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Symantec Mobile Security enrollment not working

I just purchased and installed on my Galaxy Tablet. To enroll it asks me for the Server address/ Port. 

Does this mean my comuputer address where I have the wifi installed? the wifi port ??? Not sure? I have tried a number of different ones and it will not accept.


Is there somewhere on the tablet I can find it's IP address?  Sorry to be so dumb:catsad:

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Re: Symantec Mobile Security enrollment not working

Hi Bluemont.


Welcome to the Norton Community Forums. :smileyhappy:


Sorry for the delay in response but you have me puzzled.  You have posted in the Norton Tablet Security forum (possibly because you have a tablet) but you refer to Symantec Mobile Security by which I assume you mean Norton Mobile Security which has a different forum.  Which product are you using and which version?


As " for the Server address/ Port" I have never seen this.  Is this when you try and log in to  If so how are you connecting to the internet?  A good WiFi connection that also allows you to connect to say Google Play should work without asking such questions.


I look forward to hearing back from you.