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Online Backup login



I purchased NOBU through the link in my NIS software. Everything downloaded and installed beautifully, but when I go to register my subscription, I get as far as the Sign In screen and I enter my correct details, I am continuously redirected to this 500 error page:


As a result I cannot activate or use the product. 


Can someone please advise? Is this a temp issue with NOBU


As per the forum guidelines, I am using an Acer laptop, with Windows 7 Home Premium, and browsing with Chrome.

I have tried various broswers to eliminate that possibility, with the same result.



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Re: Online Backup login

Hello OMcHale,


Based on what you're describing it sounds like you may have had a subscription before which expired. Accounts that don't renew eventually get removed from the system. Without more info I can't say with 100% certainty though. Can you share if this is your first purchase or if you had it prior? If you did have an account before do you recall around when?

Wesley Welty
Technical Support Manager