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sudden onslaught of pop ups in last month

I  hate pop-ups.  Suddenly, in the last month, I have been deluged with pop ups - all invasive, but some with even more invasive audio.  I moved my browser's pop-up blocker to the highest setting, yet they persist. I usually use IE.  should I switch to using Firefox? 


The worst perpetrators are,, and  New offenders are,,,,,, and  Ironically, Norton products are often prominent in these invasive pop-up ads.


I want a "blacklist" feature the same way there is a "whitelist" feature.  I want a bad dude at my firewall keeping out these invaders.   I want Norton to help me declare war on pop-ups.  Please offer something in the next version. I'll be shopping in about 3 months.  Other suggestions anyone?

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Re: sudden onslaught of pop ups in last month

Hi chavywavy,


Recurring pop-ups, especially with audio, are most likely being fetched from the internet by malware present on your system.  I would suggest that you register and post the issue at one of the malware removal forums, suggested by delphinium, listed below.  They are very good are finding and removing these types of infections.