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Norton Removal Tool and Ghost 14/15?

I'm running Ghost 14 on my XP/SP3 computer and have bought the upgrade to Ghost 15. I've downloaded the latest Norton Removal Tool, but when I run it, it looks like it wants to remove everything "Norton" on my computer, including NIS 2010. All I want to do is remove Ghost 14. Does the tool give me the option to pick what I want it to remove, or is it all or nothing?
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Re: Norton Removal Tool and Ghost 14/15?

Hello mkss55442,


The Norton Removal Tool will remove ALL Norton products from your computer.


There is no option to select individual products.


I hope that helps.

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Re: Norton Removal Tool and Ghost 14/15?



I suggest just a standard Ghost 14 uninstall. That should be sufficient prior to installing Ghost 15. Please let us know the outcome.