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norton ghost 2003

I am considering upgrading from win XP to win 7.  I would very much like to continue using ghost 2003.  Can I do so?

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Re: norton ghost 2003

BillPayne wrote:

I am considering upgrading from win XP to win 7.  I would very much like to continue using ghost 2003.  Can I do so?

Welcome Bill,

I would expect that you can use it but expect it to have even more limitations that Ghost15, the current version. Also, W8 is due out shortly. You might want to make the great leap rather than just a giant jump :smileyhappy: Then I expect that the limitations will be even greater.

Keep us posted


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Re: Norton ghost 2003

By default WIndows 7 uses sector aligned partitions instead of cylinder aligned partitions. Ghost 2003 does not 'understand' sector aligned partitions. I believe you can format the disk before you install Windows 7 and use a cylinder aligned partition. If you step up to an SSD, you will definitely want to use sector aligned partitions or performance will suffer.


So in a nutshell, I would not use Ghost 2003 with Windows 7. If you really like Ghost 2003 and not the newer Norton Ghost 15, you may want to check out Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. It is very similar to Ghost 2003 but is designed to work with Windows 7. It can also run hot backups from within Windows by using VSS Snapshot.


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Re: Norton ghost 2003

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Red has pointed out that Ghost 2003 is not 2048 sector aware.


Ghost 2003 certainly has a cult following and dedicated users have discovered work-arounds to make it perform with the newer OS. So to answer your question, yes, Ghost 2003 will backup and restore Win7 and Win8 OS.


To restore images to the same partition on the same HD you don't have to do anything different from a WinXP OS. The 2048 sector alignment is preserved. A problem arises when you want to restore an image to a new HD. This can be overcome in two ways. First by having the BCD "generalized" or secondly by restoring into a pre established 2048 sector aligned partition. The first option will result in a cylinder aligned partition which may not be ideal as Red explained.