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Identity Safe Question


first of all, I have a problems regarding Identity Safe feature on Norton Internet Security on my PC (Windows 7 x64 SP1) and a question about Identity Safe Password Manager app on my Android tablet, the one I downloaded from here 


Ok, few days after installing the new Internet Security i find a couple of problems about it. First, after logging in on my PC, I oftenly open my browser (Chrome 21) straight away. And everytime I do this, NIS, especially Identity Safe, makes my Chrome freeze for a minute, and mostly ends with a "Norton Identity Safe plugin is unresponsive" message. This is not a major problem, As I have to just wait a minutes after logged in before start open my browser. But it's seems a little weird because I don't have this problem before on previous NIS version (19). And the other problem, I have moved my Identity Safe info to online Vault, when I click the Vault button on the toolbar, oftenly it's showing nothing but a black square box, not a "Open Vault" dialog box.


About Identity Safe Password Manager app for Android, I don't know if this is the correct section, but here's the question anyway : Is it possible to integrate Identity Safe to another browser like Firefox, Chrome or Android stock browser? I've checked it and it's seems it's only working on built-in browser inside the app. My tablet is a Samsung Espresso 10 (ICS 4.0.3) by the way.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


And sorry for the long post and my bad English :p



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Re: Identity Safe Question



The first issue you see with Chrome, i belive it just happens with this version of Chrome i.e Chrome 21. We already have one open issue logged with google chrome which is related to the our plugin being non-responsive.


The second issue which you say is the one which we are already aware of, as a temporary work around to see the text on the black infobar, just click once on the "Close" button on the info and you would see the infobar responding by showing the text on the black bar.


And for your android app query, we currently support our in-built browser and would not work on other third party browsers.