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IMAP Support - What's The Holdup?

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Just installed Norton 360 v6. All in all a very fine product.


However, I just discovered the anti-spam feature is 100% useless to me because it only supports POP3 and SMTP (on port 25 only).


The SMTP Port 25 issue doesn't seem major for anti-spam as SMTP is used for outgoing mail. And since I run my own mail server, I can control the port used. However, many ISPs are blocking port 25 for outgoing mail, requiring users to configure their e-mail clients to switch to port 587 for outgoing mail.


The POP3 limitation is a big issue though. Personally, I only use IMAP access to my e-mail servers. More and more companies, large and small, are switching to IMAP access for its obvious benefits.


Has Symantec ever heard of the little company named Google and GMail? For anyone downloading GMail into Outlook or OE, Google recommends using IMAP. (See:  )


Most importantly, Symantec's customers have been asking for IMAP support for a long time, years in fact. Just search your own forums for "IMAP" and you can see years worth of requests for this support.


You're just scanning ports, so what exactly is the holdup with allowing the user to specify any port number(s)  for inbound and outbound e-mail?


Your customers want IMAP support. E-mail service providers want people to use IMAP (including the world's largest, GMail) .


So please get on the stick and deal with this issue.