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Running anti-virus scan messed up my computer!

Hi, so, I recently ran the anti-virus scan from Norton Security Suite.  It told me that I had a Trojan Fake AV virus.  I knew I had something that I got a couple of weeks ago, because at first it looked like it was actual anti-virus software, and my computer has been acting oddly ever since.  Unfortunately, after running Norton, now things are much worse!  None of my desktop icons work to access programs.  I can't access programs - e.g., Word, Excel, Power Point - AT ALL except by clicking on a particular file saved on my desktop.  Then the file opens up in the right program.  But I can't go directly to the program, either form the desktop icon, or by going into programs via the start menu.  The computer just says "application not found."  With Firefox, my usual browser, when I click on it, it asks me what program I want to "open" it in, and I say Firefox, and eventually it comes up - but not with my home page, but rather an odd looking directory page. 


Another question:  ever since that fake anti-virus stuff a couple of weeks ago, after which I installed Norton, when I try to navigate somewhere online, occasionally suddenly the computer will say "redirecting," and I'll end up at some web site related to where I was going, but not quite it.  Also, when I try to go to google, it now oftent tells me that I first have to put in some security words, because my computer is trying to send multiple messages to it, and it doesn't trust me!  My question is:  is this from the virus, or could it be that Norton itself is somehow causing this to happen?  This has not gone away since Norton identified the Trojan Fake AV. So either Norton didn't really "fix" that virus, or Norton itself is causing these problems?


I would certainly appreciate it if anyone has any answers for me! 

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Re: Running anti-virus scan messed up my computer!



Are you sure Trojan Fake AV virus is out of your system prior to instaling Norton. I assume the remenants of  it is still present in your system.


I am sure norton will not be causing the problems which you reported in the second half of your question.



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Re: Running anti-virus scan messed up my computer!



It sounds like you are having a .exe problem. How did you remove the fake antivirus program before you installed CNSS? Please take a look at this site.

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