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Norton Ghost 15- creating a disk image with partitions



I'm coming from the Ghost 11 to Ghost 15 world.  In Ghost 11, I could take an image of an entire drive including all the partition info.  


In ghost 11, I would plug in the hard drive i wanted to snapshot.  Take the image and save it to the hard drive.

If i needed this image in another computer, I would plug in another hard drive, run ghost and image the machine with the subsequent GHO file created earlier.  Note: this is for corporate computer imaging (replacement hard drives).


I do not see a way to do this same process in Ghost 15.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or let me know what the process is for creating a "snapshot" of an entire hard drive which includes all of the partition information?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Norton Ghost 15- creating a disk image with partitions

Ghost 15 backs up volumes. When you create a backup (in Windows), you choose the partitions that you want to image. When the backup is created, it creates a v2i file for each volume. A sv2i file is also created. When you recover and choose  'by system' (or however it's worded), it will restore the partitions as they were on the original disk. Ghost 15 has a bug that sometimes puts the WIndows 7 SRD after the OS partition so make sure you double check to make sure the partitions are in the correct order before doing a restore.


If you do a Cold BAckup from the SRD, you can only image one partition at a time.


Also note that the MBR is always backed up in the v2i image file.


Hope that helps.