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Installing Norton AntiVirus Mac 11 on Mac OS Lion

Sir/Ma'am, Appreciate whatever help you can provide. I just upgraded to Mac OS Lion and wen to reinstall my Norton Anti-Virus 11. Unfortunately when I inserted my install disk the computer noted the disk was not comparable with the new OS. How do I obtain a Lion comparable installation? Is there. A patch I download or something? Thank you in advance for your assistance,
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Re: Installing Norton AntiVirus Mac 11 on Mac OS Lion

As you discovered, Norton Antivirus 11 for Mac is not compatible with OS X Lion.


Unfortunately, Symantec doesn't offer free upgrades to Mac customers with existing subscriptions (even though PC users with subscriptions are entitled to upgrade to the latest version for free).


You'd have to purchase Norton Antivirus 12 for Mac.  Sorry.


Also note that you'll lose any time left on your existing subscription, as Norton Antivirus 12 for Mac will replace your existing subscription with a new (different) one-year subscription.


If these are issues for you, I suggest getting in touch with Mike Romo who is the Mac product manager.


Perhaps if enough people complain about the shortcomings in the Mac version, that we might finally get same features and entitlements that the Windows customers have had for years.

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Re: Installing Norton AntiVirus Mac 11 on Mac OS Lion

I have been a Mac and Norton Anit-Virus user for years.


I renewed my subscription to Norton in November of 2011 (this is just when my renewal time is due).  I was then using Mac Snow Leopard also (10.6.x).  Since I always choose the download option for my Norton software, this is what I did in November.


At that time, in my one download file disk image, there were 2 versions of Norton AntiVirus for Mac included, e.g. Norton AnitVirus 11 for use with Snow Leopard and also a sepate installer, Norton AntiVirus Mac Edition (version 12) for use with Mac OS 10.7 Lion.


I also received 2 Product Keys, one for "Nortion AntiVirus" (version 11 for Snow Leopard) and another for "Norton AntiVirus Mac Edition" (version 12 for Lion).


Only a few days ago did I upgrad from 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) to Mac OS 10.7 (Lion).  My reason for waiting so long was to allow Lion to become a stable OS and to allow certain of my application suppliers time to re-write their software to support Lion.


The first time Norton 11 ran on Lion, it "hung," requiring me to reboot my Mac, which also brought to mind that I needed to uninstall all Norton software and then install and activate "Norton AntiVirus Mac Edition" (version 12 for Lion) and also install and activate the "Norton Internet Security Mac Edition" which I had also purchased at the same time, last November.


Perhaps it was my timing for the purchase of my renewal, the manner of delivery (download), or perhaps the fact that I also purchased the Internet Security software (which I highly recommend) that I was blessed and did not have to miss a single day of Norton Antivirus protection.


Believe me, when it's time to renew, I'll choose download again.  By the way, regardless of my when I chose to upgrade to Lion, my renewal date did not change, e.g. a year's support is a year's support.


Good luck my friend and I highly recommend Norton for Mac or PC - I've never used any other Anti-virus software and have never been disappointed or infected with a virus (on my Mac or my PCs).