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Norton SystemWorks Upgrade

I Upgraded my Norton SystemWorks 2006 to SystemWorks 2009 and was very, very, very, dissapointed to lose Norton GoBack and Norton Protection center in what was "called an upgrade"...   after contacting tech. support, i learned that systemWorks 2009 does not include GoBack, or Protection center...  and that it is no longer available with "SystemWorks"    how can they call that an "UPGRADE"!!!!!!   the same utilities, I.E. disk doctor, speed disc, bla, bla, bla, was the same, except for a slightly differant user "interface" (background)   losing Norton GoBack, and the Norton protection center was far, far to great a lose to "UPGRADE"!!!!  so i used my Norton Save & Restore to put this Laptop ( I have 3 with Norton products) back to NIS 2008 with NSW 2006 so i still have GoBack and protection center....   Norton Goback is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH to valuable to lose in what is called an "UPGRADE"!!!

P.S. i use both Norton GoBack and Norton save & Restore....   (GoBack for minor things, and save & Restore for "MAJOR" things...  (Disastor recovery)  I like NIS 2007 along with NSW 2007 they go great together... but don't have the "Logins" programs that internet security 2008 have... but i guess you can't have everthing at the same time!!!   Philipusa

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Re: Norton SystemWorks Upgrade

Thanks for the info.


I was considering upgrading from NSW 2005 to NSW 2009.  Maybe not.