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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

Tradesmaster wrote:

Thank you Mr.. Weiss, I understand all that but, please explain why the commercial users got the patch much sooner the the retail users the last firebox release. It took over a month for the retail patch to be issued.

That's not true. ^^


The patch for Norton Toolbar and Norton Vulnerability Protection was released the same day Firefox 21.0 was released. Same with Firefox 22.0 with exception to Norton Vulnerability Protection not being compatible.


Symantec has been pretty prompt for the last 3 or 4 releases of Firefox. Maybe Firefox 18.0 or 19.0 there was a brief delay. I should know because generally I am the first to complain about it. But lately that hasn't been necessary.


I could make a somewhat educated guess that commercial users may have received the patch a bit (few days) sooner. Because they have several systems to update. But as far as retail goes the patch for Firefox has been released the day a new Firefox version is released.

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

Hi Tradesmaster,


I'm guessing that you're talking about the patched released for Comcast Norton Security Suite version 20.3.1, is that right? Since the patch for the Norton customers was going to 20.4 products, and the Comcast Norton Security Suite was still on 20.3.1, we had to do some extra testing to get the patch to Comcast customers. If I'm misunderstanding, please let me know. Thanks.

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

Firefox 23 releases the week of August 6th. Patch probably wont work in a couple of weeks anyway due to new build.

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

satinknight wrote:

What I don't understand is that this only happens with Norton products every time there is fast track update from Firefox it's usually Norton's toolbar with compatibility problems, now it's NVP. All other security products (free and Paid) do not seem to have this problem with their add-ons. The Firefox's add-ons seem to work without any hiccups also. I just don't understand what Norton is not doing right with Firefox's fast track updates. I refuse to think that the problems lies with Firefox alone.

I think you are wrong, satinknight. Norton/Symantec is not the only company with problems with the FF updates. I do not follow every security product in the marketplace, but I have been a Kaspersky custommer for years. I can asure you, they have had a lot of problems with their add-ons all the time. Password Manager, Virtual Keyboard, Safe Money … KIS and Kaspersky PURE. As far as I know, PURE users still have to use FF 18. They are waiting for “patch B” which is announced to support FF 19-12. Check here if you want:


So, Norton is a superb vendor to me. I appreciate the internal QA policy, and that the Symantec staff regularly speaks in this user forum. In addition, this forum has several nice gurus with a friendly attitude. Users are allowed to be upset (with or without reason), I think it is great to have such a nice support from one of the world's greatest software vendors!


The Kaspersky forum has changed to be unfriendly (my personal opinion). As you can see from the given link, the moderators close topics they do not like. And if you disagree with the moderators, you must expect to be banned. A nice way to get rid of bothersome users.


My advice, be happy with Norton and this forum! And let us hope that Mozilla is going to adopt Symantec's Quality Assurance policy.


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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

I am not happy at all with how Symantec is dealing with this issue.


At the very least, Symantec should be public about their product NOT BEING COMPATIBLE with FF22. Instead, they come online and say that their product is compatible with FF22 and everything is fine! See article


That is a very dishonest approach in my opinion.In face that this article still stands online affirming that NIS is compatible with FF22, that is seriously undermining my trust on Symantec and I am (for the first time in years) seriously considering to change my security suite (and recommend the same to all people that I normally reccommend this type of thing).

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

I actually don't mind norton being somewhat behind FF, but what REALLY annoys me is the amount of work to "find" and then myseriously "install' that patch. I've used FF since Ver 3, and this happens every time. Of course, i'm told to simply go to or BUT THIS HAS NEVER WORKED ONCE!


The reason? Those sites refuse to recogize my comcast version and offers to sell me another one.


I have to totally uninstall norton, then find the comcast version and install it. This can take hours of rebooting. Worse, there is NO way on the comcast site to know if it's a newer version or the same one!


Several times I have endured this nonsense, only to reinstall the very same version.


And I have set FF to NOT upgrade but it does it anyway.  So, as usual, I will UNstall FF and then find Ver 21 onlnine.

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

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Here's a link to Firefox 21, just install it over Firefox 22 it will downgrade to Firefox 21 automatically.


Also, to turn off Firefox auto update: Click on the Orange Firefox button in the upper left hand corner, choose options, once in the option menu choose "Advance", then once in the 'Advance" section choose "Update", under "Firefox Updates" choose the option "Never check for updates". Restart Firefox, and you should be good to go.

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

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Many thanks! I uncheck that auto update every version but it does not work! I will be surfing and get a msg--FF update, do you want to update? I click NO....!!!!!

But I learned that if unattended and that msg appears, after a while FF just updates anyway.



more:I just clicked to that site and downloaded, but the file says "FFv_best1.exe"


That's ver 21?

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Re: Norton Vulnerability Protection and Firefox 22.0

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Hi robertpri007,


Comcast's Norton Security Suite is in fact a clone of N 360 and is not on the same update/upgrade schedule as the Norton retail products, nor are the version updates/upgrades and Patchs on the same schedule as Norton retail products. 


What does that mean to you, the user?  That means that whenever a Patch is released to the Norton retail users it is not released at the same time to the Comcast users - there is always a delay - sometimes a few days and sometimes a few months - no one ever knows.  That means that in the case of Firefox Norton Toolbar add-ons, the Patch is released from Norton on their servers and the retail users receive it.  The Comcast users have to wait until such time as it is modified, totally tested and released by Norton and then placed on the Comcast server for it to go out to the Comcast users.  Sounds easy - but actually does take some time.  Remember - all retail users includes many languages that also need to be modified from English, so the other language users also have a wait for the patchs - and their's is completed prior to Comcast's also.


Sorry for being so long winded in explaining the situation.  Just one more thing in regards to updates.  The LiveUpdates that are received regularly (such as virus defintions, web protection definitions,  antispam defintions, etc) are recieved at the same time as the retail users receive them, so your protection is always up to date with no delays.


Now in regards to the amount of updating (run LiveUpdate, reboot, run LiveUpdate etc.) it is because their is an older version of Norton Security Suite on the Comcast Server.  I agree this is unnecessary and needs to be updated to a new version so the amount of updating is held to a minimum.  I have contacted Norton and asked for a hand in trying to get the download updated to a more current version.


There are Norton Security Suite FAQ's on the Comcast Forums that provide instructions for installation, removal and reinstall for different situations that could be encountered with NSS.  There are links in each FAQ for the NSS download - of course you do need to close the Constant Guard Protection Suite nag popup prior to clicking on the Get it Now Button to begin the download.


In regards to knowing which version will be downloaded in answer to what robertpri007 said:

"there is NO way on the comcast site to know if it's a newer version or the same one"


When you click on the Get it Now button part of the page you will see follows:


NSS download link.PNG



The 20.1 is the version of NSS that is on the server.  The current version is - so there are many runs of LiveUpdate and many reboots to get to the current version.  I do believe it was up to close to 9 runs last time I did it.  However the point is that you will be able to tell which version is on the server and be able to predict what is ahead of you as far as amount of updating goes. 


Also I followed the link satinknight provided, ended up @ filehippo, clicked on the Download this Version at the top right hand corner of the page and got the following at the bottom of the next page:


FF21 download.PNG


I know it is hard to see but it does say FF21 Setup - not "FFv_best1.exe" as you posted.


Hope this information helps to explain things.