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NMS Lite Launching on the Android Market

Hi Folks,


Thanks to all our forum users for all your ongoing support!  I’m very excited to announce the availability of Norton Mobile Security Lite on the Android Market!


With more than 6B Android apps downloaded to date, it’s clear that people value the utility of free and paid apps on their mobile devices.  At the same time, users need an easy way to stay safe and vigilant about what’s running on their mobile devices because we’ve seen an increase in mobile malware over the last few months. (See Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 16)  In addition, concerns about losing a mobile phone or browsing the web are top of mind for many of our Beta testers as a recent Norton survey suggest.  Actually, this nifty video does a nice job of describing why mobile security is important and what Norton Mobile Security will do for you.


We are releasing Norton Mobile Security Lite, a free security application for Android-based smartphones and its key features include:

  • Remote Lock – Remotely lock your lost or stolen device via SMS text and prevent strangers from seeing your private information or running up your mobile bill.
  • Anti-Malware – Scans all files and app updates downloaded to the mobile device and automatically detects and removes threats without slowing you down.
  • Automatic LiveUpdate – Automatically downloads and installs security updates keeping you a step ahead of cybercriminals.


NMS Lite is available now in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.  For users who want additional protections such as the ability to:

  • remotely locate or wipe their device; 
  • block unwanted calls or text messages; or 
  • block phishing websites used to steal personal information and money,

there is the option to upgrade to the full featured Norton Mobile Security for an annual subscription price of $29.99USD.


Thanks again for all the feedback and comments over the last few months.  Enjoy NMS Lite!

Mark from SYMC