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high cpu

For l the last week my sons laptop has been giving alerts for high cpu usage for windows messanger,internet explorer and audio.exe.Nothing has been downloaded.I have uninstalled and reinstalled nis2011 but he still gets the alerts.I also checked my norton performance and noticed i also have got alerts for high usage for the same programs.Is there a bug in the norton program?Before upgrading to 2011 i used 2010 and never got a alert message.Yes i did uninstall 2010 with nrt and downloaded the latest version of 2011.I also check the taskmanger several times and its only using 1-2%.Anyone any ideas?

running widows 7 64 bit

NIS 2011

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Re: high cpu

Hi harry10,


It is not unusual for programs such as these to occasionally demand a lot of the CPU for short periods of time.  Viewing Flash content in FIrefox guarantees that I will see an alert, for example.  As long as you can determine that the program in question is just busy performing a task you can disregard the Norton notification, which is really just an advisory rather than an urgent warning.  In the Norton Miscellaneous Settings there are a number of configuration options for Performance Monitoring, including setting the resource threshold to a higher or lower level, and excluding specific programs from monitoring.

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Re: high cpu

Hi Harry10,


I ended up changing mine to Performance alerting to High due to too many false alarms.


FYI, Symantec is considering changes to allow better customization of performance alerts.


Please see:


Please note that this feature is new to 2011 so some further tweaks definitely need to be made by Symantec.


Best wishes.


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Re: high cpu

I will change the settings to high and see what happens if i still get the alerts is it ok to turn off performance monitoring?

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Re: high cpu

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Yes. It has nothing to do with security, and if you don't notice any issues, there is no problem.


And in many cases, a high CPU or memory usage is a good thing, not a bad thing. If I play Crysis, I sure want it to use all the CPU power it can, or it will not be performing as it should. Or if a program is doing some heavy and boring calculations, I'd rather it use 100% cpu for 15 minutes and then be done with it rather than use 25% cpu and go on for an hour. In both cases, I would not want Norton to warn me about something that is actually beneficial.


I always turn off the non-security stuff in NIS, like the idle time optimizer and the performance monitoring.

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Re: high cpu

An alternative to turning 'Performance Monitoring' off altogether is to change the 'Performance Alerting' setting to 'Log only'. This allows Norton to log any performance alerts in the Security History and suppresses the pop-ups that typically appear when Norton detects an application that is using a lot of system resources.