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Norton SystemWorks vs.. Norton Utilities

As I have been reading some of the Norton Utilities posts. I see there is some confusion between the tools associated with Norton SystemWorks and Norton Utilities. Here is a little chart and I hope it helps


Norton SystemWorksNorton Utilities
Norton WindoctorClean your registry
n/aManage your services
Norton CleanupClean Your Disks
Startup Application ManagerManage your Startup
n/aDefrag your registry
Process ViewerProcess Viewer
n/aMonitor your System
n/aMonitor your Registry
Performance Test (not in systemworks basic)Performance Test
One Button Checkupn/a
Norton Diskdoctorn/a
Norton System Doctorn/a
System Optimizer (tweak tool)n/a
Wipe infon/a
Unerase wizardn/a
Norton Speed Diskn/a (Windows defragmenter)




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Re: Norton SystemWorks vs.. Norton Utilities

But keep in mind, that Norton SystemWorks has been discontinued -> there will be no new versions, and it is only complatible with Windows versions up to Windows Vista SP2.


And Norton Utilities has the full compatibility for Windows 7 as well.

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