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Lost My Vault Password and Hint

Hello , All

I am very interested in  Identity safe logins of Norton , but unfortunately I have lost my password Vault and the big mistake I forgot  my Hint for it , so I can't download it or any Norton Applications .


could please help me for this problem ?

thank you so much


Kind regards :maneuver-happy:



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Re: Lost My Vault Password and Hint

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Hello Ha-m and welcome!


I am sorry to hear of the trouble you are having.


For security reasons, Norton does not have access to your password.  If you cannot remember the password and hint, then I would suggest entering the wrong password three times.  After the third consecutive attempt you will be presented with the option to delete your vault.  This will destroy all of the contents and give you a new empty vault.


If you had previously exported or backed up your data locally, then then re-creating the vault should be rather quick.  However if you have no backup, then the ID Safe data will have to be re-created manually.




 Let us know how you do.


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