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Registered: ‎02-14-2013

error 8504.104

Same problem as others - error message 8504.104 - but in my case it has stopped everything. Can't get internet connection so can't download removal tool. It won't start any process - won't uninstall Norton from any access point. It  won't run the cmd - CHKDSK or FLTMC fixes because I have to be 'at an elevated level'. This is a Dell Inspiron 64 bit, running Windows 7. Thoughts??

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-14-2013

Re: error 8504.104. <My error No. is 8504.100>

I too am having this problem with disconnect from internet when norton 'downloads latest definitions' and reboots. At this time internet connection goes.  Although I'm no nearer with this recurring problem, as it happens every time I opperate the download, I am able to remove 'norton' thru add or remove in control pannel...It doas get me back onto the internet.  Have now been at it two day, with norton involvment but no nearer...they are going to contact me again later but they are going thru the same process as me with same results. Pse let me know if anyone gets a result.