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service for $8.99 when ordering Norton products

I was just wondering whether I need to order the service for $8.99 when renewing my subscription to any Norton product. Isn't the point of antivirus programs to remove viruses? Why is there an extra charge for that?

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Re: service for $8.99 when ordering Norton products

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Hi jannie96


Welcome to the Norton Community Forum :-)


I think this information will  answer  your question for  what

the $8.99 Norton Virus Removal Assurance 1 Year Subscription

offer will provide  for you with your Symantec Norton product

purchase online-


Norton Virus Removal Assurance gives you 24/7 access to our hands on NortonLive experts. Its ideal if you are installing Norton software for the first time and your PC has a preexisting virus that prevents installation.

Its also just what you need if you are renewing an expired Norton product and your PC somehow has become infected.

Whatever the case, Norton Virus Removal Assurance provides unlimited virus removals while your subscription is active. Normally $99.99 for each service session, a NortonLive expert will remotely connect to your computer to eliminate viruses and spyware.

NortonLive Services have a tremendous customer satisfaction rate with more than 90% of customers rating their overall satisfaction as "Satisfied" to "Extremely Satisfied."*


During a Virus Removal call, a NortonLive expert will:

  • Securely connect to your computer over the Internet
  • Ask you about your computers unusual behavior and infection symptoms
  • Diagnose the likely cause(s) of the problem(s)
  • Detect and eliminate threats from your computer using industry-leading proprietary Norton technology
  • Identify and fix security problems and vulnerabilities that could allow threats to infect your computer
  • Update your Norton software and virus definitions
  • Patch all known Windows security holes
  • Document all steps taken to remove threats
  • Provide tips for avoiding future infection


I hope that info has  helped to answer your question. :-)


Cheers :smileywink:

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