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Norton Tablet Security on Kindle Fire HD

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I was told by PC World that I needed NTS for the Kindle but when I download it says to go to all APS and open NTS, then enter the activation code.  I have downloaded this but there is no sign of NTS in the All Aps.  Has anyone managed to download this successfully onto a Kindle Fire HD. 


I have managed to do this now

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Re: Norton Tablet Security on Kindle Fire HD

Hi Andy7920


Welcome to The Norton Community. :smileyhappy:


I was not aware that it was possible to install Norton Tablet Security on a

Kindle Fire HD :smileysurprised:  as that is why Symantec Norton has a free app in the

Amazon App Store for the Kindle tablets.:smileyhappy:


The app being Norton Mobile Security Lite can be found in the app store.


For more info about the Amazon App Stores free Norton app click on the link



Would be very interested if you could tell us how you installed NTS on a Kindle

Fire HD. :smileyhappy: Thanks.


Cheers. :smileywink:


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Re: Norton Tablet Security on Kindle Fire HD

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when you go to apps-store-and then search norton it says norton mobile security lite(kindle tablet edition).dont mean to jump in on somebodys thread but  just lettin ya know,its the same as the link in your post.maybe they are seeing where it says kindle tablet edition and thats what they are refering to?