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Hi wondering why Norton doesn't have software for Blackberry phones I am told there is a firewall from BB but would like to have Norton's other features as well!

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Re: Blackberry

Hi imfrmars.


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I am not a Norton employee, so can only guess why they do not have a product for Blackberry, but I suspect that it is a commercial reason based on the ease/difficulty of creating such a product and the perceived market, which in the case of Blackberrys which are often seen as quite secure devices, may not look that great.  However I know that they continue to monitor the market and the more people like yourself express an interest, then the more likely it is that they will produce something.  Keep an eye on this forum and you will know as soon as anyone, if they do.


You might also like to look at the earlier thread at:


in which smithy identifies several possible alternatives that might help you until Norton produce something.


I hope that helps.