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norton virus definition survey reward

3 weeks back When i visited norton website, i found one survey that is being conducted by norton. i took the survey and the end of the survey  it was stated that a $50 coupon will be sent to me after 2 weeks. it has been more than 3 weeks now and i still did not get the $50 coupon. Was it just a bluff that Norton  played to attarct more number of people to complete the survey?



i have attached a screen shot of the survey screen.




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Re: norton virus definition survey reward

The notice on the screenshot appears to be more in the nature of a draw rather than a guarantee.  You should have received a notice in your email if you had won, in fact the coupon would probably be attached to the email.  Do you have a copy of anything that says you were definitely getting a coupon.

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Re: norton virus definition survey reward



Since that wording is not really clear I suggest you contact customer support and ask them.


To contact customer support Click on this link and work on from there.

You can choose CHAT or Email; phone may have a long wait time and feedback from users tells us that CHAT is by far the best at resolving problems.

Note that that link is to the USA/CAN website so if you are located elsewhere I'm sure you will be able to find the equivalent location on your local Symantec website; some pages have a link at the top right where you can select the country you are located in.