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Norton Vault

I have an issue with my Vault. I am able to login to my vault but all but four of my my website logins disappeared. When I view my Norton Identity Safe homepage that also shows that I have only 4 logins saved.


Please note that before I went to bed last nght all my logins were there.


Any advice/help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Norton Vault



Can you please reply to the queries asked below.


Scenario 1) Can you try these steps and check whether your logins are displayed back in "Edit Logins" UI.


1) Can you please logout of Online Vault.

2) Logout of Norton Account also.

3) Relogin to Norton Account and Online Vault.

4) Launch "Edit Logins" UI and check whether your logins are displayed.


Query 2) Did you login to your Norton Account and Online Vault from any MAC device or a IPAD and stored a new Login to your vault????


Query 3) Please mention the version of Product you had installed????


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Re: Norton Vault

Hi, thx for getting back to me.


As requested I logged out of Online Vault & Norton Account.

I logged back in to both.

I launched Edit Logins and the only logins showing are the ones I had to recreate this afternoon. Currently about 14 logins are showing whereas yeasterday I had about 25.


I did not login via MAC or iPAD ( don't own those products )


Product Version