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Accepted Solution
lost internet and system files infected

I have an issue with my ndis.sys file. I'm not that knowledgable about solving computer issues so I'm posting here. Anyways, recently my antivirus software norton internet security reported that I had a trojan.gen threat in a file, ndis.sys. (the file was in windows/system32/drivers so im reasonably sure it was the actual driver, not a file that was somegow downloaded without me knowing) norton required me to restart in order to rectify the issue, so I did. However, after I restarted I noticed that I no longer have any access to internet, but norton now says that the file is now under quarantine. I should note that an ethernet connection doesnt give me internet either. I tried to copy the ndis.sys file from another windows 7 computer but the instant I placed it in the folder, I recieved a blue screen error and windows repair initiated. After that, I could resume windows as normal but the ndis.sys file I manually copied into the folder was deleted. I havent had any other blue screens except the one caused by pasting the ndis.sys file from another computer into the drivers folder. Ive attempted system restores as well to no avail. 

I was told by a friend to use sfc /verifyonly followed by sfc /scannow in the admin cmd to try to fix my problem. However, seconds after finishing the verifyonly command norton autoprotect found another trojan.gen in a file in the folder c:/windows/winsxs/backup. This file had an obscenely long name begonning with amd64. The issue is that ive gone days without computer intrrnet access and during those days ive completed 2 full scans which revealed no threats. I just wish to know how I should proceed to fix my Internet and wheth r I should do anything about a possible plethora of trojans in my computer. Thanks all!

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WHY scan outgoing Emails?

Assuming Norton Internet Security is so good that it will catch all incoming viruses, what's the point of scanning outgoing Emails for viruses? Since Norton is supposed to catch all viruses that enter your computer, there should never be a virus in your outgoing Emails! Is this logic correct?

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Macrium and NIS 2013

FYI, this is still an issue and you MUST turn off Auto Protect in order to create a Macrium Win PE disk.

"If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is"
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Accepted Solution
Norton Internet Security - Cookie Control

Is there a way in NIS to control what cookies are acceptable or what web pages are approved by me? 

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"Your Norton Account is Successfully Updated" email link certificate rejected

I had updated my account earlier today, so a message confirming same was not unexpected. However, when I cicked on the link in the email— http://www.myNortonAccount.com.— both Firefox and IE say the certificate is wrong and warned me off.



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Running Norton Firewall module with Baseline Filter Engine (BFE) disabled?

Dear Norton Community,


Is it possible to set Norton Firewall module fully working (and so my PC will be protected by that module) while at the same time Windows 7 SP1 Baseline Filter Engine (BFE) service is being disabled?


A software house asked me that setup with BFE disabled because of "latency and blocking data" issues caused by that Windows service.

Thank you.


Best regards,


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Accepted Solution
First Login Fails Virgin Media

Every time I log in to virgin media email etc using password vault, the first effort always fails with incorrect password but by simply clicking the entry again it works the second time. Any ideas?

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Unable to communicate with one of our servers

In Norton Internet Security, when i try to access the program it goes to one click and i get the message "we are unable to communicate with one of our servers" Therefore I can't access any part of the program.

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Zeus no Virus and problem with email

I've problem with the email that I can't send with the client. My client is Thunderbird. My system is windows 7 64 bit  and Norton Internet Security 2013. 

The problem is good write is:

The IP is infected with spamware, most recently
detected at:

2013:07:23 ~21:30 UTC+/- 15 minutes (approximately 4 hours, 30 minutes ago)

It was detected via this IP connecting to a sinkhole
that traps command and control communication from infected

This IP has or is NAT'ing for a zeus BOT infection

Most of these trojans are involved with stealing personal
information (such as bank account or login information (ie:
passwords, account numbers etc)).  As such, you need to
eradicate the infection as soon as possible.

It will be one of the following scenarios:

1) It's a NAT firewall, in which case it is a NAT
   in front of a machine that is infected with spam
   sending spamware.
2) It's directly infested with spam sending spamware.

Most of these trojans are difficult to find with standard anti-virus
products.  You may need to resort to "wireshark", or "snort" to find
these infections by their behavior "on the wire".

Please see http://cbl.abuseat.org/lookup.cgi?ip= for further
and more detailed information.

I've removed the entry from the list.

It may take a few hours to propagate to the public nameservers.

WARNING: the CBL WILL relist this IP if the underlying issues are not
resolved, and the CBL detects the same thing again.

Other IP-based reputation lists are also listing your IP address:

  http://www.barracudanetworks.com/reputation/?pr=1&ip= Barracuda (BRBL) blacklist
-- Andy, CBL Team
I've tried to use the scan of Norton Internet Security 2013. I've use  Run Norton Power Eraser (NPE) and the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, but  this programs found no virus.
I connect at the Internet with a WIFI system and the IP is always I've contact the provider but they've for me no solution. How can I remove this problem? If did I delist the IP after some hours this is listed. Can I remove this problems?
Hoping in a reply.
Sincerelly yours,
Fabbris Pierluigi
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NIS Free Trial unavailable (UK)

I trying to get a free try of Norton Internet Security but unable to download it.


I go to and select "Download Free Trial"


and get sent to this URL


end up with this error


Not Found

The requested URL /downloads/2013/20.3/NISNAV/US/NIS-TW-30-20-3-0-36-EN-UK.exe was not found on this server.

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Accepted Solution
IMAP not working fully on norton protected PC

Hello Community,


I use IMAP & Gmail on a variety of pc's, iphones and mac's. Of course one functionality that I love is deleting an email from one platform and instantly seeing it delete on every other platform.


I'm using the latest version of thunderbird on the 2 PC's and Mac. I've confirmed that Thunderbird's settings are exactly the same across all 3 machines.


The problem is that on one of the PC's, and just that one PC, email which has been deleted at another platform continues to be displayed. Clicking "get mail" does not get rid of the already deleted mail. But restarting thunderbird will display everything up to date (ie, the deleted mail is finally gone).   


If I delete mail from the effected PC, it is properly updated on all the other platforms.


The "other" PC functions properly in this regard.


I'm stumped, so I'm beginning to think that the issue isn't thunderbird configuration (which is simplistic and easy to confirm is identical on all platforms), but rather the firewall on this one machine that is malfunctioning.


This is a challenging problem. Anyone have ideas?


Thank you!!!



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Norton 2013
[ Edited ]

We have Norton 2012 as we read on the Forum that many had problems when Norton 2013 first came out. I asked a month or so ago, and I still got messages that said don't get 2013 yet as there were still some problems with it. I would like some feedback now from those who have  Norton 2013.


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100MB LiveUpdate downloads

I'm used to seeing the occasional 100MB download very occasionally when I run LiveUpdate.

However, in the past 3 or 4 days, I've had 3 of these very large downloads, which is very unusual.

Does anyone know if there might be a reason for this - e.g. known problems with any recent NIS updates, etc?

I have not changed my computer setup at all - it is the same as it has always been, so I can't think of a reason for this.

(I've got NIS running under Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on an HP h8-1070uk desktop computer with 8GB of memory).

Many thanks.

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Norton Automatic Live Update Not Working

Norton Automatic Live Update has not been working since 2:58 PM this afternoon,even though I have it set. I must get the Live Updates myself. I responded to Newfan about a message I was getting from Norton about my Verizon homepage. Please see below:


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Live Update Fails
[ Edited ]

I have run Live Update3 separate times,(since 8/6/2013 at 8:43 AM CST) the first file as I recollect was 74 megabyte and 5 of 6 updates installed but not all were succesful, I immediately re-run live update again but this time the file has increased in size to 106 megabytes, takes 12 hours to down load and once again only some of the updates are installed, I think to myself , ah good, next time the file to live update will be much smaller, but the file size has not changed but still is 106 megabytes and again the same fail and after hours of unproductive time this takes away from me..any pointers? or do I need to reinstall (I have version installed) very frustrating to say the least, since I am on my second 1 year term with Norton, 111 days left on my sub.. tempted to go elsewhere, since I seem to download huge live update files more often then I like to, don't ever recall having to download so many bytes at BitDefender..

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Is norton antivirus compatible with the latest version of firefox

Is Norton antivirus compatible with firefox browser

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The excite.com site is intermittently opening to the NIS "Fraudulent Web Page Blocked" message and then showing good again to later have the problem message again.

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Imagebam.com blocked?

Can someone please tell why NIS2013 is blocking the Imagebam.com picture hosting website? If I try to download a picture it is blocked and a message appears stating "Fraudulent Web Page Blocked - This web page is a known fraudulent web page. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this page."


I have used Imagebam.com without any problems for a number of years.



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DCOM errors 10009 in SBS 2011

I have been getting hundreds of DCOM errors in my SBS 2011 System log, I believe attributed to NIS 2013 on my client workstation units.  Uninstalling NIS 2013 from two of the workstation units, removed the errors associated with the errors for each of those units from the log. Reinstalling the NIS 2013 back to the workstations brought back the error messages. I don't like this solution, as it means removing NIS 2013 from my client workstations to clear the error log.  Adjusting the network and web settings within NIS 2013 on the workstations and policy/security policy settings within the SBS 2011 has not helped, however I do not believe I have exhausted the amount of settings involved.  Any suggestions

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New update will not complete-always fails. Pop-ups interfere with system.

When will you you fix this. My Norton will not update and always fails install. I have the latest version of Internet Security.

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An issue with Firefox resolved

Since the previous topic http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/An-issue-with-Firefox/td-p/962351 is closed, I'd like to share the solution (i suppose - it is the solution), in case somebody experiences similar issues.

First, I want to apologize for being unjust to NIS: probably all the crashes didn't have anything to do wit it at all. The culprit was firefox's proxy settings. Previously (and it's a default option) proxy  was set to automatic. When I changed it to no-proxy - all crashes stopped.



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Accepted Solution
Reinstall NIS after clean Windows 7 reinstall

I have come to that awful last resort of reinstalling Win 7 Pro (and everything else!) to clear up a host of system problems long in the making, some of which seem to affect NIS but are not caused by NIS. I have three questions.


1    How do I make sure this reinstall is not treated as a new install on another PC for which I may not have a license?


2    Should NIS be the first application to reinstall?  Or should something else, like a browser, come first?


3    Is there a way, such as a NIS config file, to preserve all my current NIS settings and import them into the re-installed NIS?


Thanks for your advice

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Cannot verify website hosted on yahoo site solutions

I am trying to verify a website in yahoo site solutions and the verification failed.  What am I doing wrong?

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After this last update I keep getting an ERROR 3039,69639, pop up. How do I rid myself of it?

After a recent update in late June my Computer is plagued with an "ERROR" 3039,69639 pop up.  I have done all that Norton says to get rid of it to no avail.  Do I have to uninstall my Norton Anti-Virus and reinstall?  Thanks

Symantec Employee
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Norton Power Eraser 4.0 Beta


The Norton team has just released the new Norton Power Eraser beta,  NPE

I hope many of you have a chance to try it and let us know what you think..
We look forward to reading your feedback and great ideas.


You can download the Norton Power Eraser Beta here:
Key changes in this release:



  • Scanning across user profiles

NPE can now scan across user profiles, if there is an infected account you cannot log into to use NPE, you can scan from another account such as Administrator


  •  Java vulnerability scan

NPE detects when the Java is out of date and provides a link to a KB to correct this.


  • Safe mode persistence

NPE is able to determine when the machine is in safe mode and will restart the machine in safe mode prior to scanning, NPE will return the machine to normal mode prior to threat removal


  • UI message streamlining/ UI refresh

UI has been updated and the messaging has been simplified



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Accepted Solution
NIS firewall bug?
[ Edited ]



The short rundown:


I used to RDP from my work machine to my home machine directly over the internet. After I installed NIS, I could no longer do that (which is totally normal, because firewalls should explicitly block all unknown connections by default).


After installing NIS on my home machine, I created custom traffic rules within the firewall to allow only the IP of my work machine - that worked.


In the meantime, I've decided to tunnel my RDP connection through a VPN. Because of that, I wanted to block access to RDP from the internet (as NIS intially did) and only allow it via the VPN.


In doing so, I deleted the custom rule I created, but that didn't work - I could still access my home machine from my work machine directly via the internet (I haven't yet tried connecting from other machines). After that, i thought that resetting the firewall settings might do the trick, but it didn't.


I then contacted Norton support who said that the firewall uses adaptive rules (which, afaik are actually app definitions for a whitelist, not for the traffic rules as well) and that the only option to fix the issue would be to either:


a) create a firewall rule that will explictly block the IP of my work machine

b) reinstall NIS altogether so that the firewall would return to the initial state


This means that deleting custom traffic rules does absolutely nothing (it should return to the default behaviour, which is block stuff from the IPs that were in the rules), and that raises some interesting security concerns.


Is this a bug or intended behaviour? Also, is there a way to fix this without having to reinstall NIS or explicitly block the IPs?



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Accepted Solution
I need the FTP configuration for Norton Internet Security, using Windows Vista. Can somebody help me



I'm not a technical person at all, but need the FTP Client configuration, protocols, ports, etc.

I use Windows Vista and Norton Internet Security 2012. Can someone help me?


I'm new to Internet Marketing and have a website, so for the business need to upload to

my website my products (eBooks, etc.)


Thanks in advance,




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How do I know if my NIS is 32 or 64 bit?



I am using NIS 2013 and the spam protection does not work. Symantec says that the  spam protection only works on 32 bit NIS. So how  do I know if I have 32 or 64 bit NIS installed?

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Old Laptop is Dead and Has a Virus: Want important Files
[ Edited ]

Hey guys,

Long time browser, first time poster. I wasn't exactly sure where to put this so I apologize if it's in the wrong area. So my old laptop (Dell XPS M1530) finally crapped out on me due to a video card issue. I recently purchased a new desktop and I am wanting to transfer important word files, videos, game saves, and pictures from my dead laptop to the new desktop. However, leading up to the demise of my laptop, it was acting very funny (slow, blue screening, throwing errors in Norton and SpyBot). I know that I need a HDD enclosure to transfer the files, but what precautions should I take in order to ensure that I do not transfer any viruses that may have potentially been on my laptop when I transfer these files? The issues I had may have been due to the failing hardware but I would rather lean on the safe-side of things since this new computer was a heavy investment.

Thank you so much for any and all advice!

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Norton Error 3038,103 when scanning WINRAR ENCRYPTED PASSWORDS Files

Similar problem to that as posted by Octican .

Completed recomedations as advised (IE) Power Eraser,Uninstalling and reinstalling, but to no avail.

Anyone help with this.