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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing NIS 2012

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How to disable the Norton extension in Chrome v17.0:

[Click the wrench icon on the Chrome toolbar in the top right]

[Select Tools in the menu]

[Select Extensions in the menu]

[Uncheck the enable checkbox next to the Norton Identity Protection extension, do not click remove]


By disabling the our extension Chrome will not load any of our code, and if you still experience problems in Chrome, it is most likely related to other Chrome or other extension problems.



To re-iterate some information already shared in this thead:


We reported this problem to Google on August 10 2011.



To the best of our knowledge in debugging our code and Chrome's code, we believe this is a problem that Google needs to resolve, and it cannot be resolved by us.

We are extremely frustrated by Google's lack of responding to this issue.

We have reached out to Google through various channels on various occasions without any noticeable success.


We work closely with Mozilla and Microsoft on issues related to FireFox and IE, and we wish we could have a similar working relationship with Google, but to date this has proven to be difficult, to say the least. 


We are not trying to shift blame, but there is only so much we can do without Google's help.


You are welcome to vent your frustration in this thread, but may I suggest you also complain to Google for their lack of response:



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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing Chrome

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Seems as though Norton Confidential plugin affects people in different ways. I use Chrome when coming here and many other websites. I've only been using Chrome for two months, so still getting the feel of it. When visiting my banking website, that's when the plugin crashes, yet the Norton Toolbar and everything else remains untouched. So I click off the yellow message.


So I use IE instead to visit my bank.  If Chrome crashed often with the many sites I visit, or when opening Chrome, then I would call it a problem. Maybe it's my older OS, I don't know. I don't seem to be having the same problem others are. Although I know it's a big issue, Chrome is a great browser.





Windows XP SP3,  NIS 2012  (  Chrome 17.0.963.79,  IE 8

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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing Chrome

I have to say that I've switched off this extension until I see something in this thread that makes me think it's been fixed & by whoever. Although I can sympathise from an IT perspective (retired after 37 years) as I a customer I'm not interested who is at fault - just make the product work. This is something the IT industry *still* hasn't quite got right & I think is holding the industry back. People (none IT literate ie the majority of people/customers) just want to use a product & don't want to mess around with things too much.

Unless this issue is sorted my renewal will not be happening at the end of the year - pity because there are some good parts of the overall product that I like. This is not the only thing "wrong" with this component. I can't find out what is better about using the "confidential" bit over the built in password management in Chrome for example. I know what it's supposed to do just want to know what is "better" about it but I guess Symantec just aren't that bothered - as so far I've been unable to find out why & am not prepared to switch off a feature I am familiar with in Chrome, for something that may or may not be as good/better.

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Norton Confidential Crashing in Chrome

Norton Confidential keeps crashing in Google Chrome intermittently and must close Chrome.


I have performed Norton Update and am current.


Identity Safe continues to operate though the tool bar disappears.


Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 w/SP3 - 32bit

Chrome 17.0.963.79

Norton 360

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Re: Norton Confidential Crashing in Chrome

The issue appears to be with Chrome.

See this thread

Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.
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Re: Norton Confidential Crashing in Chrome

Go to this link and see if the first article is an option for you. I have experienced the same issue.

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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing Chrome

Could someone please confirm, that if I disable the Norton Confidentila  extension in Chrome as instructed, I am still protected?

Thanks in adavnce.


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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing Chrome

I have Norton 360 installed on a new Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook 1020 for Sprint Mobile Internet. At that time, Norton

installed the latest software version.  Previously, I had an HP G60 Laptop with older version of Norton 360, and never had

plug-in problem.


Now, every day, the Chrome Browser hangs up, not just in Yahoo Email, but switching between other open

windows to visit various websites.  Repeatedly, I get messages that Norton Confidential Plug-in is unresposive

or crashed.  


Any Norton Tech that tells you Live Update will solve problem is incorrect.  Run Live Update, and problem still

occurs periodically.


I don't know who is responsible for Lack of Compatibility between Norton 360, Yahoo Email, and Chrome Browser, or who should have programmers debugging this problem which still exists!!!!!

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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing Chrome

Just a thought, I still have an old copy of NIS 2011, can I get rid of 2012 and re-install with the older version? which worked fine.

I have to say Norton, I am extremley disappointed with your customer service.

Thanks everyone in advance

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Re: Norton Confidential plug-in crashing Chrome

I am experiencing the exact same issue, have u had any help yet?


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