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Identity safe crashing

My Norton Identity safe crashes all the time ( This is why i dont like using google chrome alot ) wen i'm on facebook or playing games, and thats only playing for about 5 min,it happens on every page i hav open. I have read all the solutions but for some reason none are helping me.Everything has been updated and checked,so i dont know wat else to do.Plz help if u can as it gets annoying. Thanx in advance :):)

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Re: Identity safe crashing

Hi KerinStevanovic,


A bit more info will be helpful.  what is your operating system, which Norton Product are you using nd what is it's version (Support > About from the product's main page)?  Plese explain more abut "crashes all the time" - do you get any error mesages?

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Re: Identity safe crashing

How have you determined it is Identity Safe crashing? 


As Yank says any information you can give can help find a solution. If you can, post a screenshot of any error messages. Instructions to post screenshots can be found here




Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.