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Stolen laptop and want to uninstall Norton.



I had my laptop stolen on Friday and have Norton installed on the machine.

How do I uninstall Norton on the stolen laptop and keep my account until I buy another laptop.


I don't want the people who stole my laptop using paid for Norton...





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Re: Stolen laptop and want to uninstall Norton.

Hi anthonybabij,


Welcome but hard luck mate.


Did you have Norton Anti-Theft in which case maybe you can do something about it?


If not I suggest that the best thing is to contact the Norton Chat line at


They should be able to change your license and may even be able to give you some information about your stolen laptop.


Good luck.


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Re: Stolen laptop and want to uninstall Norton.

Hi anthonybabij,


That is a real shame that someone stole your laptop :smileysad:


Andmike questioned if you had Symantec Norton Anti-theft on the

stolen laptop.


If not it might pay to have a look at this link with the information about

what the Anti-theft package could do for you  to make sure your laptops

irreplaceable information  is safe and secure in the case that it is ever

stolen again or just lost..


With the Anti-theft package you know you will have Norton on your side

working for you to safe gaurd your Laptop.


Norton Anti-theft


Hope this helps for future use of your new Laptop and Norton.


Cheers  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Stolen laptop and want to uninstall Norton.

If you had Norton Anti-Theft installed then I would recommend going to the online portal to "Report Lost Device."  

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Laptop Stolen

I went home to visit parents and brought my family home without a laptop. 24 hours ago, I owned a Fujitsu T5010 with an Intel 160 GB SSD. I have Norton 360, but not Norton Anti-Theft (didn't know it existed). I have 240 days remaining on Norton 360 and that laptop updates regularly. Is it possible to buy and remote install Norton Anti-Theft remotely through Norton Updates specifically for my account (most specifically onto my stolen laptop) or are Norton 360 updates general updates only?


If Norton doesn't have this capability, but would like to test it out, have I got a laptop for you!


Realistically I know the odds, and I'm not sure my laptop would be in such great shape after a possible recovery. I'm just in the throes of anger.

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Re: Laptop Stolen

Hi yumacrim1989.


Welcome to the community.  Sorry about the circumstances.


I am not a Norton employee and so do not know all the ins and outs and possibilities with their software but I think it is extremely unlikely that you would be able to get Norton 360 to automatically install and configure another product.  Can you imagine what might happen if it did?  My view is that it is not possible.  Sorry.  :-(


You mention that you were visiting your parents.  That makes me think that it is possible that your laptop may turn up again and you could be reunited with it.  Do you have any reason to assume it is stolen?


If you do not expect to get it back you could try contacting Norton directly.   The best way to do this is normally to go for the Norton "Live Chat" link.  Most people find them most helpful.  There are two options you could pursue with them.  The first is - does the updating of Norton 360 give them any ability to tell where the device is when it is updating (which might help you find it).  The second is - can they kill the license on your lost machine and allow you the remaining credit for whatever you replace it with.


Does that help at all?

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Re: Laptop Stolen

Thanks for the response! Yes, I understand the implications and to be honest, I doubt it would work anyways. If the people who stole the laptop needed money, then its probable they aren't spending money on internet. I consider the laptop a loss EVEN IF the thieves are eventually caught.


The laptop was taken from my vehicle along with the GPS and MP3 player. If I remember correctly, that is three of the top five items usually taken. My vehicle was one of three broken into that night. It is highly probable that there were more vehicles on the street that attempts were made on. My Dad should be talking to the rest of the neighbors to have them check their vehicles.


So many errors were made on our part that enabled the thieves to be able to do this. I was too comfortable being at our parents house. We could have ensured our vehicle was locked. I could have had serial numbers ready for the police. I could have taken the laptop into the house. We were too comfortable and we got hit. Anyone who reads this, please learn!

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Re: Laptop Stolen

Hard luck yumacrim1989.


At least contact Norton and get the old license transferred across to whatever you get as a replacement, and consider getting some anti-theft product as well just in case luck turns against you again.


Also think about the data that was on your laptop and that the thieves now have.  Do you need to change passwords alert others that information may be in the wrong hands.  The last thing you want is them using information to impersonate you or others and do even more damage.


Better luck for the future.

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Re: Stolen laptop and want to uninstall Norton.



Sorry to hear that m8.


If you setup your laptop to be managed by Norton ( ) you can do an remote uninstall of your norton installation.


Kind Regards


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Re: Stolen laptop and want to uninstall Norton.

Hi, straat,


Thanks for the suggestion. Norton Management is a feature of the 2012 product series that is not yet available in Norton 360 (whose 2012 product, Norton 360 v.6, will probably come out of Beta in a few months). but in the future may be able to offer a solution to exactly this sort of problem, in addition to its other strengths.


And that's exciting.