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Questions About Norton Backup and How it Works

Hello everyone.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


I am a new Norton user...I just purchased Norton Internet Security 2012 and Norton Utilities and am enjoying them both very much. 


I was looking into online backup services such as Carbonite and Mozy to back up my files to a safe secure server incase I lose my files or our computers crash.


However, I just noticed that Norton has "Norton Backup" that I can buy.


I was wondering if someone could tell me how it differs, how it's the same, and what it actually does.


My main purpose would be for it to back up my word documents, music, pictures, and .txt files to a secure location.


Does it automatically backup my files, or do I need to manually pick which files to back up.  Also, 25GB is not enough room for me.  If I buy Norton Backup 25GB twice, will I then have 50 GB of storage...or can I just add more storage somehow?


If someone could give me some information, I would genuinely appreciate it.  I am really confused as to how all these backup programs work.  Thank you.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (SP1) - Mozilla Firefox 7.x - Norton Internet Security 2012
Norton Anti-Theft 1.0 - Norton Utilities 15 - Norton Online Backup (100 gb)
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Re: Questions About Norton Backup and How it Works

Hello eric3312


Once you are done with Norton Online Backup installation you have to choose the files\folders for Backup.


Follow the Step 2 from the following Symantec KB for setting up backup:


You can also schedule the backup:


BY default Backups are scheduled to run automatically, And you always have the option to run Backup manually using Backup Now option.


Regarding Additional storage : If you buy extra 25 GB, your storage space will be added up and it moves to 50 GB now.


Hope this info helps you.




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Re: Questions About Norton Backup and How it Works

I think my computer crashed.   When I turned it on it says "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <windows root>\system32\hal.dll.  Please re-install a copy of the above file."  I don't have the Windows installation cd so I can't re-install this.  Does this mean my computer crashed or could it be something else?


I have nortons's thru Qwest so I'm not sure what version it is but I just need to find out how I can retreive important documents from my computer.  I have contacted Norton's 3 times to no avail.



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Re: Questions About Norton Backup and How it Works

Hi Eric3312,

Norton Online Back up is an application that you can use to back up your Word files, Pictures, Music ...etc

It is secured because, while you do a back up files are encrypted and saved in the Secure server. So no one can access that location. While restoring, decryption happen and files are restored.

By default it will back up automatically. Also you can change the settings and make it Manual.

You can purchase 25 GB twice under same Norton Account so that it will automatically get merged as 50 GB.