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norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

A couple weeks ago I installed Norton Internet Security 2009 (had to get rid of CA) on a Vista Home Premium PC. After the initial install of Norton, the gadget in the sidebar appeared to be working fine. It gave a green status indicating I was protected (great!). After a reboot, and many later reboots, it never gave me a green light, but, instead just continues to spin. Tried to figure the issue out by removing all gadgets > rebooting > adding only norton > etc. ... I eventually just removed the gadget from my sidebar as I deemed it useless. This morning I decided to contact support (via one click support - chat) and see if they could assist. They wanted to connect directly to my PC to diagnosis the problem. Needless to say I opted out of that type of assistance. Their only recommendation was to reinstall.


Has anyone else had a similar problem or suggestion on how to fix? >>> noticed that there aren't many posts regarding the gadget >>> have other even found it useful?



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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

I would just remove it if it is not functional.


A uninstall/reinstall is a good idea. 

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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

I have had the white spinning gadget on a couple of occasions after booting up Vista Ultimate SP1.  It eventually went to a Brown Fix Me button after a couple of days.  This was fixed by downloading manually and running the latest virus definition file. 



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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

What version of NIS is this? -- Help & Support /  About

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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

Dillinger :smileyhappy:



I Believe...

The circle of dots that you see going round and round in the.. NIS 09 - Sidebar Gadget

Is NIS 09 .. Trying To Load - Start Up!

As your NIS 09 - Sidebar Gadget .. Never actually stops spinning ... And never shows - Secure

This would indicate, there is certainly a problem with your NIS 09


Your NIS 09 - Is Failing To Start Up :smileysad:



I think it's time to - Uninstall & Reinstall



How do I know This?



When I first installed NIS 09 on my laptop.

At that time..

I was having problems with another piece of software - QuickPlay


QuickPlay was Hanging at start up :smileysad:

As a Result...

I think some other programs / software ( Including NIS 09 ) .. Were getting caught up in the problem.

My Laptop Would Start Up

And for approx 30 seconds .. I would see the spinning circle of dots in the NIS 09 - Sidebar Gadget

After the approx 30 seconds .. The NIS 09 Sidebar Gadget would say - Secure

I actually thought this was normal :smileyindifferent:

It was only once I had Fixed the problem with my QuickPlay Software

And NIS 09 Started Loading / Starting - Instantly! ... I realised there had been a problem :smileysurprised:


Instead of the NIS 09 - Sidebar Gadget .. Having the Spinning Circle of Dots.

It just says - Secure .. Straight away! :smileyhappy:

As soon as my Desktop and Sidebar appear... NIS 09 Sidebar Gadget - Secure



Maybe there is something on your computer...

That is causing problems / preventing NIS 09 from Starting Up :smileysad:





Hope This Helps! :smileywink:

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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

Thank you for the help > I'm going to try the reinstall - I'll write back with my progress...

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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

just completed the re-install and no luck... the gadget just simply spins. Can't recall the last time I saw "secure." It may be as you said Zana  - I'll have to start digging.
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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

I never gort the gadget when I installed NIS. My norton runs fine, how can I add just that gadget without uninstalling and reinstalling Norton?
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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

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Have you tried disabling User Account Control in Vista?


To add Norton gadget follow these steps:

1. On the Sidebar Click the + (plus) sign situated at the top of the Sidebar
2. The Gadget Windows will now be displayed
3. Select the Norton Gadget by double clicking on its image.

4. As soon as you have double clicked on the Norton gadget should appear on the Windows Sidebar.


Try setting up the Vista Gadget to load delayed for 15-20 seconds after Computer/System Startup through the Task Scheduler. This will help the sidebar to load without any interruptions and the gadgets will be able to access the necessary files.

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Re: norton gadget in vista sidebar HELP

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Just thought I should add an update.... I decided to try an uninstall again. This time I removed all settings (previously I selected the option to save current settings). After the reinstall, the gadget came up reflecting secure. I than ran the liveupdate. I was prompted to restart. When I clicked restart - I heard a ding (???). When I came up, the gadget is now stuck in spin mode again. There must be something with the update that is screwing things up.


I tried a complete reinstall again, gadget was "secure" > rebooted without running the liveupdate > and now the gadget is stuck spinning. There must be something with a setting or something else running on my machine. If I figure it out, I'll write back

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