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Norton Mobile Security for Iphone

I downloaded Norton Mobile Secuirty for my Iphone from ITunes.  After the download, I am prompted to place in my email address and password to get onto the site.  The response received is "No License Available. Check your Norton Account for details." I have verified the password being used is correct.  When I attempt to contact Norton support for assistance, they refuse to help with this issue as it is a free item (although I have paid for a Norton subscription for my other computers, nice huh?) Anyone know how to resolve this issue? 

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Re: Norton Mobile Security for Iphone

Hi carmichaelsmom.


Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.


I do not have an iPhone and so have not tried registering this product though I know there are people who visit here who have and they may come in with further advice.


While the app can be downloaded for free from the App Store there is effectively no free functionality, you need to buy a licence to get anything useful from the app, so maybe the reaction you got from whoever you dealt with, was assuming that you had chosen not to buy the functionality.  I am not trying to excuse them just explain what may have happened.


If you are still interested in the app then I should say that I believe that the setup directly from the app store is not particularly intuitive.  So I suggest that you might like to uninstall the app and try getting to it another way.  Having uninstalled, go to the website from your iPhone and try getting it from there.  If your email address and login password do not work then, you should be given an option to reset your password.


I hope that helps.  Do feel free to come back with any questions and please do come back and tell us how you got on.


Should you have any further Chat sessions with Norton staff where you are less that satisfied with the outcome, make a note of the case number that they give you and come back here to let us know how you were treated.  Then a Norton staff member (who are the only ones who appear with their forum names in bold red text) may ask you for the number to follow things up....


Good luck.  ;-)

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Re: Norton Mobile Security for Iphone

Hi carmichaelsmom,


To use the features of Norton Mobile Security for iOS, you need to have a Norton Mobile Security license associated with your Norton Account. Norton Mobile Security entitlement is available through the following offerings:


  • Norton Mobile Security (through retail store/Norton Online Store/Google Play Store)
  • Norton 360 Multi-Device
  • Norton One membership

If you have purchased any one of the above offerings, you should have a valid Norton Mobile Security entitlement.


If you have not registered your purchase, do the following:

  1. Go to the Norton Mobile Security website.
  2. On the top-right corner of the page, click Register.
  3. Click Register Your Purchase.
  4. Type your Norton Account email address and password and then click Sign In.
  5. Enter your NMS product key and click Verify to activate the subscription.