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Email Error Message 554 452 450 582



Please help with the following problem:

I get multiple Email Error Messages from Norton Security Suite like someone is trying to email from my computer some Viagra apam and Norton is stopping it from going through. I cannot locate what spyware/malware is trying to send it out. I already ran the Norton Security Suite in safe mode (win xp) and regular mode. Ran the following programs: Stinger, Norton Power Eraser , MalwareBytes, Windows Defender. None of them found anything.


I am running out of ideas, any help?

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Re: Email Error Message 554 452 450 582

What email client do you use?  Online email like gmail or Windows Live, or Outlook or Thunderbird.  Norton may just be passing on a message rather than handling it itself.

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Re: Email Error Message 554 452 450 582

Just an example...

Why are my inbound and/or outbound messages bouncing (per SMTP reply code)?

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Re: Email Error Message 554 452 450 582

@dima 1223


Norton Security Suite - are you on Comcast?


Comcast was having some server problems earlier today - try it again, as I believe all the probelms have been cleared up.


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Re: Email Error Message 554 452 450 582

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Thanks for suggestions. Here are the answers to quesitons:


I use web based email accounts Gmail and Yahoo and I don't believe Norton scans those? The infected laptop does have outlook 2002, but I made sure that all email accounts are deleted, as I never use it. 

The link to SMTP reply code doesn't really help me as it provides just explanations and I need solution to the malware/spyware that is trying to spam poor people from my internet. All of my emails through gmail/yahoo go out fine with no issues, and no one has complained that I am sending out spam yet, so I don't believe those are related. 

I do have Comcast and the Norton Suite came with the services, I just checked and the error messages are still there but they changed to "Your email message was unable to be sent because connection to your email server was interrupted...", so it's not Comcast issue, or they still haven't fixed their issues. 


My laptop is sitll trying to send out viagra messages to unsuspecting people. I also forgot to mention the error message has "From" field and every single message has a brand new email address like it's almost random, so it's not coming from my personal email account. 


Any other suggestions please? =(



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Re: Email Error Message 554 452 450 582

Hi dima1223,


Are you sure the messages are actually being sent from your PC?  If you are just getting notices of messages that are not able to be delivered, it is likely that someone is simply spoofing your address in the "From" field on spam that they are sending.  It is like forging a fake return address on letters sent through the mail - letters get returned to the address on the envelope whether that is the actual sender or not.  Spoofing is a common tactic used by spammers to avoid detection, and if you are a victim of this, there isn't much you can do about it, since it does not actually involve your account.  Note that spoofing means that there is nothing malicious on your machine, and your account has not been hacked.


On the other hand, if the messages are actually being sent from your machine and not just bounced back to it from somewhere else, then malware would be more likely to be involved, and it would probably be using its own SMTP engine to send the spam without your knowledge.  Often though, if this is the case, someone else's address would be spoofed, so that you didn't get the bouncebacks and would not be tipped off that your PC was a spambot.


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Re: Email Error Message 554 452 450 582

Yes, I am pretty sure there is Malware on my computer trying to send out the emails through its own SMTP server. The quesiton is, how do I stop it?