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firewall blocking pandora?

Hi - I have a new dell 390 - win 7 pro and I can not get pandora to open. I went to their help page and set up IE per their recommendations and still - the program won't load. I have the latest version of norton internet. Is this being blocked by the fire wall, and if so how do I fix it so it works?



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Re: firewall blocking pandora?



Try to Uninstall Pandora from your computer, then restart the computer.

Download Pandoras exe-file to your computer, and reinstall Pandora on your computer.

Start the the program and see if its works and start normally on your computer.


Check Norton History when you run your program Pandora.


Have you get any alerts from Nortons Auto-Protect, Sonar or Download Insight? when you start the program?

Is your operating system up to date? Do you have the latest java version installed.


I hope this will help you.