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suspect keyboard virus/malware, toshiba lap

ran full system scan plus norton power eraser. has not fixed a virus or malware that makes laptop keyboard mistype.  affects alpha numeric function of keyboard. for example, backspace displays: wpf, key p displays: pf (with multiple spaces after), etc.  the a key displays: a (plus a hard return before and after).  some keys seem to be unaffected.  the alpha numeric function of my laptop works fine with an external wireless keyboard.  suspect malware/virus.  other people have posted similar problems with toshiba computers using norton security software (on online forums).  please is there something i can download? help!

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Re: suspect keyboard virus/malware, toshiba lap

Hi taetakacs,


Keyboard issues such as this are usually hardware or software problems, rather than malware-related.  SInce an external keyboard seems to work, the problem would appear to be an issue with the Toshiba.  Have you searched the Toshiba Keyboards and Touchpads forum for a solution?  If you cannot find your issue posted there, you might register and start a thread.


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Re: suspect keyboard virus/malware, toshiba lap

Hello taetakacs


Have you tried reinstalling your keyboard drivers or updating the driver? Have you tried unplugging the laptop if it is plugged in?Have you tried changing the battery if wireless?



My keyboard recently was typing just g's and couldn't stop it. I had to unplug the USB plug from the key board and plug it back in to fix that. I had a message on windows live messenger and all I could type was non stop g's.... Rebooting didn't help either. A simple fix such as unplugging the USB did the trick.

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Re: suspect keyboard virus/malware, toshiba lap

wow  I was trolling lookinf for a solution, I opened a windows live email from a company (reputable) and my keyboard was messed up fast. I remembered the old sticky keys tricks we used to play 10 years or so ago, and imagined I missed this one!


It is "blue Keys" enabled or "Language" changed. It is not a virus so no anti virus will detect it. It is not a trojan so no malware(anti) will fix it, it is more like a malicious code or script written to the background of an email. I have not yet found what how or where, but the fix is a number of combinations depending on your computer/keyboard.


Press "fn" and "number lock" on laptops with "fn" key and some also use "scroll" key as well. On desktops I hit so many I dont remember but they included combinations of "hold shift" (not **bleep** lock) and tap "scroll" and "control" and tap "scroll". Maybe if that does not work for you, try "ctrl" with same combinations and "alt" as above.


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