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Norton SafeSearch on Google Chrome


I should probably browse the forum first but I have spent entirely too much time on this already. Thanks in advance for your responses. As most people know, when you type in the address bar of Goggle Chrome - regardless of what page you are viewing - you can get Google search results without actually going to Now that I've installed Norton, all my results are powered by Here's the important part: I disabled Norton Identity Protection, which includes safe search, but I still get results from instead of Google. That means Norton has effectively disabled one of the primary features of Google Chrome. It is inconvenient to keep returning to the google homepage, when the browser is designed to allow you to search in the address bar.

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Re: Norton SafeSearch on Google Chrome

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It is a bug: If you have a Norton 2013 product (, it makes ask the default search provider in Chrome. You need to open the Settings page in Chrome then change the default search provider.


Edit: Here is a post about this: