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My passwordmanager disappeared

Tonight I upgraded my browser fromn Firefox 3 to 4.  When I opened Firefox, my password manager box had dissappeared.  Is there an easy way to find it?  I have looked in my norton files and its not there.  I don't want to download it again, as any new one won't have my passwords.  Thanks for your help

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Re: My passwordmanager disappeared

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Hi Bettsy,


If you are referring to Norton Password Manager, the issue is likely related to the current situation with Firefox 4 and Norton Internet Security Identity Safe.  The Norton Toolbar with Identity Safe is not compatible with Firefox 4 yet and it may be another month before it is patched.  Your saved data should still be intact.  If you depend upon using it you should uninstall Firefox 4 and reinstall Firefox 3.6 which you can download from here: