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IE 64 bit

I am so used to using my IE 64 browser, that I really don't want to have to change in order to use the "Identity Safe"/"Toolbar". Does anyone have any suggestions about anything I can do, or any info as to why I can't get it on IE64, or if there is ever going to be a way to use the Toolbar/Identity Safe with this browser? Thanks.

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Re: IE 64 bit

Hi onegoodeman,


NTB is not compatable with IE 64 bit - works fine with IE 32 bit.  Is IE 64 bit really that different from IE 32 bit.  I have never used 64 bit IE as I have no need to, but obviously you have your reasons.  Perhaps if Microsoft would switch to IE 64 as the default bowser for Windows - Norton would make a 64bit version of NTB.



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Re: IE 64 bit

Hi onegoodeman,


Welcome to Norton Community,


Adding to the Yank's answer, the main reason behind the dropout of IE64 for Norton Toolbar and Identity safe is:


--> Some functionality requires the Flash and the Activex Controls, where IE 64 bit will not support.

--> Not only for the Norton, but for any toolbars - IE 32bit supports those features, where as IE 64 bit supports with limitations


This is something called level of support from different browsers,


Browser Supported Supported with limitations Not supported
Internet Explorer 9 32-bit 64-bit  
Internet Explorer 8 32-bit 64-bit  
Internet Explorer 7 32-bit 64-bit  
Internet Explorer 6     X
Google Chrome (latest publically released version) X    
Mozilla Firefox (latest publically released version) X    
Apple Safari (latest publically released version)   X  



I hope this clarifies you :smileywink:

K Ramachandran
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Re: IE 64 bit

Well, I think this old gog might try a new trick and check out both Googlr Chrome and Firefox, just to see if I like either one better.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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Re: IE 64 bit

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Hi onegoodeman,


Of course, you can always use the 32-bit version of IE, which is the default.  It is actually faster than the 64-bit version.  There is no reason you would need to continue using 64-bit IE.