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I have two computers running windows 7 that have this file (fxsapidebuglogfile.txt) in the Users/George/AppData/Local/Temp directory (oh, I mean folder). I've scanned with Norton, Threatfire, and Malwarebytes and none of them pick this up as a problem, However, I can't delete it. It has a date of 11/6/2009 and has no attributes set. Every time I try to deleted it, I get a message that it is open in windows explorer and can't be deleted. I cannot find, through Internet search, whether this is a virus or not.

Anybody have some help on this?



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Re: fxsapidebuglogfile.txt

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Hi George,

Welcome to Norton Community!

I think, it is the debug log(text file) for fxsapi.dll file, related to the Windows Fax/Print capability. You can submit the suspected file to Symantec and check whether Symantec Security Response detects any threat in that file:

If you still want to delete that file, try to boot into Safe Mode and then try to delete.