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Introducing Norton Anti-Theft Beta

by ‎09-14-2011 01:19 PM - edited ‎09-14-2011 01:19 PM

Norton Anti-Theft is a new service that gives you a way to track the devices you have, protect the data they house, and get them back in the event that they are ever lost or stolen. Learn more about it here.


Preventing Agony

by ‎09-14-2011 12:55 PM - edited ‎09-15-2011 02:22 PM

Rootkits can present a challenge to security software.  After all, how can you remove something if you can’t find it?  Even if you can find it, how can you remove something that is subverting the operating system? Well, as it turns out, there are a number of proven techniques that can be used to both detect rootkits as well as to remove them.


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