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ecb00007 error

I have two issues w/ Ghost 14 and I think this error may have something to do with both.  This has happened for a while and I'm finally motivated to try and figure out.  It happened on my original XP 32 installation and also happens after I upgraded to Vista 64.


If I go to the system tray and right click on the ghost icon, I get an error notification with an ECB00007 error.  So... question one is does anyone have any ideas what would be causing that?


The other problem is any time ghost kicks off to run a task automatically, it gets "stuck" in the early phase of deciding what to copy I guess.  If I right click on the ghost tray icon, the menu will pop up but I can't click on anything and it won't go away.  I try killing the process as well as start/stop the service but vprosvc is locked down and can't be killed.  I have to do a reboot to recover.  I suspect this error above may be coming up but beyond that, I have no ideas.  I've finally got enough backup disk space that I'd like to just let ghost run unattended rather than me having to manually kick off the backups so I'm motivated to figure this out.




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Re: ecb00007 error

Hi johndkeene,


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This might be because of the user does not have proper permission. If the user has denied permission we might see this issue. 


So please launch the security configuration tool


Start >> Programs>> Norton Ghost>> Security Configuration Tool and check the logged in user's permissions.


If the user does not have proper permissions, edit and give full permissions.


Restart Norton Ghost service and try to check for the issue.




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Re: ecb00007 error

I checked the security settings and all 3 listed users have "full control."


Any other suggestions?


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Re: ecb00007 error

The obvious suggestion after what you have tried is to uninstall and reinstall Ghost and see how it then behaves. Use add/remove from the control panel. If that method fails then download and run the Norton Removal but ONLY if you do not have any other Norton/Symantec products on your PC.

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