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How safe is the Identity Safe?

Been checking on feedbacks regarding the "disappearance" of the OFFLINE Identity Safe.  And it seems that (based on what some of the mods have replied) there is no hope of bringing the OFFLINE option back.




Why did Norton removed an option that a lot of users were comfortable using?  What is wrong with the old set-up of having both the Offline and Online option.  I thought the previous Norton 360s were stable having both those options.


One moderator here said that to avoid ONLINE mode, you have to avoid the Identity Safe altogether.  What kind of reason or suggestion is that, considering you are communicating with YOUR customer who subscribe to your services and therefore are the reason why your company are earning income?  It's true, Norton Identity Safe is one of the reasons why a lot of people love Norton better.  But to imply a "take it or leave it stance" is kind of OFF in my opinion.


It would be great to explain to us how the ONLINE Identity Safe works.  I somehow wasn't able to disable the automatic save logins option, so in the process (without being notified) my online bank accounts, paypal passwords were saved.  Will they still be saved ONLINE even if we delete it from our end?


It's kind of ironic for something that is suppose to make us feel safe is doing exactly the opposite.  I kind of distrust CLOUD services because of the recent news on hacking and all.  I am sure the Norton folks are aware on how sophisticated the hackers are nowadays.  There will always be a smart one to break the code.  So given the fact that our login details are saved on your cloud services, how safe are we really?  Is there really a 100% guarantee that there won't be any attempts of a "rogue employee" to save a copy of all the logins and sell them to crooks?  The US military, supposedly one of the most secure institutions in the world wasn't even spared of this dilema.  Remember Wiki-Leaks?  All it takes is one crazy employee to create a weak link.  Put it simple, is the Identity Safe 100% hack-proof?


Learn from Google, Microsoft and other blue chip US companies who thought that their unpopular policies will work their way into the EU.  They have been fined, and in some cases fined again for Anti-Trust and Privacy issues.  As for Google, it was the "harvesting" of log-in details and accounts that had given them the "red card".  I am sure that migrating the offline mode to online without most of us (like me) aware of it is somewhat similar of a privacy violation.  You leave us no other option.


Norton has been a strong advocate against identity theft which was why for so many years, since the first N360 came out I have stayed loyal. Norton is such a good brand, a lot of people trust it.  But I hope it doesn't get into the heads of the people high up the company thinking they can impose whatever they want to their customers without giving them any other choice or option.  It may work in the US, but not for us EU folks.  We are used to having options and out privacy protected.


I hope your reply would shed some light on this offline Identity Safe matter once and for all.  And that I would end up feeling "genuinely safe" rather than bewildered and unsure about the whole thing.


So, convince me!  Sell your product to me once again so come 282 days later, I would continue to renew my subscription.

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Re: How safe is the Identity Safe?

Thanks naps917 for a magnificent, well written post!


In my country we have experienced that a company offering online storage of photos, went bankrupt. What with your personal photos/passwords in such a situation?

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Re: How safe is the Identity Safe?

Offline Identity Safe is still available with Norton Security Suite by Comcast. If you are comcast user or know anyone who is using comcast service, you can get it for free. :-) 

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Re: How safe is the Identity Safe?

If you say Comcast can give it for free, why not the Symantec?  Or should I say Norton/Symantec SHOULD give/offer it to us as well.  You know how some of us are, we only trust things from the official source.


I really don't feel safe that my passwords are being held "hostage" by a company who I don't really know from Adam.  I wouldn't trust my passwords to my kids even if I love them to bits, much more to a faceless and nameless a stranger - remotely charge of "keeping" them for us.  I mean in common sense just tells us it's wrong.


So what if I quit Norton? Will then still be holding on to my user name/passwords.  Just think of the hassle they are taking us into if and when we decide to quit!  I hope somehow the European Union legislators will get wind of this and put a stop to it.  One way or another, it will catch their attention.  Norton can avoid a hefty fine if they sort this out right now.  They should learn from companies who had made a 180 degree turn on unpopular policies/practices.  Again, this would almost be like those malware that hijacks your PC and ask you for a fee to "release" it back to you.  It's ironic that Norton help fights to prevent things like these and yet, here they are doing something similar.


I'm pretty sure I am NOT the only one who clamours for the return of the OFFLINE Identity Safe feature.  I read the previous posts from other users and it's obvious that they too don't feel safe about storing their passwords on cloud services.  All it will take them to do is release an updated patch.  How hard is that?


It just makes you wonder why they won't give it back to us.  I'm sure those in favour of the online feature won't mind having a option button/link to revert back to offline.  Quite honestly, the refusal of Norton to keep it online and their insistance of them holding our passwords for us is quite DODGY.  You just can't help but ask yourself WHY?


Okay some people would like to log-in their Identity Safe on a different PC with Norton 360.  Well I have news for you, some people don't.  So why cater to only one side of the user base.  Pro-offline users PAY the same subscription fee you know, so we have the right to see our demands/requests are met too.


I will keep this topic open for as long as I can until I get an answer. I'd really hate to end my subscription for feeling "insecure" on my 360.  I subscribed to feel safe online but the funny thing is, I feel the opposite.


So what's your say on this Norton?  Wanna play poker to see who's bluffing?

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Re: How safe is the Identity Safe?

Hi naps917,


Please read this thread - you may be able to get some background and answers to your comments in your last post.  Yes, all 39 pages!





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Re: How safe is the Identity Safe?

I only proposed a solution. Actually, I'm on your side in this matter. Users should be allowed to choose between online and offilne storage of their passwords and other confidential datas.

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Re: How safe is the Identity Safe?

I'm not necessarily a Norton fan, because I don't even pay for any of their products, but I do happen to like some of their freebies like NortonDNS and Identity Safe (standalone toolbar).


I can understand the value of having offline vault option, but nothing is 100% secure, not even offline vault.


For me personally, I don't mind online 'cloud' storage but I understand I'm sacrificing total control and 'trusting' the cloud with my confidential data. My particular priorities put ultimate portability offered by the cloud ahead of local control.


However, If I was a paying customer like you are, I too would like to at least have the option of either local or cloud storage and even option for both with syncing capability. That would make ID Safe a truly robust & powerful product, in my opinion.


I'm a cheapskates and don't want to pay for the utlimate security solution yet, so Standalone ID Safe is good enough for now, and it's free.


Just my 2 cents. 

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