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How do I remove iAntivirus

Hi, I just downloaded iAntivirus from the Mac App store, but the help files contai no information about how to remove the app! Could someone please explain the process? It's not that I don't like the app, but I don't use anything that I don't know how to uninstall. Thanks very much! Arthurj

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Re: How do I remove iAntivirus

Hi Arthurj,


Welcome to the Norton Community,


iAntivirus is a free apps released by the Norton. This powerful on-demand virus and malware scanner is the first Antivirus program that is available on Apps store at free of cost.


To uninstall the iAntivirus, its just the normal way to remove an app from the Mac. By going through the Applications --> Select the iAntivirus and move to trash (or) You can go through the launchpad and hold the iAntivirus, where it will jiggling it. You can remove the iAntivirus.


I hope that you started enjoying the iAntivirus during my reply to this post!!!!

K Ramachandran
Norton One Support Advisor