hi, i have not installed any new software on my windows 7 64-bit, but now for the last 2 days the Norton icon is now taking ages to show/load on taskbar after start up. It used to take about 5 secs but now it take 70 secs..All disk defrag and junk files /history are up to date..ant ideas please..the boot time is set to Off..

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Accepted Solution
NIS 13 -> NIS 14 live update?

will there be a live update from nis 13 to 14 or do I have to update manually?

Windows 7 64bit
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Windows 8.1 help


So im thinking of downloading and installing windows 8.1 later but i want to make sure that norton IS will work on windows 8.1, i think a read somewere about norton having to be on verson 21. if that is true how do i update.

When i update would i have to reinstall norton?

and another question, when upgrading to 8.1 do i loose all my files and have to start fresh on my pc?


Thanks for reading.

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updated to Win 8.1 Norton Vulnerability Protection now incompatible with IE 11

New Window 8.1 update has several disabled or incompatible Add Ons in Internet Explorer browser 11.0.9600.16384 (Update Versions RTM (KB2841134) Product ID: 00150-20000-00003-AA459. Norton Vulnerability Protection is displayed in Manage Add On IE as icompatible!

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Accepted Solution
Norton blocking remote access

My program I have recently installed (which I know is legitimate as I have been using for years, new update) recently has been blocked due to something like 'Remote access blocked by norton'. I went through all the settings trying to enable the remote access for this program and had no luck. Any help?

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3 high priority HKEYerrors not fixed, why???

Norton utilities is identifying 3 high priority registry errors but not fixing them in windows 8, why??? Theay are also not on an ignore list that I can find.


3 errors not  fixed:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Device Association Framework\InboxProviders\WCN


I have scanned my system numerous times and these errors are being ignored when I tell NU to fix them. Why  are these not being repaired and how do I get them repaired?


Thanks in advance,


J. Hill

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'IP address has disappeared'

Too Bad :


why you guys removed the proper notification for this kind of issue ?  You guys want to hide that or what  ?


It has happened several times in this new


I cannot go to internet and with in 5 sec, it says Page Not found.

After that the computer networking icon to bottom right - turns to Yellow esclamation mark  !!!


But,  too badddddddddddddddd,  there is no message in your history,  what is the reason for this  ???????


Did you guys removed this  ?  Or this is no need to report in history  ?



After 10 or 15 seconds it comes back ON.





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Norton thinks my computer is idle and starts scanning during silent mode
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Hello, when I'm watching movies or livestreams on full screen, norton starts idle scanning after 10 minutes. It enters silent mode as usual but after 10 minutes, which is the default idle timeout, it thinks that the computer is idle and starts scanning. I came up with this idea by hearing heavy hard drive sounds during movie. Then, I exit full screen and immediately open the task manager and saw norton is on top of the disk usage. After doing this, norton's disk usage went back to normal in a couple of seconds since it thought my computer is not idle anymore. Even if it's in silent mode, it somehow starts idle scanning after 10 minutes of full screen media play, so that makes hard drive go heavy load during movies and makes the situation annoying.


v21.1.0.18 on Win8 Pro x64

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Norton Autofix

When I run "get support," Norton autofix is "repairing" something everytime I reboot the PC.  The support says "no problem" for the duration of the session but rebooting it forces it to "repair" something if I run "get support."  It says "installation repair."

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Which Version Recommended For Windows 8.1?

Which version of Norton Internet Security is best for Windows 8.1?




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Accepted Solution
Help if Possible NIS 2013

i havetotally remove from computer as issue like BSOD and other issues, however Norton has not removed completely in the regedit and Norton chat and tel support cannot assist because of and HP and Norton install legancy device which can assist with.


Hopefully someone can assist me


So I have found the issue I believe hklm/software/wow6432node/norton (926-22aad-05e8-4459-b256-765c1e-929fb

has everything in this folder plus 17 sub folders


I want to know if I can delete which will stop the error on start up of boot device driver ccset_nst not loading


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Why does NIS keep alerting me about a threat it already resolved?
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I have NIS on Windows XP-SP3.  About 4 hours ago it was doing an idle full scan and flagged a six-month old program-install file as infected with Suspicious.Cloud.9.  It quarantined the file.  I looked at the details, and it says "Recommeded Action: Resolved, No Action Required."


What I don't understand is why the warning keeps popping up if it's quarantined and resolved.  It's alerted me to this detection 3 more times in the last 4 hours.  Each time, I review the details and it's just that same original detection, not a new one.  Same timestamp, and still only the 1 item in quarantine.


I suppose I could just remove the file from quarantine (which it says will "remove all logs and backup information related to resolved security risks.")  But first I'm wondering if anyone knows why I'm getting these repeated alerts about something that's been resolved?



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Hello all, I have been trying to figure out what the free nortan antivirus name is??

ok I just signed up so bare with me. I am looking for the basic free antivirus that is for free? I have done alot of the trial ones for free like nortan 360 ETC. but when it runs out, can't seem to figure out which one to go back to that is just free... Please help, I keep downloading other virus protections but basicly I hate them all. Thanks in advance.:cattongue:

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NIS 2011 + IDM Virus Scanner & Command Line Parameters

Is there a command line for Norton File Insight?  Page 150 of the NIS User Guide gives the command line and options for scanning a file or files, but I can find nothing about how to determine the File Insight results from a command line.  Searching through the Forums has not turned up anything.  Thanks for any help you can give me.