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Recover and re-install Norton Toolbar Identity Safe password and note files

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I hope this helps someone!


Chat help:


Me: I have a new computer today because my old PC crashed yesterday. But I can recover all the files. I want to recover and move my Identity Safe (Norton toolbar) information over to my new PC because my list is extensive and I have saved notes etc. I have through online message boards found the files which are in:


Me: C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Norton/{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}/N360_5.0.0.125/IdentitySafeDataStore/S-1-5-21-3368042106-361405524-3212884061-1000/


Me: The files are such as:


Name Size Last Modified

File:IDDStore.dat 24 KB 1/10/2012 11:49:10 AM

File:IDDStore_bak.dat 24 KB 1/10/2012 11:49:10 AM

File:{b5a3902d-567c-4aa7-a62c-1a507d659b98}.ico 2 KB 1/10/2012 11:47:17 AM

File:{e1791670-7c32-4fd1-a5fc-b6af7636c1b8}.ico 2 KB 1/10/2012 11:50:25 AM

File:{e1791670-7c32-4fd1-a5fc-b6af7636c1b8}.png 1 KB 1/10/2012 11:50:25 AM


Me: However, I cannot see the Documents & Settings folder on my new computer, even with "view hidden files" and "view system files" enabled. There is simply no visible directory. Yet I can see the directory by pasting that path name into Firefox URL. How do I make it visible so I can move the old files into this directory on my new PC?


...questions from help technician...


Me:I think I just found that to "us humans" this is shown as C:\ProgramData\Norton.... Now I can see the files there.



ha, ha, this is known as Self-Help via Help Chat!


PS: I haven't done this move yet, but saw on another post that before changing the files over you have to disable tamper proof settings via Norton settings. (Then re-enable it after probably rebooting etc.)


PPS: Note in C:\ProgramData there is no space! Here is a copy of my path (note your exact path will depend on the version of Norton you are using - both whether it is Norton 360, and which version; also some of the path numbers may differ if there is a random number used or for other technical reasons unknown to mere mortals):




 Here is the related community forum thread:





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Re: Recover and re-install Norton Toolbar Identity Safe password and note files

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I have actually managed to recover and reinstall my whole ID safe and collection of notes etc.  Here are the steps:




1) make sure Norton toolbar is up and running on your new (or existing) PC. You should see it in the toolbar and be able to use it. CLOSE your browser.


2) Open Norton Internet Security or Norton Security Suite and go to Settings > Administrative and turn off tampering controls. When prompted, set the off time for one hour. To be safe, disable your internet access during this time (Start > Settings >Control Panel > Network and turn off wired and wireless).


3) Go to your existing toolbar data location. I will be a path like this, the specifics may depend on what OS you use and the N360 section may depend on what version of Norton you are using. This is the path for Windows 7 and for Vista:




The numbers sequence may not be identical, but it should start with 0C55. If you see more than one, it is because you have >1 user using the ID safe. Select the right folder for the account you wish to restore. You may be able to tell which is which by looking through the folder and seeing what accounts are registered - by looking at the various icons; there won't be any site names.


Note: ProgramData [no space!] is a hidden folder. If you don't see it, open any Windows Explorer window and go to


Tools > Folder Options > View > Hidden files and folders - set to show.


4) Open the IdentitySafeDataStore folder, then select File > New > Folder and name it whatever you want - something like "existing files"


5) While still in the IdentitySafeDataStore folder, select all files (Ctrl - A) but then control click the new folder to de-select it.


6) Drag all the selected files into the new folder.


7) Go to your backup files location (or old computer). It should have a path just like the one listed above.


Note: if you have a backup of your prior files using Windows backup or another backup program, you may now be able to select the files from this folder location and restore them into the IdentitySafeDataStore folder


If not, open the IdentitySafeDataStore folder in your backup files (or old computer), use select all (Ctrl-A) and copy all the files (Ctrl-C).


8) Navigate to the same folder on your existing or new computer and paste the files in place in the IdentitySafeDataStore folder (NOT in the new folder you created). Use Ctrl-V to paste the files.


9) Open your browser. Look for the Norton toolbar and try to open it. You will need your OLD toolbar password if it is different from your "new" password. Try the logins and try opening your notes, etc.


10) If the toolbar is not visible, re-enable it.  (Firefox: Tools > Addons > Extensions then enable the Norton toolbar). You will need to re-start your browser to enable it. Keep trying the toolbar once you see it. If it does not work, hopefully it will give you the option to "restore" the toolbar - say yes and it will restore it from the backup file (.bak) in the folder.


11) If for any reason this does not work and you want to revert to your prior installation, delete all the files you pasted into the IdentitySafeDataStore folder, open the "new" sub-folder, move all those files back into the IdentitySafeDataStore folder and delete the "new" folder.  Then restart your browser and restart the toolbar.


12) Go back to Norton Security Suite or Internet Security and turn tampering controls back on (Settings > Administrative > Tamper control)


13) Go back to network controls and turn your Internet access back on.


14) If desired, go back to Windows Explorer and hide system files again so you or other users don't mess any of them up in the future.


Report back here any discrepancies or revisions needed for the benefit of other users.




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Re: Recover and re-install Norton Toolbar Identity Safe password and note files

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1) make sure Norton toolbar is up and running on your new (or existing) PC. You should see it in the toolbar and be able to use it. CLICK ON IDENTITY SAFE IN THE TOOLBAR AND SELECT LOG OUT OF PROFILE (if you do not, you may freeze the toolbar later).  CLOSE your browser.







4.A.) Before you can move the files (at least the .dat file), you need to turn off CCSVCHST.EXE which is a program run by Norton.


Ctrl-Alt-Delete > Processes tab > Click "Image Name" heading so files are in alphabetical order > Click once on CCSVCHST.EXE > Click "End Process" button


CCSVCHST.EXE will restart itself later, but if you have any concerns, reboot.




Follow-up note: with these instructions, I have reloaded two users' password and note files back into the Identity Safe.


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Re: Recover and re-install Norton Toolbar Identity Safe password and note files