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Application Blocking: can't stop blocking of a program

I keep getting a "norton notification" window that indicates a particular program of mine has been blocked from accessing the internet. When I open the window further for more info, it gives me the path to the program, but the problem is that the info is truncated; it doesn't give me the full pathname. I've tried to search my computer using the last part of the name, but it doesn't come up. I want to the add this program to my list of "allowed" programs so that it will no longer be blocked. Help anyone?
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Re: Application Blocking: can't stop blocking of a program

I had the same problem over and over so I decided not to re-install Norton Firewall. Norton Firewall manual does not provide specific information as to tweaking the Connection/Zones/etc. firewall preferences nor specific firewall information concerning them. It is a bit frustration and time consuming to keep guessing what to do with those poping Norton Firewall windows.

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Re: Application Blocking: can't stop blocking of a program

If you are unsure of what the program name is, you should probably not be using Application Blocking. It's not a feature meant for average/casual users, since it's not turned on by default. This is a pretty hard feature to implement, as Mac OS X has thousands (literally, thousands) of executable files that may use the Internet. There's not much guidance we can give when an application called lsbom is accessing the Internet to the average user who doesn't know what lsbom is, or what it does. Several similar applications like Little Snitch have the same user experience—you will get dozens, if not hundreds, of alerts.


Right now Application Blocking is not a security solution that many people need, since Mac OS X has no large trojan threats. If in the future Mac OS X becomes the target of trojans, Application Blocking may be refined. In the mean time, it's there as an informational tool for exerpeinced users who want to know every executable that is using the Internet. 


However if you think you fit into that target group, then the target name of the executable can be shown by right clicking on the application in the Application Blocking window, and choosing "Show in Finder". This will open a new Finder window that shows exactly where this application is located on the drive.

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