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internet security 2012 cd will not load up

i have 2 computers which have norton 360 but are expiring in a few days so  i have bought norton internet security 2012. On the first computer  i have uninstalled the norton 360 2011 and put the 2012 cd in the computer but it will not load up, i tried the 2012 cd on my other computer and it does load up so why does it not load up on the 1st computer?  was i wrong to uninstall the old norton before i started to unistall the new norton? 

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Re: internet security 2012 cd will not load up

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It is apparently possible for uninstalling N 360 V5 to disable CD drives and there is a fix for this but it's not one I'm really aware of.


I think there's a Microsof KB article with a fixit on but see what some of the more informed users here have to say.


If necessary we can give you a link to download an installation file for Norton Internet Security 2012 that will be more uptodate than the one on your CD anyway.

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Re: internet security 2012 cd will not load up

Hi c1aire6288,


Sometimes the removal of Norton 360 leaves the optical drive missing.  Please follow the link to the Microsoft Fix-it Tool provided in this Symantec KB article:


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