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problem with power eraser


i did a scan with norton power eraser and it flaged up a problem with java saying that one or more of your java versions is vulnerable i have the updated version plus uninstalled older versions tried again still same message so contacted norton for 

support so i had the technician from norton  work on my computer tried again with java updates but still no fix so need a bit of advice on how to solve this problem




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Re: problem with power eraser

Why did you run Norton Power Eraser?


It is not designed as an everyday scanner, and it can be prone to false positives.


As long as you have removed older versions of java, and you have the latest version, you should not have any worries.




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Re: problem with power eraser

Hi edd78:


The official Java website has a utility called the Java Uninstall Tool that will remove older versions of Java and leave the latest Java JRE 7 Update 45 on your computer.  Please see my post here for further instructions and comments on configuring Java for safer browsing.


Post back if you have any questions before proceeding.

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