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Recently I noticed my firefox browser kept connecting to "" with every page load.  This slowed loading time a lot.  Googling shows others had it too.  I found a "Burrowsye2save" firefox extension installed without my knowledge.  It showed up in my start menu and under programs & features of control panel.  I had to remove the extension and uninstall it to get rid of connecting to


Dwelling into its folder, was a settings.ini, which stated it as "BrowseToSave".  Googling brought me to this community topic

which says it is ad malware.


Though I did not see any manifestation of the malware showing unwanted ads, connecting to a mysterious and installing without my knowledge are alarming enough. 


Shouldn't Symantec already picked up this scent and prevent browsetosave from entering our computers?


Thanks for reading my little mumbling...

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Re: - Burrowsye2save - BrowseToSave

It is not malware, but a PUP, so no most AV's won't detect PUPs,