How will the end of Windows XP impact you?

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The clock is ticking down on Windows XP. Microsoft will end technical assistance for the 12-year-old operating system on April 8 and effectively stop delivering automatic updates and security patches to Windows XP users. Although many consumers, small businesses and even large enterprises have already transitioned to newer and more secure systems, an estimated 30 million desktop operating systems still run on Windows XP today and could be left vulnerable after April 8. 


At Symantec, we firmly believe running up-to-date security products is a critical step in protecting your personal information and devices. However, even the best security products and Microsoft's own Malicious Software Removal Tool can’t fully protect an outdated operating system. XP users will face increased risks after April 8 as cybercriminals try to take advantage of vulnerabilities.  


Symantec’s Norton products will continue to support Windows XP systems for the foreseeable future, but we strongly recommend Windows XP users upgrade to a more current operating system as soon as possible and protect it with a robust security solution.


When choosing a solution for your new device, an integrated product like Norton 360 Multi-Device is a good option because it can protect multiple devices, including PCs, Macs and mobile devices, with one single solution. The latest versions of Norton’s security products feature five patented layers of industry-leading protection – file, network, behavior, reputation and remediation – as well as support for the latest versions of Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 


The end of support for XP shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially given recent trends toward more sophisticated technologies and connected devices. Also known as the “Internet of Things,” these new technologies deliver great conveniences and new experiences, but one thing is certain: it’s important to keep your information protected regardless of where it’s stored, accessed or shared. 

by Norton Fighter on ‎02-27-2014 09:18 AM

As long as the ATMs continue to work, we should be OK. My XP is multibooted for historical reasons and one of these days it may disappear (and yes I know I'll have to deal with the bootloader <s>).

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I run three computers, Two with Win 7 and my older computer that came with Win XP. Dell provided a free upgrade CD for the old computer to Vista. I ran Win XP since it came out on this old computer. I decided last month to use the CD and upgrade the XP computer to Vista because I didn't want to take any chances with security issues.

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XP is still or should I say was one, if not the Best OS Microsoft ever came out with, I hope Symantec keeps offering protection as mentioned........Thanks......Gorpy1

by prttblues on ‎03-25-2014 03:51 PM

Unfortunately, there are millions of people who cannot afford to upgrade their systems to satisfy Windows or buy a new computer, so we are the ones who will get hurt by their choice to stop support.  I don't understand why they are ending the support. It's really stupid (in my opinion).  I guess my internet use will be heavily restricted since I can't upgrade or get a new computer.  Thank you Norton for continuing to provide updates for XP OS.  It is very much appreciated.