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One of the great new features we’re adding to the Norton 2012 product line is the ability to manage your installed Norton products from one central website.  Have you ever received a call from your remote family member that their Norton product is out of date or their Norton subscription needs a renewal?  Before the management feature, you’d have to physically be present to address these issues.  Now, once you have installed Norton Management on a device, you can handle these things (and more) from the Management website! The site gives an overview of all your managed machines and you can perform specific actions once you are logged into your Norton Account.  This is easy enough to do whether you’re a novice user or the designated “IT” person in your family.
The screenshot snippet below shows “My PC” installed with NIS 2011.  I can easily add “My laptop”, “My Mom’s PC”, or any other devices I want to manage.

In the next steps, I will add “My Laptop” to Norton Management, and then remotely install Norton Internet Security from a different machine or location.  

  1. I click on “Add Device” 

  2. This downloads Norton Management to my computer, which I then name “My Laptop”.

  3. “My Laptop” now shows in the Management website.  
  4. Imagine that I now travelled far from my laptop.  I log into the website again and I now click on “Add Products”. This will remotely install Norton Internet Security.

  5. The website updates in real-time, and shows that Norton Internet Security is installing. 

  6. After Norton Internet Security is downloaded and installed, the website again updates in real-time to reflect the new install.  “My Laptop” is now fully protected with the latest 2012 protection!

We realize that our customers want a central place where they can easily manage their products and subscriptions. And with the increasing number of computers and devices to protect, Norton Management becomes a critical aspect of maintaining a connected lifestyle.    The latest Norton Internet Security beta update allows you to set up Management from the main UI – just click on the “Get Started” button.

After you’ve installed Norton Management, you can always get back to the website by clicking on the Management tray icon.

Please try this new feature and let us know what you think!

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